in the jail-cell (Jill-cell) of my mind, A.K.A., “Jill-ville”.  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

Yep, I’m a thinker, folks.  Always thinking, analyzing, internalizing, judging, and praying.  Just, “STOP,”…in the name of LOVE/GOD, Jill!!!  LET GO of the difficulties…and give them ALL to God.  “WHAT”…did I just say???!!!???!!!???!!! “Let go of the difficulties…”???   Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

I often hear my“SELF” recommending that to fellow teammates, however I just realized that I am NOT even able to “LET GO” of life’s difficulties my“SELF”!!!  OUCH!!!  DISTRACTION ALERT!!!  DISTRACTION ALERT!!!

“LET IT GO.  LET IT GO….”  BAM!!!  THE DISNEY TUNE!!!  And now I canNOT stop singing that AMAZING song to my“SELF” inside my-own-“SELF’S” mind, folks!!!  I SIMPLY LOVE IT!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  And…???…???…???…I’m sounding pretty good, too…in “JILL’S WORLD”.  Right Here.  RIGHT NOW.  Just sayin’.  😉  Sorry.  :/ 

Oh yeah, I ALWAYS escape to some-sort of different world inside my own mind, folks.  Seeking to make sense of nonsensical  situations.  Desperately seeking to survive “LIFE”.   Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

I  now realize that the place I have ALWAYS escaped to inside my own mind since childhood has unintentionally become my very own jail-cell, or “Jill-cell”.  WOW.  Now, that is pretty powerful, folks!!!  And…???…???…???…that realization just hurt REALLY bad as it struck me right up-side my head!!!  OUCH!!!  AND RIGHT BETWEEN BOTH EYES!!!  DOUBLE OUCH, OUCH!!!

I think I might need to revisit Beth Moore’s bible study, folks.  It’s almost  “CRAZY” how new, yet similar chains bind me up at or about the same time I’m celebrating short-lived victories of “BREAKING FREE” from old ones.  OUCH!!!  The game NEVER ends.  So please…”get your head in the game”!!! (BAM!!!  And that is BOTH a line AND a tune from H.S. Musical, folks.  The movie/musical that also inspired development of this blog.  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!) 

Just keep following Jesus, folks.  Now, let’s “PLAY BALL”!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  AND…???…???…???… let us play like a [girl]Christian.  😉  A WINNER!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  😉  😉


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!


(Pppsssttt…PLEASE accept my apology.  I just re-read this post and noted the distractions interrupting my thoughts!!!  I even “cut” a few from the final version!!!  Boy, I was sure ALL over the place, wasn’t I???…???…???…to “Jilligan” and back..AGAIN!!!)  😉