WOW!!!  I sit here in sheer AWE of God’s GOODNESS.  His OVER-flowing abundance of “LOVE” for us ALL…His unruly, selfish children.  ESPECIALLY…???…???…???…”ME”.  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

I, SIMPLY, canNOT make this stuff up, folks.  DAILY “LIFE” unfolds AMAZING blessings to behold as we open ourselves to the Lord.  There are NO words to describe His GREATNESS and the intricate detail He weaves Himself into our “DIFFICULT” days, turning the DARKNESS into LIGHT.  The BAD into GOOD.  NEGATIVE into POSITIVE.  EVIL or HATE into “LOVE”.

NOPE.  I, SIMPLY, canNOT… MAKE THIS STUFF UP, folks.  I awoke this a.m., KNOWING I need to draw nearer to God.  Desiring to know Him better.  To get completely filled…TO THE TOP…with His word.  To feel His LOVE.  To accept His LOVE.  And to extend His LOVE forward to those lives I am blessed to touch.

So anyway, I began this morning as usual:  Praying.  Thinking.  Talking.  (Pppsssttt…enjoying an actual conversation between God and my“SELF” here inside “JILL’S WORLD” while God shared His secrets ABOUT me.  TO me.  And WITH me.)  😉  Which then flowed effortlessly into More Praying.  More Thinking.  And…More Talking with Jesus while hanging out here in Jill-ville!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  😉  😉

“Thank-you.  Forgive me.  “HELP” me, Father.”  And just as we ( Jesus and me ) were hanging out in Jill-ville I became engulfed with a sense of happiness.  I can ONLY describe as “LOVE”.  Peace and calmness.  AND at that VERY moment…???…???…???… my frustrations, anger and resentment regarding work situations suddenly disappeared.  Thank You, Jesus!!!  BAM!!!  THEY WERE ALL GONE, folks. (HA!!!…and “THAT” reminds me of the …???…???…???…”SATAN, BE-GONE” shampoo discussed in previous blog posts about washing Satan right out of my hair(LIFE).  Hhhmmm…  My heart was suddenly “HAPPY”…and smiling here in “JILL’S WORLD,” folks.  🙂

BAM!!!  And so THEN…???…???…???…I opened Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling” to 3/23 and read the day’s devotion AND the entire referenced Psalm #36…COMPLETELY AMAZED at how perfectly and intricately the message fits into the very difficulties I face with teammates in the workplace.  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW!!!  AND DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  (Pppsssttt…I told youI, SIMPLY, canNOT make this stuff up, folks.)

I thank you.  Thank You.  THANK YOU,  JESUS!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!