Daily Archives: February 25, 2017


in FULL-SPEED-AHEAD mode to enjoy my ride through “LIFE”.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  (WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  “SLOWING DOWN”…???…???…???…in  “FULL-SPEED-AHEAD” mode???  That doesn’t even make sense???  I guess we’re takin’ another “TRIP” on into “JILL’S WORLD,” folks.  😉  YA BETTER BUCKLE-UP!!!)  😉  😉

Now, I am NOT kidding, folks!!!  “LIFE”…???…???…???…could NOT be ANY better than it is.  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW!!!  (DESPITE…losing our home (and MOST everything in it ) to Hurricane Matthew back in Oct. 2016.)  “STILL”…???…???…???…NOT KIDDING, folks!!!

I get so, So, SO “FIRED-UP” about “LIFE” these days.   “TEAMMATES” everywhere get to listen to my “CRAZY” testimonies.  NO KIDDING, folks.  I, sometimes (MANY TIMES), canNOT believe I will go “THERE” from “HERE”… with almost ANYbody…whoever’s around at any given moment.  ANY PLACE. ANYWHERE.  Yep…“THAT” is what I do, folks.   :/  Testifying.  Talking.  And smiling as I continue moving forward, pressing merrily beyond the “DANGER ZONE”…in a COMPLETE state of…???…???…???… “FLIGHTINESS”!!!  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW.  In “JILL’S WORLD”.  :/  :/  COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS…to political correctness.  :/  :/  :/  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

I recently…AGAIN…found my“SELF” excited to be driving to work in a COMPLETE STATE of “JOY,” noting how everything seemed to be moving in “slow motion” as I drove…MERRILY ALONG.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  WOW!!!  THANK-YOU, JESUS!!! (STILL remember ALWAYS being in hurry, Hurry, HURRY-UP mode to get “SOME”where…other than “RIGHT HERE,” folks.  Yep, I was always rushing to get to the next place of need or desire.  And I drove FAST to get there, too!!!  🙁  UNTIL…”CHRISTOPHER B. ALLEN”.  He was my VERY first experience of being TOTALLY happy where I was.  NOT wanting to leave the moment I was in…with him.  THANK-YOU, JESUS!!!)

So anyways, I arrived at work one day last week… AFTER my excited, “SLOW-MOTION,” drive to get there!!!  Now, “I”…???…???…???…was COMPLETELYHIGH on “LIFE” that day and began “TESTIFYING” to Everybody.  EVERYWHERE!!! (Even a teammate from our corporate office who just happened to be at MCNRC that particular day.)  :/    Now, “I” was sure psyched-up that day!!!  And so, So, SO “PUMPED” about “LIFE”.  Right Then.  RIGHT THERE.  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW.  In “THIS” moment.  “THAT” moment.  And almost every moment in between.  DESPITE ALL THE CHAOS.  Right Then.  RIGHT THERE.  Here and  There.   ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!!!  :/

“LIFE IS DIFFICULT”.  And the road is turbulent.  PLEASE…”SLOW DOWN.  TAKE IT EASY” and just…???…???…???…Put your hand in the hand of The Man who built the waters…”  😉  Yep, I’m singin’ a couple ole’ tunes to my“SELF,” folks.  Inside my-own-“SELF’s” mind, “JILL’S WORLD”.  And I’m soundin’ pretty GOOD, too!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  Just sayin’.  😉

Just finishing this blog post I started a few days ago (2/25) to share with you…on this new day the Lord has made (2/27).  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!  Amen.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!