Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK… according to 2 Timothy 2:12:

“If we endure hardship,
we will reign with him.
If we deny him,
he will deny us.”

Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

Yep, I have entered the “JILL ZONE,” folks…on my way to “JILL’S WORLD”.  Will you please come along on another trip WITH me???  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  I LOVE TO TRAVEL WITH TEAMMATES!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  READY???  SET??? HERE WE  go, Go, GOOOOOO…

The above scripture, 2 Timothy 2:12, is a LOVING “reminder” to ALL of us, so called, Christians.  Hhhmmm…I found myself involved in ANOTHER conversation [“OUT THERE”] with a “teammate” that made me wonder:  “Why are so many people, blatantly, denying God?”  Many of whom refer to themselves as “Christians”.  Hhhmmm… “Christians” having DIFFICULTY proclaiming their FAITH in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  Yep, there are Christians having DIFFICULTY proclaiming their FAITH in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  :/

“BEEN THERE.  DONE THAT.”  I was VERY guilty of denying Him in the early stages of this blogging venture.  Satan promoted my hesitance to proclaim the Truth by  convincing me that I “CARED” for and wanted to “HELP” ALL people, NOT just Christians.  I “GET IT,” folks.  This is where I first thought that I did NOT want to “OFFEND” anyone by consistently proclaiming my faith in Jesus Christ.   Therefore, I “DENIED” Him, subtly.  And subconsciously.  OUCH!!!  

The content of this blog has grown increasingly faith-based since its conception in my mind, throughout the birthing labor pains of and in its current  developmental stage of  INFANCY.  “THIS” [blog] is a depiction of my “Spiritual Life Journey,” folks.  EVERYONE…is on their own life-long “JOURNEY” from “HERE” to “THERE”.  AND…we are ALL at different locations along these journeys from “HERE” to “THERE,” respectfully.    I KNOW where I’m going.  THE QUESTION???  Where are YOU going???  I HOPE(Heaven Over-Powering Earth) to see you there…ONE FINE DAY!!!  AMEN.

“LIFE IS DIFFICULT,” folks.  Can we please just “HELP” each other along the way???  Eternal Life is a FREE gift from God…paid for by the blood of His son, Jesus.

WARNING!!!  WARNING!!!  SATAN IS TRICKY, folks!!!  He disguises himself as a compassionate thought or feeling of not wanting to “OFFEND” others.  Hhhmmm…well, perhaps some “others” NEED to be offended, folks…OUT OF LOVE, NOT ANGER.  Luke 10:27 tells us that to inherit eternal life, “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’  And, “Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ”  BAM!!!  God desires that we share the Word with EVERYONE…in a loving manner…as a means to extend God’s gift of eternal life to all who choose to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  He is the ONLY way to Eternal Life, folks.  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  And NOW…



P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!