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to find God in today’s mixed messages.  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  I have NO idea, what-so-ever, where to begin this post or what to even write about!!!  Hhhmmm…”SHOULD” be interesting, RIGHT???   :/  RIGHT!!!  😉  Are YOU ready???  ‘Cause I am NOT…  🙁  (Pppsssttt…it’s kinda DIFFICULT to write a post when you’re NOT REAL sure what it’s about!!!)  “Please HELP to guide my words, Heavenly Father.  “Oh God, how I need you NOW!!!  Amen.”

Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…  Let the JOURNEY begin…

“UNCROSSING THE WIRES…to find God in today’s mixed messages.”  Whew.  Recent posts sure indicate the DIFFICULTY I’ve been experiencing in my “LIFE” during the past month-or-so.  And just this weekend I was struck, RANDOMLY, right upside my head (OUCH!!!) with a pastor’s name…”Pastor Bobby Crum,” from Anastasia Baptist Church here at the island campus in St. Augustine, FL.  BAM!!!  And that name stuck!!!  I suddenly remembered a previous conversation with him, 2+ years ago, during which his comments came rushing back…as if to make even more sense to me today than yesterday…in a broader spectrum.

“TRUST GOD” may NOT have been the specific message given then, but it was the intended message I JUST received…THIS WEEKEND!!!  Boy, I was sure taken aback, randomly, as God reinserted that memory to the forefront of my mind as if to somehow “HELP” me with “uncrossing the wires to find God in today’s mixed messages”.  WOW, now “THAT” is AMAZING, folks!!!  AMAZING GRACE.

So, I carried-on with Saturday’s responsibilities and…BAM!!!  I, unexpectedly, ran into a teammate I “NEEDED” to reconnect with(from years ago) to extend a direct apology.  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!  My apology was graciously accepted.  And I can now feel “HAPPY” about, otherwise, unhappy memories from my past.  Amen.

And then “LATER,” who do you think I was given an “IDEAL” opportunity to speak directly with???  Yep, none other than Pastor Bobby Crum!!!  He just happened to be walking up an isle in church as we entered the auditorium.  BAM!!!  “IT”…was MEANT to be, folks!!!  I just had to run right over and thank him for his impact on “MY SPIRITUAL LIFE JOURNEY” TODAY…from his spoken words at a previous impromptu meeting, approximately 2 years ago, that he probably does NOT even remember.  Thank you, Bobby Crum.

Yep, I’m STILL “TURTLE SLOW, but TURTLE STEADY” @numberoneteam.net!!!  It’s been an AMAZING weekend, folks!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!