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On Tues. 4/7/15.

MGO(May God Offer), folks!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  Come along…as we travel to a new and exciting place in “JILL’S WORLD”.  I am utterly amazed at how one’s reaction to a situation can COMPLETELY change a “NEGATIVE”…into a “POSITIVE”.  But wait… I ALREADY “KNEW” THIS…didn’t I???  I “DID” already know this, but experienced it in such an amazing manner on Tues.. 4/7/15.   COME…

“LIFE”…is CRAZY!!!  BUSY!!!   ALL THE TIME!!!  Some days are busier than others.  “SOME”…are better than others, right???  RIGHT!!!  Well, I arrived to work on Tues., 4/7/15 at around 10:30am, ET.  BAM!!!  My VERY FIRST patient was new to me.  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  I quickly realized that my “LIFE” was being “touched by an angel”.

What an AMAZING woman, folks.  My first patient was so pleasant.  So kind.  So thankful.  DESPITE…the tremendous “DIFFICULTIES” she faces.  Her Right Leg was recently amputated, above the knee.  Phantom pains plagued her…as she chuckled about “pain” in a part of her leg that she knew had been removed from her body a week ago.  She was “CHUCKLING,” folks!!!

Her kindness…is contagious.  She was so thankful for my assistance during her morning care, especially with a newly amputated leg.  AND… her legal blindness.  AND… her Left-sided weakness/paralysis from a previous stroke.  AFTER… battling cancer and the effects of breast removal.  PLUS… the devastating loss of a son.  WHAT!!!???!!!???!!!???  My “LIFE” was, TRULY, touched by an angel yesterday, folks.  I recognized “HER,” as such, IMMEDIATELY!!!

This “angel” was present in one of our treatment gyms as “DIFFICULTIES” loomed around the corner in the big documentation office.  “I” was invited to partake in this discussion…“IF” you know what I mean.  (Yep, I was being called in to provide information that would support one of two opposing views.)  OUCH!!!  DIFFICULT SITUATION…that could NOT be avoided.  I was so VERY proud to have been part of a situation where EVERYONE responded in a manner allowing it to be resolved peacefully…IN TRUE “TEAM” FASHION.  TOGETHER!!!

And then a reminder of my “angel” in the other room…“HELPED” to deflate, yet another,  looming situation…AFTER…resolution of the initial situation.  Thank you, Jesus.  What an eye-opening experience.  Teammates commented and/or responded in such a manner that indicated we had ALL just witnessed or been a part of something AMAZING…TOGETHER!!!

“LIFE…IS DIFFICULT,” folks.  For everybody.  Everywhere.  Helping each other to survive sure beats fighting each other to survive…ANY DAY!!!  AMEN.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today…”EVERY” day!!!