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— Can a “FIGHTER” be considered a Christian soldier???  Fighting the cause???  In a manner that contradicts God’s teachings while seeking to promote them???

MGO, folks (May God Offer…) [insight or understanding]…  Hhhmmm…those are the exact questions posed in the previous post titled, “Fighting For The Underdog”.  DOUBLE MGO,MGO!!!

Hhhmmm…so, what was the motive for asking those questions???  I will tell you… I have lived  with deep “ANGER” within me for MOST of my life.  I DID NOT, fully understand “IT”(the inner anger) until age 42-ish.  BUT…I ALWAYS HATED “IT”!!!  And “IT” (my inner turmoil, A.K.A., Satan) was ALWAYS displayed inappropriately as a means of “releasing” that negative energy.  This “release,” per say, was TEMPORARY as I did NOT even know the evil I was subconsciously seeking to cast out.  Now “THAT”…IS AMAZING!!!  We are subconsciously aware of evil’s presence within ourselves and will seek to release this negative force in angry or evil manners.  BAM!!!   
DOUBLE HHHMMM, HHHMMM… think, Think, THINK.  Releasing my inner anger, inappropriately, is what I previously referred to as my “Dr. Jeckly/Mr. Hyde” personas.  Ouch!!!  Those were, DEFINITELY, dark and difficult days.  Understanding the root cause of that inner turmoil has allowed me to begin dealing with it.  And, TO BEGIN…LETTING IT GO.  Thank you, Jesus.  I am moving in the “RIGHT” direction, however, S-L-O-W-L-Y!!!

In moving forward with this post I will now seek to answer the  initial questions posed according to where I am, SPIRITUALLY, at this point and time in my “LIFE”.  Ready or Not…HERE WE “GOOO, Go, go, goooo, OOO,Oo, oooo….” (that’s an echo in written form)  😉


YES…,  a fighter “CAN” be considered a Christian Soldier.  DOUBLE YES, YES!!!    As with EVERYTHING, however, it is the “intent” of “fighting” that determines its righteousness or evilness.

In short…God’s word discusses both “GOOD” and “BAD” warriors.  Godly vs. Satanic.  “WHAT”…do they fight “FOR”???  And “WHAT”…do they fight “AGAINST”???  These are questions that MUST be answered to establish the fighter’s obedience or disobedience in the eyes of the Lord.  AMEN.  This is “DIFFICULT,” folks.  Especially when the ACT of “fighting” is viewed from different vantage points by ALL witnesses.  Hhhmmm…think, Think, THINK.  Folks, I will now pose one last question for you to consider in closing:  Which “TEAM” are “YOU” fighting for???  THINK ABOUT IT!!!( a tribute to my late brother, Bob)  😉


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… ‘EVERY” day!!!