A [TEA]SPOONFUL OF…???…???…???

“HONEY” :/  (yuck) HELPED me feel better yesterday.  Yes, I felt better yesterday.  AND I FEEL EVEN BETTER YET TODAY!!!  OOOooohhhhhh…A [tea]spoonful of HONEY  :/   (yuck)  HELPED me feel better yesterday.  In the MOST delightful way…HEY!!!

WHO KNEW???!!!???!!!???!!!  Thank-you, Jesus!!!  HE DEFINITELY KNEW.  And thank-you, Barbara Allen, my AMAZING mother-in-law!!!  SHE KNEW TOO!!!  Because He knew FIRST!!!  AMEN.

Where to begin???  (I already know where to end)  😉  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

It appears a “BUG” of-some-sort decided to visit our home for Christmas…”AND BEYOND”.  🙁  Starting BEFORE Christmas with my husband (Chris) -> daughter (Danielle) -> son (Chase)-> now, my“SELF” (Jill)!!!  (Pppsssttt…PLEASE notice there is no adjective prior to my name here,  Aaaahhhhhh…and there’s a purposeful reason for that, folks!!!  STAY TUNED…) 

Thank-you Jesus!!!  And thanks to my mother-in-law, Barbara, my husband took charge…YESTERDAY.  Helping, or encouraging, TEAM ALLEN  to gather and consume 1 teaspoonful of “HONEY”.  :/  YUCK!!!

Yep, my cough was a nasty “PEST” ( because of the “bug”)  😉  yesterday when Chris encouraged me -> Chase -> Danielle ALL to consume 1 teaspoonful of “HONEY”…as per his mother.  YUCK!!!

I went first.  I wanted to “GAG,” but forced my“SELF” to swallow that nasty-feeling “STUFF”.  A.K.A.:  HONEY.   (It felt like a clump of mucus in my mouth-SORRY :/  Then Chase prevailed.  And then Danielle, the LAST…???…???…???… struggled the MOST!!!  But she, TOO, conquered the… HONEY (mucus).  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  The kids and I then went “[AFTER] CHRISTMAS” shopping.  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!! 

Now, I can ONLY speak for my“SELF,” but I felt BETTER!!!    THANK-YOU, JESUS!!!  Thank-you, Barbara.  Thank-you, Chris.  And “PERHAPS”…???…???…???…Thank-you, “ME”.  If you, TOO, will try just 1 teaspoonful of “HONEY” when you’re feeling a bit down, or under-the-weather your“SELF”.

YEP…a teaspoonful of “HONEY” is HELPING me  feel EVEN better yet TODAY!!!  IN THE MOST DELIGHTFUL WAY!!!  😉  HEY!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People…to survive “LIFE”.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!