Daily Archives: August 8, 2016


better today than yesterday, but NOT nearly as good as tomorrow.

BAM!!!  Thank-you, Pastor Walter!!!  This weekend’s message at Anastasia Baptist Church (ABC)at the island campus in St. Augustine, FL gave tips on viewing the world around us.  :/   The sermon was specifically titled, “Judging Others”.  OUCH!!!  Boy, Pastor Walter was surely speaking DIRECTLY to “ME”!!!  I just KNOW he was!!!  I certainly needed to HEAR this message…AGAIN!!!  And now…???…???…???…I need to go out there into the “REAL” world and APPLY my new “take” of old principles to daily LIFE…yet AGAIN!!!!!!  (ANOTHER example of how I keep learning the same ole’ lessons over and over in different ways.  With different applications.This bible stuff…???…???…???…NEVER GETS OLD!!!  😉

Bullet-points of the sermon included:
“Escape the criticism trap.”  Do NOT criticize others’ actions, words, or opinions.

“Evaluate the world around me biblically and spiritually.”

“Employ Christ-like approach for sharing truth.”  Ask yourself:  “W.W.J.D,” and “W.W.J.S.”???  What Would Jesus Do???  What Would Jesus Say???  And then respond accordingly.

–ALWAYS:  Be HUMBLE; Be HELPFUL; Be HOLY in sharing the truth.

BAM!!!  People are where they are for a reason!!!  No 2 people are at the exact same place, spiritually.  PERIOD!!!  Please try to “HELP” teammates move forward along THEIR JOURNEYS.  NOTE TO SELF:  Do NOT try and force them to follow YOURS.  OUCH!!!  I can “SEE” where I may be a bit passionate in delivery of my beliefs.  Perhaps some teammates view my approach as aggressive.  BAM!!!  I need to  approach these opportunities for sharing the word differently.  In a “Christ-like approach”.  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  I “GET IT”…better today than yesterday, but NOT nearly as good as tomorrow.

And then…???…???…???… Pastor Mason came out on stage to end the service and “HE” spoke DIRECTLY To “ME” also!!!  I canNOT make this stuff up, folks.  Pastor Mason encouraged us ALL to share the truth at work, among other locations.  BAM!!!  “SHARE THE TRUTH AT WORK, JILL!!!  Just share, Share, SHARE!!!  THANK-YOU, PASTOR MASON!!!  Hhhmmm…”I THINK I WILL!!!”  😉


P.H.P., People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!