INTO SELF-“LESS”-NESS. (I’ve got chills, folks.  They’re multiplyin’-“GREASE”.  :/  Oh bother, “MOST” thoughts I enter are, somehow, attached to music.)  So anways, I awoke about an hour ago and began this Sunday morning as usual:  thinking, Thinking, THINKING and praying, Praying, PRAYING as I allowed myself to fully awaken, gradually, with God.  Hhhmmm…”MOVING BEYOND SELFISHNESS” is what popped into my mind.  I am not real certain where this idea will take me/us, but I will follow “IT”(“I have decided to follow Jesus”)  :/  And I invite you to come along “WITH” me.  READY???  HERE WE GOOOoooooo…

Hhhmmm…”SELFISHNESS” = a tendency to look out for ONE”SELF”.  MY”SELF”.  YOUR”SELF”.  HIS”SELF”.  HER”SELF”.  Not being too concerned with OTHER”SELVES” (I just made that word up, folks.  “OTHERSELVES”…is NOT a real word!!! It is, however, another one of  “JILL’S WORDS”!!!  MGO (May God Offer) insight or understanding…  I think there might be a post way back there…SOMEWHERE…with a list of made-up words to “fit” topics discussed!  Have you stumbled upon such a “list” during your travels through this blog???  Well, “OTHERSELVES” needs to be added to that “LIST” of “JILL’S WORDS”.  Oh, bother…I will try to go back there to find the list…SOMEWHERE… and add “OTHERSELVES” onto it!!!  (Finding it could take awhile, folks!!!)  I will look…LATER, DUDE!!!  :/

In moving forward, I truly believe “SELFISHNESS” may be a “coping technique” that we utilize, subconsciously, during our Christian infancy while simply seeking to survive “LIFE”.  Hhhmmm…”SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST”…a tendency of ALL living creatures employed to “SURVIVE LIFE”.  BAM!!!  LOOKING OUT FOR #1, the “SELF”!!!

Selfishness is an inborn tendency to ensure our survival.  “THAT’S”…a good thing, folks.  TO A CERTAIN POINT!!!  God has equipped us to survive beyond this “LIFE” into eternity.  He does, however, expect us to grow in our Christianity to a point of loving others as we love ourselves.  “GET OVER YOURSELF!!!”  OUCH!!!  I continue learning, folks, as my walk with the Lord continues...FORWARD…into ETERNITY..AND BEYOND!!!  (Bruce Lightyear)  :/  Sorry.

So, selfishness is “GOOD”…to a point…before it turns “BAD”???  Well, where is that point???  How can you identify  it???  How do you get there from here???  Or here from there???  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK…

There’s so much to consider along our “JOURNEYS” from “HERE” to “THERE,” folks!!!  How about traveling our journeys “TOGETHER”???  And how about “HELPING” each other along the way???  “THINK ABOUT IT!!!” ( a tribute to my late brother, Bob.  I love you.  May you R.I.P.)


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!



Leviticus 18:19;  Mark 12:31;  Galatians 5:14