to the LOONY BIN…in my mind!!!  :/  Eeeccckkk!!!  I canNOT believe these past 2 days, folks!!!  I have tried so, So, SO hard to let go of my crazy-flighty “SELF,” BUT SHE, as-in “ME”…KEEPS COMIN’ BACK!!!  :/  :/   I CAN’T GET RID OF HER, or  MY”SELF”!!!  😉

First-off, I found my“SELF” in a very, Very, VERY busy deli at the Publix here on the island yesterday afternoon!!! There were carts parked, ILLEGALLY- I’m sure, ALL over here, there, and people standing EVERYwhere!!!  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

They were assisting #37.  I was #43 …when a “crabby” lady next to me (I think she was #48) started…Hhhmmm…how do I say this…she started “COMPLAINING”!!!  To “ME”!!!  About EVERYthing!!!  “They need to do this;  They shouldn’t do that!!!”  All she did was complain, Complain, COMPLAIN!!!

WELL…”SHE” (the “COMPLAINER”) did NOT know “ME” (the “COMPLAINER” who COMPLAINS about “COMPLAINERS”!!!)  Eeeccckkk!!!  Are ya’ll STILL with me here???  Well, I tried to “ignore” her, folks.  Keeping my head turned AWAY from her, but she did NOT get the hint and kept right on complainin’!!!   UGH!!!  🙁 I was shouting at my“SELF” inside my own mind (JILL’S WORLD):  “PLEASE-OH-PLEASE, JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, JILL”!!!  :/  BUT…  :/  :/

That strategy was NOT working too well for me either, folks, so I quickly began conversing with the “patient” lady on my other side (#42) who was NOT complaining about ANYthing!!!  And we ALL started celebrating EVERY new # they called,  “WOO-WHOOOOOO”!!! (Except the crabby lady)  😉 

I soon started announcing, “THERE’S A PARTY IN THE DELI” with my Left hand held to my mouth like a megaphone.  And I distinctly remember a gentleman shouting: “I WANT WHATEVER SHE’S HAD!!!” in referring to me!!!  And we ALL chuckled…”TOGETHER”!!! HAHAHA!!!  (Except the crabby lady)  😉

And I was quickly jolted back to“THE CREEK” in my mind.  To images of different staff members, “TEAMMATES,” (and EVEN Jason, the Administrator)  😮  jokingly asking if I took my meds.  Or announcing that my meds will arrive with the next pharmaceutical delivery!!!  HAHAHAHA!!!

I actually made a few valuable contacts during our “PARTY” in the deli yesterday.  Contacts to later consult regarding a new “TEAM” we are developing at ABC (Anastasia Baptist Church)!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

AND THEN TODAY…our refrigerator stopped working in the a.m.  Eeeccckkk!!!  And Chris is out of town!!!  So I phoned a friend, who just happens to be a contractor working to get insurance money for our home renovations that STILL need to be completed post Hurricane Matthew.  “STILL”…???…???…???…NO SHOWER DOORS, folks!!!  🙁  Richard, that’s his name.  Great fella.  Richard and his wife just had us over to their place on Wed. evening.  For good snacks, Good wine, and GOOD,GOOD company!!!

SOOOoooooo, I phoned Richard while I was shopping at Walmart to tell him about the fridge.  His wife had dropped him right down the road at the  Verizon Wireless store here in town and she went OFF shopping, so “I”… picked him up, folks.  HA!!!

I got turned around and lost in the horrendous traffic, of course, but I actually picked him up on the side of a busy street here in St. Augustine, FL.  LITERALLY.  I pulled right-on over into a turn lane, folks.  Richard hopped in my car and OFF we drove!!!  LITERALLY!!!  ALL while chatting on the phone to “HELP” locate each other…on that very busy street!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

YEP…”I” picked up a fella on the side of the road.  In horrendous traffic!!!  HA!!!  We phoned Chris with the “loony” story as soon as Richard identified and temporarily fixed our refrigerator.  Richard is even calling the plumber to come fix it, permanently.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  THANK-YOU, RICHARD!!!  You are truly a life saver.  AND…????…???…???…a FOOD SAVER TOO.  LITERALLY!!!

Oh bother, what a couple of “LOONY” days I’ve had!!!  AND I’VE ENJOYED EVERY MOMENT!!!  THANK-YOU, JESUS!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People…to survive “LIFE”.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!


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