Is an AMAZING, Christian radio station I listen to frequently at 91.9 FM here in Northeast FL. This evening’s message…was regarding the lack of our “Freedom of Speech” here in America.   BA-DA BING!!!  BA-DA BANG!!!  BA-DA-BOOM!!!

THE LACK OF “FREE SPEECH”…IN AMERICA!!!  YES, NO…MAYBE???  To each their own.  We ALL know there is ONLY freedom of speech in America…”IF”…you lean to the “LEFT”.  Hhhmmm…SORRY, folks!!!    You’re trying to “MAKE” me lean LEFT, right???  WRONG!!!

DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm…“I’m a fighter…”I” fight to “HELP” the “UNDERDOGS”…NOT “ENABLE” them.  “HELPING” people to overcome their “DIFFICULT” LIFE situations in a manner that strengthens them to further “HELP” society…NOT detract from it.  And remember…“MY” way of “HELPING” may NOT be “YOUR” way of “HELPING”.

I stand firmly behind those who give the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today…“EVERY” day!!!  I have been “DOWN” before and I Thank God for EVERYTHING, including those individuals He placed in my direct path to “HELP” me overcome situations that could have destroyed me.  I, in turn, have been called to “HELP” others, as well, to overcome “LIFE’S” difficulties.

GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!!!  ALL THE TIME…GOD IS GOOD!!!  😉  (Aaahhh!!! God hit the play/sing button…AGAIN, folks!!!):  “I’m sooooo happy.  You’re so happy.  We’re so happy.  So happy.  So happy!!!  WHY???  Jesus loves me.  Jesus loves you.  Jesus loves us.  He loves us.  SO MUCH!!!”  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

The Truth radio station has filled me with some GOOD NEWS this evening on my way home from work earlier…A female author who just happens to lean “LEFT” is the author of a book regarding the lack of “Free Speech” in America.

I have been struggling recently between the “RIGHT” or “WRONG”  actions to take regarding a situation surrounded with circumstantial evidence, or extenuating circumstances.  Hhhmmm…  What to do or NOT to do???  I am a born-again Christian.  Bottom line!!!  AND???  So, The Truth radio station was discussing the different roles/positions of different individuals.  We are ALL called…DIFFERENTLY.  “Some”…will choose no involvement in “DIFFICULT” situations.  “Others”…will jump in head-first.  😉  HA!!!  Ya’ll know where I’m goin’ with this, don’t ya???

Yep, “I”…am a “JUMPER,” folks.  TAKE ACTION, JILL!!!  Right???  Or wrong???  Hhhmmm…”I”…will seek “HELP” from a trusted “Wise Man,” folks.  For now, I am practicing “PATIENCE” while remembering:  GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!!!  ALL THE TIME…GOD IS GOOD!!!  (Pppsssttt…what is “GOOD” to you…may be “BAD” to me!!!)


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!