MGO!!!  Come along, folks.  We are taking another trip to “Jill’s World”!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  I SIMPLY CANNOT…MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!

Hhhmmm…where to begin???  How about the beginning???  That’s a good place to start, right???  RIGHT!!!  I, initially, jumped in…HEAD FIRST… with this motivational team building idea back in Aug., 2013.  So now, a year-and-a-half later… Kris Phillips of Phillips Broadcasting agreed to meet with me at 10:00 am on Tues., 3/24/15 at “City Coffee Company” here in St. Augustine, FL regarding the site, numberoneteam.net!!!  What???!!!???!!!???!!!  Are you kidding me???!!!???!!!???!!!  NOPE…I AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!  COFFEE WITH KRIS, of Phillips Broadcasting, regarding numberoneteam.net!!!

YEP.  WE MET.  She advised.  I listened.   And…have already implemented a few of her ideas.  I wrote Kris a little “Thank-you” note that same evening at “LinkedIn”.   I “thought” I sent this note to her via the internet…out there…somewhere.  BUT… I WAS NOT REAL SURE.  On Thursday I received “something” at LinkedIn that appeared to be the EXACT same message that I thought I sent to Kris!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  How in the world could I type out a “Thank-You” note to Kris and then, SOMEHOW, send it to myself???!!!???!!!???!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  PLEASE…SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

I, IMMEDIATELY, added a quirky little sub-note to the initial “Thank-You” note to explain what had happened and then… I SENT IT AGAIN!!!  BOOM!!!  BOOM!!!  BANG!!!  I handled that mis-hap rather quickly!!!  W00-WHOOOOOO!!!  Go Team!!!  That’s how we roll here at numberoneteam.net.  Whenever a “situation” arises, admit your mis-actions(mistakes) and clear-up any confusion quickly!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  Good job, Jill!!!  Right???  Or wrong???  “W-R-O-N-G!!!”

I ADMIT IT!!!  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I  AM DOING OR NOT DOING ON LINKEDIN!!!  It appears that I made a fool of myself yet AGAIN!!!  Kris had apparently received the original “Thank-you” and responded back with “You’re welcome, Jill”.  I DID NOT, however, receive her reply with the initial notification.  ALL I received was the EXACT same note I thought I had sent to her…but “IT”(the note) came to me as if “IT” were, originally, sent to “ME”!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  MASS CONFUSION, folks!!!

To re-cap:  that ole’ familiar drunken sensation whooshed right over me again as I thought I had, SOMEHOW, sent Kris’ thank-you note to myself!!!  (Now, “THAT”…would NOT surprise me, folks!!!)  So, I quickly re-sent “IT”(the note) a 2nd time(after adding a quick sub-note)!!!  AND???   She responded… YET AGAIN… a 2nd time!!!  Oopse…I did “IT” AGAIN!!!  (“IT”= made a fool of myself).  Sorry, Kris.    You are truly #1, Kris Phillips of Phillips Broadcasting @ numberoneteam.net!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  AND… “THANK-YOU” AGAIN!!!  :/


WHY???!!!???!!!???!!!  Oh, why do I ALWAYS seem to make a fool of myself to those individuals…???…???…??? I am seeking to “impress”.  I JUST got the answer, folks.  I MAKE A FOOL OF MYSELF BECAUSE I AM FOOL ENOUGH TO FEEL UNWORTHY “MYSELF”!!!  BAM!!!  IN SHORT, folks…I AM WORTHY!!!  YOU ARE WORTHY!!!  WE ARE ALL WORTHY!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST’ today… “EVERY” day!!!