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BAM!!!  I am so very, Very, VERY excited to highlight this next individual.  Mr. Jack Joiner was a recent patient at MCNRC who I was blessed to work with 2 or 3x during his rehab. stay.  “AMAZING MAN,” he sure is.  Now, I only treated him a few times for Occupational Therapy, but it was quite obvious  the very moment we met that he (Jack) was special!!!

I loved joking with him…“Hi Jack!!!  It’s ME, Jill!!!” Now, that may sound kinda corny to some-of-you-all, but it was so, So, SO funny to “US”.  I guess ya had to be there.  :/  Anyways, Jack (him) and Jill (that’s me) bonded quickly.  We both felt the connection.  A connection we shared beyond just…???…???…???…“JACK & JILL” or patient/therapist.  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

We share a deep, Deep, DEEP Christian bond.  But even beyond being Christians, we have both documented our Christian thoughts and beliefs in written form for other teammates to read.  Yep…Ya see, Jack is author of the book titled, “MEANINGFUL THOUGHTS”.  BAM!!!  He had an author’s copy of his book on the bedside table in his private room at our rehab. facility that  I JUST became privy to during a treatment session one day last week.  I immediately perused through its contents and knew, “IMMEDIATELY,” THEN AND THERE that I was stopping by Barnes & Noble on my way home that very day to purchase my own copy…“IMMEDIATELY”!!!  😉

In short, I ordered it, publish-on-demand, and it arrived just this past weekend.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  I took it right to work on Tues. (I was OFF on Mon.) for him to sign…just prior to his Discharge home that very day!!!  WHEW!!!  Now, “THAT”…???…???…???…was meant to be!!!  Thank you, Mr. Jack Joiner for  signing my copy of your book, “MEANINGFUL THOUGHTS”.


Now, this is a short, paper-back book filled with Jack’s “MEANINGFUL THOUGHTS”.  Many-of-which sound like something I, my“SELF,” would think, or blog about.  Hhhmmm…Jack & Jill think quite alike, we sure do!!!  BAM!!!  Jack’s book, “MEANINGFUL THOUGHTS “. And Jill’s blog, “numberoneteam.net,” which are meaningful short stories of meaningful thoughts are quite alike.  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!! 

Now, the copyright for this book is 2010.  Jack was 88 at the time he finished compiling his thoughts for its completion.  You do the math.  I strongly encourage folks to order a copy of Jack Joiner’s book, “MEANINGFUL THOUGHTS”.  What an AMAZING man he is!!!  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  AMEN.

It is now Thursday and Jack was just discharged home with his wife on Tuesday.  I sure “HOPE” (Heaven Over-Powering Earth) that “ALL IS WELL”.  Goodluck, Jack.  From your new friend and fan, Jill.

Yep, my life was touched by yet ANOTHER angel at MCNRC.  Thank-you, Jesus.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!