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TO FOLLOW JESUS” and ALSO enroll my“SELF” in Danette May’s 30-day challenge, folks.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  I did.  I Did.  I DID!!!  (Pppsssttt…I think I actually joined the challenge on 2/23/17…The VERY same day I blogged about waiting to start until we, “TEAM ALLEN” make it back home from our current displacement caused by Hurricane Matthew back in October, 2016.  I CHANGED my mind, folks!!!  And said “YES” on the SAME day I said…???…???…???…”LATER”!!!)  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

This “CHALLENGE” begins March, 6, 2017.  “SOME” folks have already started…???…???…???…I guess.  I am NOT  sure “HOW” they have already started, but I DONT NEED TO KNOW!!!  I have enough trouble keeping track of what “I” need to know my“SELF”!!!  And there’s so, So, SO much to “KNOW” and get prepared  WAY before starting the CHALLENGE in order to be SUCCESSFUL!!!  Like:  you need the specific shopping list and daily menus.  Hhhmmm…I do NOT think I have them yet…out there…SOMEWHERE…via the “net”.  :/  I DON’T KNOW!!!  :/  :/

But, “I”…???…???…???…am “TURTLE SLOW,” folks.  And “I” can find confusion in almost ANYthing!!! Now,  I HAVE read Danette’s e-mails and My daughter even screen-shot important info. to me for “SHOPPING”.  Yep, I went “SHOPPING” 2x yesterday, THURS., 3/2/17.  FRANTICALLY seeking to get what I need to begin!!!  This MON.  Aaahhhhhh!!!  (I’M A MESS, folks!!!)

And “THEN”… I found one of Danette’s e-mails stating that  I SHOULD be getting the 1st week’s shopping list and menus 3 days before the challenge begins. (Hhhmmm…I must have missed that one!!!  OOPSE!!!)  :/   So, the challenge begins on 3/6.  We should get the list of what we need for week #1, today March 3.  RIGHT???…???…???…???  Or tomorrow, March 4???  I’m NOT sure, folks.  (Guess I’ll find out soon enough, huh?  I should probably check my e-mails…RIGHT???  RIGHT!!!  :/  Oh, but I’m too busy writing this blog post.  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW!!!  SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, folks!!!  (Pppsssttt…”WELCOME TO MY WORLD”!!!)  😉

UGH…Gonna head over and check my e-mail.  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW!!!  :/  BUT…even “THAT” can be quite confusing for “ME” to do!!!  I JUST found out yesterday (thanks to my daughter, Danielle) that I have actually been saving e-mails to some “FILE” out there…”SOMEWHERE”…via the net…when I “THOUGHT” I’d been “TRASH”-ing them!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  ON NO!!!  PLEASE SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! 

So, now I have ALL these e-mails in files out there…SOMEWHERE!!!  HUNDREDS.  MAYBE THOUSANDS!!!  :/  Some were put  there on purpose (kinda-sorta) as “TRASH”.  Some…???…???…???… on “ACCIDENT”!!!   I SIMPLY cannot believe it, folks!!!  UGH…It is so, So, SO hard to be “ME” sometimes!!!  :/  Oh well…time to check my e-mail…

1 hr. later (at least)…

Well,I have NOT received  the e-mail for my “SHOPPING LIST”!!!  But I am so, So, SO EXCITED to BEGIN…

AND WIN!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  (Pppsssttt…I’m feelin’ a “CONNECTION” here, folks!!!  And…???…???…???…another “GIRL CRUSH” @ numberoneteam.net!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People…to survive “LIFE”.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!