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“BAGEL FACE….” (Hehehe)

Hhhmmm…”Hehehe” is meant to represent a chuckle, folks.  I AM  CHUCKLING!!!  HYSTERICALLY!!! “Hehehe.”  Now, I would like to invite you to come along as we take yet another trip to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!    WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  Are you ready???  Set???  Let us go, Go, GO!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

Okay, where to begin???  Hhhmmm…well, Nena ( my co-worker AND the rear-end of “Jina”–remember Jill + Nena = “JINA”.  😉  AND…”TEAM JINA is our name.  We’re so “HAPPY”.  EVERY day is just the same.  We go out there “HELPING” patients on their way!  THEY’RE GETTIN’ BETTER EVERY DAY!!!  We are TEAM JINA.”  BAM!!!  That little jingle fits perfectly to the tune of Frankie Valli’s, “Venus Is Her Name”.)  So anyways, Nena was on vacation last week and just returned to work yesterday, Mon, 8/29/16.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  “TEAM JINA”…???…???…???…is back TOGETHER at the “CREEK,”  MCNRC!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

And…GUESS WHAT???  Another teammate, randomly, brought an assortment of bagels–LOTS OF BAGELS–to work and placed them on our “SHARING” table in the Rehab. documentation room for ALL to enjoy.  BAM!!!  RIGHT OFF THE BAT…we began referring to them as “JESUS BAGELS,” taken from the idea of  days-passed when we prepared and shared “JESUS MIX” in the Rehab. Dept.  (I think that’s been quite awhile ago.  I am certain there are blog posts regarding that “JESUS MIX” way back there…SOMEWHERE…in the archives of this blog.  S-O-M-E-W-H-E-R-E…)  😉

BACK ON TOPIC…so, I FINALLY decided to “DIVE” (head-first) into that big, Big, BIG bag of “JESUS BAGELS” (ASSORTED bagels…ALL mixed together) with my “GAME-FACE,” or my…???…???…???…  “BAGEL-FACE ON”!!!  We ALL chuckled a bit with the competitive statement about having my “BAGEL-FACE ON” to dive into that HUGE bag of “JESUS BAGELS” in search of  “T-H-E”  perfect bagel I was about to devour!!!  HA!!!  UNTIL…

I about choked on my very first first bite as Nena began singing, “Bagel Face” to the tune of “Baby Face…you’ve got the cutest little…” in her quirky, “CRAZY,” yet so, So, SO cute and funny bagel-baby-voice. ( I do NOT know how else to describe it, folks.)  And we ALL ROARED, HYSTERICALLY… 🙂  Aaahhh…“Welcome back to work, Nena.”  YOU…were missed, my friend!!!

Yep, it was sure a good, good Monday, folks.  As I recall that day while sitting here singing Chris Tomlin’s song, “Good Good Father” to my“SELF” inside my-own-“SELF’s” mind here in “CRAZY,” but sunny Jill-ville.  😉  

Have a blessed Tuesday, folks.  I must admit I look forward to what lies ahead as I am about to ready my“SELF” for work on this glorious day the Lord has made.  And “YES,”  I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!!!  Amen.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!



Psalm 118:24