BAM!!!  YOU…are NOT gonna believe “THIS,” folks.  I, SIMPLY, CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  Now, I would like to…???…???…???…”BEG” you to accompany me on this next trip to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  It’s gonna be a “GREAT” read…I PROMISE!!!

Hhhmmm…so where should I begin “THIS” post???  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm!!!  How about with the previous post dated today: Sun. 10/11/15???  “DENYING THE TRUTH” is an idea that has been troubling me for awhile since going “OUT THERE” to share the message of with random folks in the community…“OUT THERE”…SOMEWHERE!!!

There are approximately 3 previous posts regarding this same type-of “DIFFICULTY” I’ve experienced “OUT THERE” in the recent past.  And wouldn’t you know that I just happened upon ANOTHER similar encounter just yesterday that I was moved by…so much, in fact, that I awoke in the wee hours, ~3:30 am, to begin writing that previous post, “DENYING GOD”!!!  WHEW!!!  It sure took  awhile to finish it, but Chris and I…MADE IT TO THE CHURCH ON TIME…for the 9:30 am service at Anastasia Baptist Church (ABC) here on the island in St. Augustine, FL.  DOUBLE WHEW, WHEW!!!

Pastor Walter began a new series this weekend called, “Anchor”.  I’VE GOT CHILLS, folks!!!  You will NOT believe this!!!  TODAY’S SERMON…was titled, “Anchor 1:  Eternal Life is Only Through Jesus”.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!!!  I, somehow, felt moved to write about that VERY same thing EARLIER… in  the wee hours of this am!!!  And then…Pastor Walter ALSO went into a short discussion regarding the importance of FORGIVENESS!!!  I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!  HA!!! “FORGIVENESS” was a post published at this site on 10/6/15.  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  It’s almost “CRAZY” how my life seems to preclude or parallel many of ABC’s church sermons…in sync!!!

Shortly after church I ran over to Walmart Supercenter…and the CRAZIEST thing happened, folks!!!  A random woman, Teresa, initiated conversation with me and we ended up praising Jesus RIGHT there… in the middle of a shopping isle!!!  BAM!!!  I am NOT kidding, folks.  And “THEN”… a random young lady, Emily, ALSO joined in this God-centered conversation RIGHT there WITH us…STILL in the middle of that same shopping isle!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  All three of us referenced a chain of events, indicating that our chance meeting HAD to have been perfectly orchestrated from above.  “THIS”…was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, folks!!!

THE ENTIRE WEEKEND has reminded me, ever-so-perfectly, of God’s AMAZING GRACE.  Also allowing me to witness the kindness of strangers in giving money and food items to an elderly woman at a busy intersection and in my unexpected re-connection with a former co-worker while in attendance of a house-warming party.  My  former co-worker’s last name is “HOPE” and guess what???  She is ALSO in the process of Following Jesus with a recognized purpose of sharing the Word!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!