Daily Archives: March 14, 2015


WHAT???!!!???!!!???  MGO!!!  (May God Offer [insight or understanding!!!])  I have “DIFFICULTY” with the statement, “That’s not my job”… these days, folks.  😉

I can, however, remember (a few years back) getting upset or angry when “others” would forget or neglect to do something that was, technically, “THEIR” job.  Oh, and I would NEVER think about doing “IT”  F-O-R  them.  HA!!!  Now, “THAT”… was a sign, folks.  A BIG red, flashing sign indicating that I HAD ISSUES!!!  Yep… I HAD ISSUES!!!

And another thing I remember???  I NEVER seemed to get angry with myself for NOT doing something I should have done.  “MY” forgetfulness was much more tolerable (to ME) than others’ forgetfulness.  Hhhmmm…think.  Think.  THINK. 

I strongly believe that there is ALWAYS “SOMETHING”… that explains EVERYTHING!!!  We, as individuals, know what explains our own forgetfulness in EVERY situation.  We can tolerate it because we “GET” it.  We are fully aware of our own personal struggles, concerns, and difficulties.  We don’t, however, “GET” what “IT” is that explains other people’s forgetfulness.  Their struggles.  Their concerns.  Their “DIFFICULTIES”.

People forget things.  People make mistakes.  People get distracted.  LIFE IS “CRAZY” BUSY these days.  “LIFE IS DIFFICULT,” folks.  FOR EVERYBODY. EVERYWHERE.  Just “HELPING” your teammate out by doing what needs to be done takes only a few seconds longer… than actively seeking the person out to ask them to come back over here to do what they’d forgotten and left over there for you to come over here to tell them to go back over there and do!!! :/  Ya still with me???  (I think I may have just lost myself… in there… somewhere!!!)  😉 

EVERY SITUATION can be… and WILL BE… viewed differently by EVERYONE!!!  It doesn’t really matter what you claim to have “MEANT” by what you said.  It matters “HOW” you said it and/or “HOW” it was “REALLY” intended.  Negative is negative.  And “IT” doesn’t sugar-coat very easily!!!

Keep things positive, folks.  “Positivity“… is naturally sweetened… NO “SUGAR-COATING” NECESSARY!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!