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with the receptionist at the Defense Attorney’s Office.  She said to call her, “D”.  “WE”… became FAST FRIENDS!!!  What an AMAZING young woman.  With an AMAZING HEART.  With a focus on… “HELPING”… those in “NEED”.  Hhhmmm…  What else did I learn about her???  “SHE”… is a “HUGGER,” as well!!!  We hugged 2x in less than 30 min.!!!  😉

MGO, folks!!!  I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  “YOU”… ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE IT!!!  I felt our “connection”… IMMEDIATELY, so I quickly handed her a numberoneteam.net business card.  We spoke for a moment.  I was dressed and ready to go straight to work after leaving the courthouse.  Navy scrubs, American flag shirt, name-tag.  She then realized that she ALREADY knew  “OF” me, INDIRECTLY.  AND… she has already been to visit the site, numberoneteam.net, with her mother… “MY” co-worker… who is employed as a nurse at MCNRC!!!  SHUT-UP!!! (Now, “THAT”… is meant to be funny, folks)

AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!  Friday, 1/2/15… DAY #2 of the year 2015… COULD NOT HAVE BEEN ANY BETTER!!!

Thank you, Jesus for continuing to Bless me along this, “My Spiritual Life Journey”.  I am so, So, SO excited to follow You in anticipation of what comes next…

The “JOURNEY”… continues…


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!



I received the letter on Fri. evening, 1/2/15.   I spent a couple hours at the courthouse in the morning.  I worked from 12-6 pm, shopped for groceries and then returned home around 7:30 pm-ish, ET.  My husband, Christopher, immediately handed me a letter from…  “Christopher”… in jail.  WOW!!!  “THIS”… shocked me, folks.  “Christopher”… in jail… had also sent an apology note to my daughter, Danielle.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

The saga continues…

The prayers continue…  Heavenly Father, I ask that you knock on Christopher’s heart… and I pray that he opens the door, allowing your entrance to work miracles in his young life.  Amen.




At the St. Johns County Courthouse…

I seem to be caught-up in some type of an unexplainable…???…???…??? mystery series…???…???…??? comparable to… “THE TWILIGHT ZONE”!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  THAT’S IT, folks!!!  JILL’S WORLD = THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!

I have been trying to write a post regarding Friday’s calendar of events, 1/2/15.  I keep running into brain…???…???…???… blockades.  I, simply, DO NOT know how to take you through that day.  “IT”… was AMAZING.  My first stop???  The St. Johns County Prosecuting attorney’s office where I met with Steve Croskey regarding…???…???…???… Hhhmmm… I had NO IDEA what I was doing there!  :/  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I… AM NOT KIDDING, FOLKS.  I had called the office a few days ago to simply speak with this prosecuting attorney, Steve Croskey on the phone, when the receptionist promptly stated that she could schedule a meeting for Fri., 1/2/15.  I, initially, said… “NO,” but then agreed.

I arrived 30 minutes early as I was NOT certain where his office was located.  I began looking in the general area of the county courthouse.  BAM!!!  I had begun my search in the appropriate area.  I am getting to know that whole general area pretty good these days.

To enter the building, I had to remove ALL items from my person to be sent through the detection/scanner booth thingy… and then I proceeded to walk through the body scanner machine beyond which I assumed “THE POSITION” to be…???…???…???… “wanded” along my being with this stick-like…wand thingy by “SECURITY”.  (Those fellas are getting to know me pretty well these days!!!)  😉  I was then directed RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the prosecuting attorney’s office!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  I had arrived a bit early, but that was okay.  I do NOT like to be LATE!!!

Both hands were shaking and my heart was racing as I sat “waiting”… in the waiting room.  Aaahhhhhh!!!  “I”… was nervous!!!  And I guess I probably SHOULD HAVE BEEN… NERVOUS considering that I wasn’t REAL SURE why I was  even there.  I had a few questions for him… that I could have asked on the phone.  THAT’S IT!!!  BUT… here I find myself sitting in the waiting room… waiting to…???…???…??? ask him what???  A few questions regarding Christopher’s next court appearance???  “I”… was not sure what I wanted, AT ALL!!!  :/  Think.  Think.  Think.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray…

I know I had left court on 12/23/14…???…???…???… CONFUSED about what had happened.  WHAT???  Yep, “I” left court that day CONFUSED and uncertain as to what had even been decided!!!  But wait… “I”… WAS THERE, wasn’t I???  Or was I???  Maybe I was NOT “FULLY” there.  Oh yeah, I remember what happened.  I had vacated the courtroom to speak with the couple interested in “HELPING” Christopher, so I had NOT been aware that a sentence had been rendered by Judge Tinlin that day, 12/23/14.  I just learned of “IT” today, 1/2/15.   “IT IS… WHAT IT IS,” folks.

Christopher remains in jail, but will soon begin a work release program in another division of the county jail system.  “Housing”  is “STILL” the problem.  He has nowhere to go.

After meeting with the prosecuting attorney, Steve Croskey, I headed straight down to the Assistant Defense atorney’s office, Ms. Shavonne McCants.  She was not in the office today due to the holiday, but I will be speaking with her soon.  Hhhmmm… I seem to be gravitating toward program development within our county court/jail system(s).  Stay tuned…

AGAIN… I left our county courthouse feeling as though everyone involved with this case is, genuinely, seeking to “HELP” Christopher.  This has been a fine display of individuals working “TOGETHER” as a “TEAM” with the sole purpose of seeking to “HELP” Christopher SURVIVE “LIFE”.   I will continue praying for this young man… DAILY.  Please add him to your prayer list, as well.    Thanks.  And… GO TEAM!!!

AMAZING!!!  1/2/15 was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!  I encountered so many amazing individuals on the day’s journey to the St. Johns County Courthouse.  Please stay tuned, folks.  There WILL be more to come… regarding this story…


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!