Blog Development

written In Aug. 2013

Blog name?  How did this name originate?  Well, we have 2 “Jill’s” in our Occupational Therapy dept. at work.  I am “Jill #1” and…that other girl?  She is “Jill, The Greatest.”  What?!?!  Jill #1?  Jill, The Greatest?  We have had such fun with this, made-up, “battle of the Jill’s.”  However, I often wonder if she knows that she is really #2!  Just kidding.  We are good friends and co-workers.  So that is where you get the “numberone” portion of this blog name.

And where did the “team” portion come from?  Well, I grew up as an athletic tom-boy and participated in swimming, volleyball and basketball during my middle and High School years.  Being part of a sports team was an important part of my life growing up.  And then came “High School Musical,” much later, which dealt with teams, competition and working together.  Both of our children, Danielle and Chase, absolutely LOVED all three movies!!!  Chris and I enjoyed each of them, as well.  The first movie’s theme song:  “We’re All In This Together” has become instrumental for our family, my co-workers, and this blog.  Perhaps I will share some “stories” which have become VERY FOND memories, sometime later.  There ya go…a lengthy explanation…for where  the “team” portion of this blog name originated.  🙂

I have been  haunted since approximately age 25 by these infrequent, let’s call them, uuuummm…”tugs”,  or “pulls,” meaning:  small notions or feelings of the need to do MORE.  These “tugs” included my wanting to be involved with such things as  psych. counseling; a work-based Life support group; a work- based team building/motivational speaking program; a church- based Life Support group; fundraising ideas/events and  a community based support group.  None of these ideas have turned into anything concrete to date, however, continuing on this path to “do more” has since resulted in the development of this blog.

If I had to identify the goal of this blog, I’d have to say that it is to improve working relationships  within any or all of the”teams” that we could possibly find ourselves involved with throughout LIFE.  Let me give you some examples:  yourself and God/ Jesus/ The holy spirit, your immediate family, your church community, your co-workers on the job, sports teams, schools, etc.  Get the picture?  So how many different teams are you a member of?  Please make a list of all teams to which you belong .   Now, I’d like you to ponder this last question in closing: ARE YOU A VALUABLE MEMBER TO THE TEAMS OF WHICH YOU BELONG?

I look forward to beginning our journey together…