Daily Archives: July 11, 2016


to Jesus…NO MATTER WHAT!!!  BAM!!!  “JUST HANG ON TO JESUS, ” folks!!!  And pray, Pray, PRAY!!!

:/  Aaahhhhhh!!!  A DISTRACTION has JUST entered “JILL’S WORLD,” folks!!!  And I canNOT get “SLOOPY” out of “JILL-VILLE”!!!  :/  (I just hopped on over to my i-phone and am listening to “Hang On Sloopy” by the Mccoys, released in 1965.  It’s a good, good song- as I am now distracted by Chris Tomlin’s, “Good, Good Father”)  🙁  “Flighty Jill”…strikes AGAIN!!!  WELCOME TO “MY WORLD”!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

My heart is a little “HEAVY,” folks.  I, initially, awoke to “HAPPY” thoughts this a.m.  and began thinking and praying…Right Here.  RIGHT NOW.  Quickly followed by More Thinking.  More Praying.  And still… MORE THINKING/MORE PRAYING!!!  Then “BAM!!!”  I jumped on Facebook.  OUCH!!!

My heart is “HEAVY” as I quickly noted the, “RIGHTLY-“ felt, anger/frustration regarding the course our country is following.  FROM BOTH SIDES (RIGHT & LEFT).  “I”…GET IT, folks.  The feelings…???…???…???…are what they are!!!  :/  The expression of those feelings, HOWEVER, may be teetering back and forth as we each walk that narrow line between SANITY and IN-SANITY.  “LIFE IS DIFFICULT,” folks!!!  For Everybody.  EVERYWHERE!!!

We are ALL IMPERFECT…IN EVERY WAY!!!  (Aaahhhhhh!!!  STILL…singing “Good Good  Father” by Chris Tomlin in “JILL-VILLE”.  And sounding pretty good, too!!!  Just sayin’.)  😉  My point being:  Jesus is perfect in EVERY way.  “WE” humans…are NOT.  We ALL…stray OFF the “RIGHT” path, folks.  JESUS “STILL” LOVES US ANYWAY!!!  ALL THE WAY…TO ETERNITY (infinity) AND BEYOND!!!  (Buzz Lightyear…AGAIN!!!  UGH!!!:/

Yep…we ALL stray, folks.  DAILY.  We are “WHO” we are based on where we’ve been and how we’ve responded to situations while simply seeking to SURVIVE…”LIFE”!!!  Can we please just try to “HELP” each other along the way from “HERE” to “THERE”???  JESUS’ WAY.  Not our own!!!  😉


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!