Daily Archives: January 8, 2015


= “THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE”.  Okay, folks… I am going back in time a bit… to help make the point of this “AMAZING” story.  READY???  HERE WE GO…

I have maintained communication with Pastor Walter West regarding this “JOURNEY” I’m on for quite awhile now.  He referred me to Pastor Mason Reigger at ABC regarding a specific focus in our community here in St. Augustine, FL.  Okay, so I met  with Pastor Mason.  He made additional referrals.  I contacted a few.  Which have lead to a few more…and a few more… and a few more.  I cannot keep up with all of these referrals.  I contact those I feel drawn to… as I am able.

I spoke with Pastor Mason at church a week-or-so ago regarding avenues I have pursued.  He… made another recommendation.  Ken, the clergy… out at the county jail.  “I”… made a mental note of this…“KEN, clergy… county jail”.  “LIFE”… goes on…

At church Sat., 1/3/15, we had the usual “MEET AND GREET” your neighbor prior to Pastor Walter beginning the evening’s sermon.  I shook hands with the fella across the isle from me and then proceeded on to greet others.  I passed that gentleman I shook hands with FIRST and suddenly felt an urge to turn and quickly inquire, “Sir, what’s your name?”.  He said, “KEN”.  I know I looked perplexed as I said, “I thought I knew you, but I guess I don’t.”  He quickly shot back, “I didn’t do it!!!” with both hands held outward and upward as if being stopped by the police.  He then continued with, “I do work out at the jail”.  Hhhmmm… I immediately shot across the isle to grab a numberoneteam.net business card from my purse and handed it to him stating, “I’m seeking to start a program at the jail” as Pastor West began speaking.  Oopse… I, QUICKLY, sneaked back over to my seat…across the isle.  END OF STORY!!!

UNTIL… I was almost asleep Sun. evening in the van during our drive home from Disney when I suddenly shot up… “KEN!!!”  I think the “KEN” I felt a pull toward at church last night was “THE” Ken that Pastor Mason had mentioned… a week-or-so ago!!!  WHAT!!!???!!!???!!!???  Can “THIS” even be “TRUE”???  I felt a PULL toward a man that I have NEVER met before???  I re-approached him a second time to ask his name, but “KEN,” did NOT ring a bell… UNTIL the next evening when that name, “KEN” bopped me right upside my head… fully arousing me from a half-sleep during our trip home from Disney!!!

Hhhmmm… so, had I been drawn to the right “KEN” at church who works at our county jail???  I do NOT know, folks.  I made a call and spoke with a Pastor “Ken” at the county jail.  “He”… was NOT the same “KEN” I had met at church, however he mentioned that there is, yet… ANOTHER “KEN” who also works in that department.  Another “KEN”… I have not spoken with… YET!!!  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm…

Stay tuned, folks… THE SAGA CONTINUES!!!