Number One Team offers motivational team-building @ with a focus on working together and building #1 teams… EVERYWHERE.  We are currently seeking to expand services to include Guest Speaking Opportunities at medical facilities, schools, correctional facilities, groups, churches, homes, corporations etc., including, but not limited to:  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!

The Message contains a Christian-based core regarding:  “LIFE” issues with a focus on:  1)  P.H.P. (People Helping People); and 2)  Giving the best of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!  This message is easily tailored for specific groups.  Content addition or deletion is negotiable, however, will be under the discretion of Jill D. Allen, Owner/Developer/Writer of specific site material with technical support from Bluehost and WordPress.

Please send inquiries via the comment section available at this site or to my personal e-mail:

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