MY CAMPAIGN TRAIL, 2013-2014… ;)

“JILL ALLEN FOR PRESIDENT”  (This is ONLY a JOKE which began while handing out business cards with my website name on it.  Many individuals have inquired if I am “running for office”…)  HA!!!  Am I running for office???  Well…why not…PRESIDENT!!!  😉

The following is a FB entry posted by myself Sat. 11/23/2013 at 4:48 am…

“GOD BLESS THE USA, folks.  I love this country so, so much!  I’m proud of my accomplishments in life.  My goals and dreams describe who I have become, perfectly.  Helping others, help others, helping others WANT to help others…???  That is so random, folks.  Doesn’t even make sense, AT ALL!  I love that little phrase, though.  I’ve said something similar before.  I will definitely say it again…”helping others.  Help others.  Helping others!”  See?  Told ya.  🙂  Anyways, just wanting to ask all of my FB and twitter friends out there to please try and keep things positive.  I will admit that I have not read the entire Bible, but from what I have read and do understand…God does not approve of this lack of control, anger, and even hatred being splashed all over FB, twitter, or anywhere else.  Folks, we will get ALOT more accomplished as teammates by sharing ideas as solutuions rather than demanding forfeiture of one’s values or beliefs.  Together, folks.  We’ve just got to come together.  We are destroying the America that every other nation dreamed of migrating to because of the opportunities [available] here.  The possibilities!!!  If you could dream it, you could achieve it! What has happened to that strong need or desire to work hard [and] earn your way?  Why are so, so many people content to barely survive by willingly stealing the money that someone else has worked hard for to provide for their [family]?  [This was referring to those people, unnecessarily, relying on Welfare!]  Come on, folks!  Contribute the best of yourselves daily to increase your teams’ success!  Dig deep and find your lost, American pride!  [I] am just asking that we stay respectful of each others’ different views, opinions, and beliefs.  WE ARE AMERICA!!!  The greatest nation comprised of the MOST loving, caring, giving, and compassionate people in the entire world!  Those who are not [caring and compassionate] have “issues”, called their “plate of crap” that they are struggling with while [simply] seeking to survive “LIFE.”  WE HAVE GOT TO HELP EACH OTHER…”SURVIVE LIFE!!!”  Come on team, we can do this…together!!!  With God, I believe that WE can accomplish ANYTHING!!!  HE IS IN CHARGE!!!  HE IS [OUR] TEAM LEADER!  (TEAM USA)  America was founded as “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.”  Look what is happening to our country!  As we keep “denying” HIM more and more!!!  AMERICA, the ship is sinking!!!  Now, let’s make the repairs needed to keep HER afloat!!!  TOGETHER!!!  GOD IS HERE!!!  AND…HE IS HERE TO STAY!!!  Now, “LET’S ROLL!!!”  [This is my heart-felt tribute to a few of 9/11’s “HEROES”… the individuals on FLIGHT # 93–YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!]  TOGETHER!!!  GO TEAM USA!!!

2 inch “JILL ALLEN FOR PRESIDENT” buttons are now available, in association with, for donation.  😉  I REALLY have these buttons, folks.  I could NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  I, truly, am having a blast with this new venture I am undertaking!!!

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