Eeeccckkk!!!  Now, “THIS” reminds me of previous posts…way back there, SOMEWHERE, in the archives of this blog.  HEHE!!!  “SATAN, BE GONE”…yep, it STILL sounds like a special shampoo to HELP wash that devil right out of my hair!!!  😉

THANK-YOU, JESUS!!!  My heart feels better tonight.  FINALLY!!!  After weeks of sheer heartache and pain for a friend who lost her 21 year-old daughter to domestic violence on 12/15/17.  10 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!

I have been at a complete LOSS, folks.  I knew NOT what to say or do, so I said and did little-to-NOTHING!!!  I stopped by her home after work on Sun. afternoon, Christmas Eve day.  I did go to the visitation and then to the funeral this past week, Jan. 4-5th…That’s it!!!  Nothing in-between.  :/  OUCH.

I FINALLY laid my thoughts/fears/guilt out there to a trusted “TEAM-BLUE-MATE” at work today.  HA!!!  Cath simply reminded me that Satan does NOT want me there to “HELP” my friend survive such a DIFFICULT time.  DOUBLE HAHA!!! 

I ALREADY KNEW THAT!!!  DIDN’T I???  WELL, I SHOULD HAVE, SHOULDN’T I???  “TRUTH IS”…???…???…???…I somehow forgot it, folks, and allowed my“SELF” to avoid being there to “HELP” my friend in need…ALL because of a little discomfort!!!  MY OWN DISCOMFORT!!!

BAM!!!  THANK-YOU, CATH!!!  My trusted sister-in-Christ!!!  THANK-YOU… for telling me what I already knew but  forgot, thereby enabling me to regain His strength in “MY” weakness.  PTL(Praise The Lord)!!!  “SATAN, BE GONE!!!” 

SOOOoooooo…I left work at 6:15 pm, picked up some New York Strawberry cheesecake and stopped over to see my beloved friend, Maria, on my way home earlier this evening.  Thank-You, Jesus…for sending Cath to my aid!!!  “IT IS WELL.”  😉  

Now, get this, folks.  Maria had planned a small group get together for Dec. 27th.  It was scheduled.  ALL 5 of us had confirmed, to what Maria had planned as a prayer circle…for Bree.  To lift Bree up in prayer and “HELP” her and the boys [escape their living nightmare]. Sadly, that prayer-circle NEVER happened for Bree.  She did escape her nightmare, though.  So sad, but “TRUE,” folks.  As will the boys escape…with Maria fostering them during the trial in Mich. with plans to adopt them post trial and return to FL.

THROUGH IT ALL…I am so, So, SO THANKFUL to report that MOST, if NOT all 5, of us will get together within the next few days for a SPECIAL PRAYER-CIRCLE for Maria and family before she heads to Michigan on Tues., 1/16/18,to begin this next “DIFFICULT” stretch of her “JOURNEY”  H-O-M-E…


YOU ARE NOT ALONE, my friend.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People…to survive “LIFE”.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!  (Forgive me, Father.  My “BEST” has been lacking a bit here lately as I have drifted further from “YOU,” nearly drowning in these troubled waters while simply seeking to survive “LIFE”…ON MY OWN.  WITHOUT YOU.  AND ALL ALONE.  Thanks again, Cath, for redirecting me to God, allowing me to gain His strength in my weakness.) BAM!!!




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