as I find myself “OFF BALANCE”…AGAIN!!!  OUCH!!!  Hhhmmm…I get it, Lord!!!  I’ve been thinking, Thinking, THINKING…ALL NIGHT!!!  Now, “THIS” is crazy, folks.  I do “HOPE” you will join me for ANOTHER trip to…“JILL’S WORLD!!!”  READY???  SET???  Let us go, Go, GOOOoooooo…

Now, I can remember previous blog posts regarding some of the “roles” I would assume at work from the CRAZY Therapist…to the OFF-BALANCED therapist wearing 2 different colored shoes!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  THAT SAME OLE’-type of CRAZINESS HAS RETURNED!!!  DOUBLE Aaahhhhhh, Aaahhhhhh!!!

“STUFF” is happening, folks!!!  It’s been escalating…ALL ALONG…but I’ve had my blinders on!!!  Just keep moving faster…And Faster…AND FASTER, Jill.  Keep moving…without thinking about “things”.  ALL WAS GOING WELL… so I thought!!!

Until now, BAM!!!  And I suddenly feel VERY uncomfortable with certain (similar) situations…AGAIN!!!  YOU are NOT gonna believe “THIS,” folks!!!  GUESS… what “I” JUST did…“2” days AGO???  Oh bother, “2” is so very, Very, VERY significant in this equation right now!!!  Even I cannot believe EVERYTHING and how ALL those things are fitting “TOGETHER” PERFECTLY to make sense…in a “CRAZY” kind-of way!!!  Hhhmmm…”JILL’S WAY!!!”  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!

Yep, I’m feeling a bit OFF BALANCE…AGAIN!!!  My shoes are matching EVERY day, folks!!!  But…IT’S MY HEAD…displaying this current and “CRAZY” sense of  OFF-BALANCE-NESS!!!  BAM!!!  Perhaps I have been feeling this for awhile now, folks, but DENYING “IT”.  Ya see, I started having my hair cut short…”er” awhile ago.   And shorter.  UNTIL… just this past Tuesday…“2” DAYS AGO…I had my hair cut shorter AGAIN on the left side of my head…AND “BUZZED” short(to~ 1/4″) on the RIGHT!!!  I DID WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  I AM SERIOUS, folks!!!  My hair is REALLY cut short as described!!!  Hhhmmm…I MUST BE completely “OFF-BALANCE” now!!!

And it’s so, So, SO “CRAZY” just “HOW” I ended up choosing “THIS” haircut…AT THE LAST MINUTE!!!  Thanks to my girl-crush at work, Nena. “TOGETHER”…we make “JINA”.  OH NO, folks!!!  THE JINGLE…  ;/

“TEAM JINA is our name.  We’re so happy.  Every day is just the same.  We go out there “HELPING” people on their way…THEY’RE GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY!!!  WE ARE TEAM JINA.  TEAM JINA.  TEAM JINA”… (to the tune of Frankie Avalon’s, “Venus”.

And now the realization of what these haircuts “MAY” represent JUST HIT ME RIGHT UPSIDE MY HEAD…in the wee hours of “THIS” morning!!!  OUCH!!!  “2” days AFTER having it cut this way!!!  “2” years AFTER the start-up of this blog, that resulted AFTER “2” situations that are currently re-occurring…“2”-fold!!!  2, 2, 2, 2…sure seems to be my…???…???…??? “LUCKY” or “FATEFUL” number lately!!!   Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

MY “LIFE” is a bit “DIFFICULT” right now, folks.   BECAUSE “I”…put those blinders on “2” years ago to allow for the passage of days without difficulties between “teammates” and myself.  Hhhmmm…”2″ years have passed by QUICKLY, folks.  OUCH!!!  I am now struggling  with what’s considered “RIGHT” to “ME” according to “MY”  LIFE experiences and “MY” interpretation of current rules and laws verses the demands or expectations of today’s world.  DOUBLE OUCH, OUCH!!!  

 I will continue praying to God.  DAILY.  HOURLY.  “MINUTELY???”   I will continue to seek guidance from trusted teammates AND… I will continue moving forward on my LIFE’S JOURNEY…from HERE to THERE.  I “HOPE” to see you “THERE”!!!  ONE FINE DAY.  😉


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!