Mon.. 1/19/15.  I, SIMPLY, DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN…???…???…???

Last week was…???…???…???… “DIFFICULT”.  Friday afternoon surprised me with a text regarding my, estranged, brother.  Yes… my “estranged” brother, Bob.  I, somehow, feel as though I have NOT been completely honest.  I think the purpose of this blog is, in part, aimed at helping to mend broken fences within my immediate family.  TOO LITTLE…TO LATE???

I received word on Friday, 1/16/15 that my brother, Bob, had been life-flighted to St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Toledo, OH via Life-Flight helicopter ambulance.  The “SAME” hospital I had been life-flighted to following my car accident back in 1986.  WHOOOSH!!!  Let the FLOOD begin!!!

Emphysema.  I KNEW he would get it.  Just like the others in our family.  My aunt.  My uncle.  My mother.  And now… my brother.  SURPRISE!!!  But wait… I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, right???  I KNEW IT!!!  “THIS” is NOT a surprise, AT ALL!!!  So, what have I been doing to “HELP”???  NOTHING!!!  JUST WAITING… for what I KNEW would happen.  OUCH!!!  Now, “THAT” is a tough pill to swallow!!!  “IT IS… WHAT IT IS”!!!  “LIFE… IS DIFFICULT!!!”

To be honest, folks, what’s left of my immediate family has, pretty much, been estranged since my mother’s death on New Year’s Day, 1/1/07.  Yep, I feel an ache.  We are ALL simply seeking to survive different segments of the SAME “DIFFICULT” and tragic story.  And we each have survived the BEST we knew how… BARELY!!!  How do you pick-up the pieces???  And will those pieces even fit back together???

I am sitting at home this day… 1/19/15.  It is now 12:15 pm in the afternoon.  “THIS” is post #2 of the day… ALREADY!!!  I am NOT working.  It appears that the many distractions at work on Friday caused me to neglect setting myself an assignment board for today… SO???…???…???… “I”… get the day “OFF”… so-to-speak.  An unplanned day-“OFF”!!!  OUCH!!!

“IT IS… WHAT IT IS!!!”  Hhhmmm… I am getting some, MUCH NEEDED, time to THINK.  To spend time in God’s word.  To pray.  To listen.  See… I may NOT be making any money today (“THIS” is a “BAD” side of the situation), but I have been given time to slow down and “re-wind”(And “THIS” is a “GOOD” side to the situation).  AMEN!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!