HA!!!  DOUBLE HAHA!!!  I am chuckling so, So, SO hard, folks!!!  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW!!!  🙂    😉    😮  So-Much-So…that I have JUST been jolted back (or forward)ONTO ANOTHER “TRIP”…RIGHT-ON-INTO  C-R-A-Z-Y  “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Ready???  Set???  HERE WE GO…(with “ME”… STILL chuckling ALL THE WAY…HEY!!!  Especially since “I AIN’T GOT NO MONEY” was PART I of this “CRAZY” series that JUST  N-O-W developed, yet was FIRST written and published back in April, 2015–just “TRY” to figure “THAT” one out!!!  Please strap yourselves in , folks.   I also encourage you to search & read the ORIGINAL blog post, “I AIN’T GOT NO MONEY,”  4/1/15!!!  Now “THIS” is gettin’ CRAZIER-by-the-minute!!!

SOOOoooooo, NEEDLESS-TO-SAY…”LIFE” has been a bit “DIFFICULT” since Hurricane Matthew destroyed our home back in Oct., 2016.  But, “THANK-YOU, JESUS”!!!  We JUST moved back home 2-3 weeks ago. (the LAST weekend in April)  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

And the “difficulty” continues, folks, as we “TRY” to ready ourselves for furniture delivery/arrival… during continued renovations…with a 2-week house-guest…while prepping to celebrate my son’s H.S. graduation and Eagle Scout ceremonies. (And  it’s ALL “GOOD,” folks)  But…???…???…???… NO WONDER I’M NOT THINKING CLEARLY!!!  RIGHT???  RIGHT!!!  😉

I admit it, folks.  I decided to drop by Walmart on my way home from work Wednesday afternoon…which is REALLY my “FRIDAY”.  Uh-Ha…and I raced right into our HUGE SuperCenter, shopped real quick, stood in line for a LONG while, placed ALL of my items on the check-out counter and stood there watching the fella in front of me until he reached for his wallet as if to pay for his items…when I SUDDENLY realized I entered the store, completed my shopping, AND…was NEXT-in-line to check out in ISLE #6… “W-I-T-H-O-U-T”  MY PURSE, folks!!!(Yep, you read that right).  I, LITERALLY, had NO $ or plastic…to pay for my “STUFF” that was placed atop the check-out counter waiting to be scanned…while numerous “SHOPPERS” lined-up behind me!!!  Eeeccckkk!!!

Aaahhhhhh!!!  Tick, Tick, Tick…  TIME WAS RACING BY…WAY TOO QUICKLY!!!  I PANICKED, folks!!!  The fella directly in front of me was nearly checked-out!!!  I, literally, saw him reaching for his wallet…as I screamed in SHEER PANIC (my family KNOWS that scream QUITE well, folks, and they ALL HATE IT)!!!  I, somehow, quickly explained my predicament to the cashier-fella…and RACED out of the store…HOPING…beyond ALL HOPE…and “PRAYING”… that my purse was  there…in the van!!!  :/

MY HEART POUNDED, folks, as I fearfully “raced” out to the van, recalling how I frequently leave the house, in “FLIGHTY-JILL-“ mode, on my way to work… withOUT my purse…PERIOD!!!  😮  YEP!!! It was HIGHLY likely that I was jogging out to my van…ONLY to discover: “I AIN’T GOT NO MONEY” to pay for those groceries sitting a-top that check-out counter…in ISLE #6 at our local Walmart SuperCenter, here in St. Augustine, FL!!!  OH NO!!!  PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!  “SO!!!”

WHEW!!!  My purse was there, folks.  And… I raced back into the store-in “FLIGHTY-JILL,” panicked-sprint-mode…JUST as the fella in front of me received his receipt!!!  THANK-YOU, JESUS!!!  (I, somehow, was blessed to get a VERY close parking spot…in my usual parking row, or area…in order to “HELP” my“SELF” remember where I parked!!!)  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

AGAIN…”LIFE”…???…???…???…is so, So, SO much BETTER THAN FICTION!!!  I simply canNOT make this stuff up!!!  Yep, JUST ANOTHER DAY, folks, IN “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  :/  I sure do HOPE you enjoyed the ride!!!  😉


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!