with my-old-“SELF”!!!  OUCH, folks.  “THIS” one hurts.  I have tried to ignore “IT” (a “Crazy Idea”), but…???…???…??? “IT” (the “Crazy Idea”) keeps invading my mind!!!  And this “CI”  (Crazy Idea)…???…???…???…is driving me…???…???…???…“CRAZY”!!!  :/  :/ 

I DO realize that my current intolerance of “COMPLAINERS” is a reflection of the distaste  I have for my-old-“SELF”.  Oh yeah,  “I” was master “COMPLAINER #1″!!!   I ALWAYS had (or found) something to complain about!!!  OUCH!!!  I now know, however, that my constant complaining was REALLY an indication of my inner turmoil (unhappiness).  And my current complaining about  “THE COMPLAINERS” is an indication of my discomfort in being faced with my-old-“SELF”.  DOUBLE OUCH, OUCH!!!  🙁  

WAIT…did I just refer to my-old-“SELF” as “COMPLAINER #1”???!!!???!!!???!!!  HA!!!  See how messed-up I was???  I even tried to be the BEST (#1) at being unhappy (negative)!!!  Now,  “THIS”…???…???…???… is ANOTHER revelation, folks.  BAM!!!  And  ANOTHER “PIECE” of my “LIFE’S” puzzle just fell right into its proper place.  “I GET IT,” folks:  My current intolerance of “COMPLAINERS”…???…???…???…is REALLY an indication of my intolerance of my-old-“SELF”!!!  It isn’t about “THEM”.  IT’S ALL ABOUT “ME”!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  😉

I SUDDENLY feel as though a HUGE weight is being lifted OFF my chest.  I can breathe easier.  My heart is filled with “LOVE”… for “NOW”.  THANK-YOU, JESUS!!! 

I do NOT need to be filled with such negative or angry emotions when others display their inner unhappiness.  “THEY” are NOT “ME”.  Just “HELP” them, Jill…  by continuing to PLANT  SEEDS OF FAITH…in LOVE for them, not HATE/ANGER/FEAR of my-old-“SELF”.

Stand guard, folks.  Satan will be present and lurking at EVERY opportunity to insert his hate and negative energy into ALL of our days!!!  Remember to SHOUT(or whisper) something like:  “BACK OFF, Satan!!!  MY GOD’S GREATER THAN YOU!!!”  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  OR:  “SATAN, BE GONE!!!”  😉  It REALLY works, folks…“IF”…you BELIEVE…

My heart is happy this Friday morning, folks.  It’s 7:48 am, 6/24/16.  And “I”…GET TO GO TO WORK NOW…after I JUST made sense of an uncomfortable situation with teammates at work yesterday that involved “ME,” (a complainer)…complaining about “THEM”,  (THE  COMPLAINERS) …AGAIN!!!  :/  OUCH!!!   “I GET IT, folks!!!”  Better today than yesterday, but NOT as good as I will “GET IT” tomorrow!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the “BEST” of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!