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the “HOLIDAYS” by staying OUT of the “Office Politics”!!!  Boy, I do NOT care what type you’re speaking of… “POLITICS”… is ALWAYS DIFFICULT… PERIOD!!!

Boy, Christmas “get-togethers” are ALWAYS the SAME, right???  No matter what group you are “getting-together” with!!!    Such as family,  work,  neighborhood,  church, club,  group, etc., etc., etc.  THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!  Some attendees will have “fun”.  Some will NOT.  Some create drama… where there is none.  Others respond to that drama.  And STILL “others”… are oblivious to that drama.  We ALL know WHO’S WHO, don’t we???  I will leave it at that!!!

“Tis the season,” folks.  “To be jolly.”  I must admit that “THIS” season has been even busier than usual.  I have HAD to hurry, Hurry, HURRY-UP and go, Go, GO with the flow, Flow, FLOW (Sorry, now “THAT” was a bit much), that I have NOT been able to slow-down out “THERE” enough to “WATCH” and “ENJOY” holiday shoppers.  “HOLIDAY” shoppers… ARE SOOOOOO FUN TO WATCH…WHILE THEY “SHOP”!!!  There are only a few days left.  I sure do hope I will find some time to get out “THERE” and just watch.  NOT SHOP!!!  “I”… am FINISHED!!! (I think).  😉

“THIS”… is my FAVORITE time of year, folks.  ALWAYS HAS BEEN.  ALWAYS WILL BE.  Thank you, Jesus.







“I”… cannot make this stuff up, folks!!!  MGO (May God Offer)… insight or understanding for these recent…???…???…???… “HAPPENINGS”.  Come along, folks.  Yep, we are taking ANOTHER “TRIP”… TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  :/

I realize that it is difficult for you all to follow the “time-line” of posts.  More often than not, I may actually finish and publish a post on a particular evening, but yet it is given a publish date of the next day.  For example… I will finish writing this post and have it published this evening, 12/16/14, before midnight, however the publish date attached to it will be listed as tomorrow, 12/17/14.  Hhhmmm… confusing, huh?  I guess my “today” is already considered “tomorrow” for somebody… somewhere.  Imagine how difficult that is for me to have you ALL follow along with my LIFE’S events… according to a different timeline.  Ya with me???  DOES IT REALLY EVEN MATTER???  Folks, “I”… do things like “THIS” to MYSELF… ALL THE TIME!!!  HA!!!  And I often get confused???  Well, GO FIGURE!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

In moving along, the previous post was written and published LAST night (12/15/14).  “THE ISSUE IDENTIFIERS.”  That post applied to MYSELF… just today(12/16/14), as I found myself displaying a negative “ISSUE” within myself which was directed at a co-worker in the form of anger.  So… was I angry with… “HER”?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I was frustrated with MYSELF.  The frustration I felt regarding “MY” deficiencies to focus in a busy, distracting work environment were unleashed upon “HER”.  Heavenly Father, forgive me, for  I have sinned, yet again.  I am asking that the “fighter” within me be given wisdom for identifying my “ISSUES” before launching that first strike against innocent characters in my life’s storyline (Struggle)… TO SURVIVE… “MY” LIFE!!!

Yep, I was still feeling a bit angry at work about this specific incident when I suddenly felt a desire to take a look at this blog.  “THE ISSUE IDENTIFIERS” popped up.  I read it and IMMEDIATELY realized that “IT” applied directly to “ME”!!!  That post begins by speaking of getting a “chuckle” when listening to others complain about someone “else” doing something negative, but yet being unable to identify that same behavior as negative when “IT” is displayed by ourselves… in a different situation!!!

WHAT???…???…???…  I wrote about that exact scenario just last night!!!  And then “I”… TODAY… was the one “UNABLE” to identify a negative behavior being displayed by myself as “NEGATIVE”???  Until it was too late…  I had already allowed my frustration with “MYSELF” to be unleashed upon a co-worker as anger.  How is it EVEN possible that I write an entire post that will relate, specifically to myself the VERY next day???  WOW!!!  I am amazed, folks!!!  Pretty deep, huh???  I will search her out, first thing, “tomorrow”(12/17/14) to apologize for my inappropriate behavior…”today”(12/16/14)…



Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.






WOW!!!  ANOTHER… interesting day at work!!!  I get such a chuckle out of listening to co-workers and patients complain about… “OTHERS”!!!  😉  Isn’t it so, So, SO easy for all of us to complain about an “ISSUE” as displayed by somebody else, but yet it is often-times much harder…if NOT impossible… to see that EXACT SAME “ISSUE” when it is displayed by ourselves.  Think about that for a moment, please…

Now “ISSUES” can be displayed in numerous situations, but the method of displaying those “ISSUES” will NOT vary as displayed by a particular individual.  Different individuals, on the other hand, can display the same “ISSUES”… DIFFERENTLY.  Think.  Think.  Think.

For example, the one issue of “pain” (the exact same type) may be displayed differently by different individuals.  One may respond to physical pain in silence.  Another in anger.  Another by crying.  Another by laughing.  Yet another by  crying and laughing at the same time, etc., etc., etc.  My point here???  EVERYONE has their own unique method of displaying their method of surviving an “ISSUE” as it occurs.  This survival???  HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!  PERIOD!!!  “IT” (their survival method…or “coping technique”)… has been developed over time via a  trial-and-error method of simply seeking to survive LIFE.  PLUS… there are many other factors contributing to the different display of the exact same phenomena, such as physiological, social, physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

In general, “ISSUES” is a rather large category that  describes ALL of those NEGATIVE, inappropriate, or harmful reactions anyone may display regarding virtually ANYTHING!!!  Now, “THIS” can be TRICKY as most individuals view things uniquely different.  Example:  what I view as harmful… you may view as funny or appropriate.  “WE are who we are based on where we’ve been and how we’ve responded to situations while simply seeking to survive LIFE.”

So, what are the “issue” identifiers???  Simple.  Anything negative.  Now, “THIS”… can ALSO be TRICKY.  It ALL depends on the specific situation and the appropriateness of the reaction displayed.  The “identifiers” may include the display of any extreme emotion from laughter to anger.  Or even a disconnect with any emotion, at all, to a serious situation.  I tend to believe that individuals respond to most “ISSUES” using the same method, or survival mode.  Fighter (which is what I was).  Runner (flee the situation).  Crier.  Smiler (hide any pain), etc., etc., etc.    There are so, So, SO many methods, combinations, or variations of those methods utilized to display “ISSUES”.

“ISSUES” refers to both, the negative behaviors and also the specific negative situations experienced in life that have lead to the development of those negative behaviors.  Negative + negative = more negative.  Bad + bad = more bad.  Period!!!  Until… one is able to recognize their “ISSUES” and consciously choose to ONLY allow positive/helpful behaviors in response to those “ISSUES”.  Now, “THIS”… takes practice, folks.  And PRACTICE… improves performance.

Boy, my “train-of-thoughts” sure went DEEP tonight.  Sorry.  I do hope you were able to follow along… and ENJOY THE RIDE… on this “CRAZY” runaway train!!!  Yep, I am over-tired, folks.  Time for bed…


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!



WOW!!!  “GUDGUD” is an AMAZING female singing/performing group of young ladies, including one 17 yr. old and two 15 yr. old girls.   DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

“This group of amazing performers is a progressive R&B group hailing from Jacksonville, FL.”  Remember their group’s name, folks:  “GUDGUD”.  They are going straight to the top!!!  Please click on the below link to get a taste of these girls’ talent.

GUDGUD is definitely #1 at!!!




as an elf, Elf, ELF!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  “THIS”… is my FAVORITE time of the year!!!  Always has been.  ALWAYS WILL BE!!!”I” LOVE being busy, Busy, BUSY…  Come along, folks.  It is time for another trip to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Ready???  OKAY… HERE WE GO…

WORK… is AMAZING.  The entire facility is becomming a winter wonder-land!!!  Christmas trees and decorations are popping up EVERYWHERE… front lobby, nurses stations, dining/activity room, patients’ rooms, television/visiting areas, Occupational Therapy room, etc., etc., etc.  The excitement is building… DAILY!!!

There are, at least, four (4) big trees throughout the facility, each decorated beautifully by staff.  Nurses at both stations will continue adding to their decor right up to the last minute.  Patient rooms, one by one… are coming alive with small trees and holiday “JOY” due to the anticipation and excitement of celebrating the birthday of baby Jesus, Our Savior.  The ice cream parlor is gorgeous.  The beauty parlor is… ALL DECKED OUT!!!

The Occupational Therapy Treatment room is… AMAZING!!!  Therapists, patients, and staff are ALL participating in transforming the OT clinic into a Winter Wonderland… complete with a constructed fireplace/chimney, Santa’s head (like he’s going down the chimney), mini stockings- hung from the fireplace- and a Christmas tree… each made of cardboard.  Paper snowflakes will be cut out and hung throughout the clinic.  The snow blizzard created is ALWAYS a favorite!!!  Chains made of red, green and white construction paper will hang from each ceiling corner and meet in the middle.  There is ALOT of work, yet, to be done…( “We are Santa’s elves…”)  😉

I, too, am getting caught up in the excitement and have been adding a Christmas “item” to my person (foot, leg, wrists, ears, neck, clothing, etc.) so that I can “JINGLE ALL THE WAY” throughout the facility.  “Some” call me “Jingle Jill” at work.  It is so, So, SO fun to, awkwardly, move limbs and/or wiggle my trunk to make these bells “JINGLE”.  (Pppsssttt… we do have a few “scrooges” at MCNRC, so NOT EVERYONE enjoys all this JINGLING… throughout the facility!!!)  I get so excited to add a new “item” to my person each work-day morning as I prepare for work!!!

So, what happened ALL this past week???  “THE” song that KEPT playing… over, and Over and OVER again???  None other than… “We Are Santa’s Elves”!!!  BAM!!!  “THIS” idea hit me RIGHT UPSIDE MY HEAD!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  “We are Jesus’ helpers!!!”  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  “I”… AM “HELPING” JESUS!!!  I JUST GOT “CHILLS, ” FOLKS!!!  “HELPING”… is what I do BEST!!!

Now, I DO NOT mean to offend anyone, AT ALL, with this idea.  “THIS” is simply meant as a “GOOD” or “POSITIVE” idea… NOTHING against Christmas, Jesus, Santa, anybody, OR anything!!!  Please do not allow Satan to sprinkle this positive thought with evil.  “BACK OFF, SATAN!!!”  IT’S ALL GOOD, folks.

Last weekend was busy.  “The Inn Keeper” musical was performed at our church, ABC, by staff and members.  Danielle went to Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando, FL with SJCCA’s(St. Johns County Center for the ARTS) choral group for a one night performance, Tues. evening, 12/10/14, with the best of the best High School choirs.  The kids returned home late Wed. evening… with hoarse voices, and then  SJCCA’s choral Christmas concert/program was Thursday evening.  Work and… “shopping”… filled my ENTIRE day, Friday.  We will head up to Jacksonville,FL in about 1 hour as Danielle will be performing with Showtime USA in two (2) separate shows.  Yep, SHOWTIME USA… that amazing professional dancing/singing group consisting of kids from the ages of 4-ish to 18.  Today’s first show will begin at 2:45 pm, ET at the Riverside Arts Market Christmas show.  Tonight’s show is at the Jacksonville Landing.  “THIS” will be an amazing day, folks.  12/13/14!!!  (Pppsssttt… did you catch the date…12-13-14???)  And… it’s chilly here in Northern FL.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, 2014, and a Happy New Year, 2015!!!  From our family at to yours.  ‘TIS THE SEASON, folks…





MGO!!!  ‘THIS”… is ANOTHER RECURRENT…???…???…??? “THEME” in my life since meeting my husband, “CHRIST” -opher back in the 1990’s:  ALWAYS seek advice from those best equipped to advise you in specific matters.  Ex.:  An MD for medical matters.  Lawyer for legal matters.  Now, “THOSE” are self-explanatory.  Well, what about the more, in-depth, daily “LIFE” matters, such as money, marriage, spirituality, aspirations, dreams, etc.???

Hhhmmm… I have grown up with “warped” ideas/expectations regarding, pretty much, EVERYTHING… IN LIFE.  FOR, pretty much, MOST OF MY LIFE.  My husband, however, has ALWAYS firmly stated that one needs to turn to the best qualified individual when seeking advice regarding ANYTHING.  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm… “GO STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”.  WOW!!!  “STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

I NEVER knew I needed to turn to God for advice regarding ANYTHING!!!  I spent YEARS turning to medical doctors seeking to identify my “problems” until ONE FINE DAY… GOD REVEALED THE TRUTH… that set me FREE.  “FREE” to pursue continued “FREEDOM” from those chains that had bound me for 40+ years.

My current passion for “HELPING” others… those deemed, perhaps “CRAZY” or “UNWORTHY,” stems from an awareness that “I”… was ONCE one of those lost, confused, “CRAZY,” and “UNWORTHY” individuals.  “CRAZY” and “UNWORTHY” are “MY” chosen words to describe how I viewed myself.   I do realize that I have, however, ALWAYS BEEN WORTHY and NEVER  been considered “CRAZY” by the only One who REALLY matters… GOD.

I can, particularly, identify with  Jody Arias, who was recently convicted of  murdering Travis Alexander.  It scares me to realize how VERY much I relate to her.  “HER” story… could have been… “MY” story.  Different faces.  Different names.  Same story.  The anger and rage I felt would come out of nowhere.    “IT”… was uncontrollable.

I was ALWAYS ashamed of my behavior resulting from that inner anger.  I HATED that side of… “ME”.  Oh yeah, I was a female version of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.  Hhhmmm… there is a previous post back there… SOMEWHERE… regarding that darker side of “JILL”.  I do not know when or where in this blog, BUT… “IT” is there… SOMEWHERE.  I do hope you have read it as I believe these recurring thoughts/posts may help to shed some light on something I believe is VERY common… TODAY.  And is becoming, categorically, “EPIDEMIC” as LIFE in today’s world  becomes busier… crazier… and more “DIFFICULT”… by design.

OUCH!!!  “DIFFICULT…By design”???  Just “WHO”… would design, or manufacture such destruction of this, so-called “LAND OF THE FREE/HOME OF THE BRAVE”???  Please ask yourself… “WHAT OR  WHO”, EXACTLY,  is causing or allowing this self-destruction to occur from… WITHIN”???  “WE” are allowing this self destruction, folks.  Now,  “WHO/WHAT”… is manufacturing it???  THINK ABOUT IT!!! (Another tribute to my brother, Bob.)  😉

“EVERYTHING… AFFECTS EVERYTHING,” folks.  We become who we are based on where we have been and how we’ve responded to situations while simply seeking to survive… “LIFE”.  Amen.  I was NOT raised in a faith-based, God-fearing home environment.  God, REPEATEDLY, knocked and “I”… FINALLY … opened the door… AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!!!

The REALITY for “ME”???  It took over 40 years of my life to get my feet firmly planted on the ground and headed in the “RIGHT” direction.  GOD WAS ALWAYS THERE!!!  I had, periodically, been given glimpses of God for many years.  I NEEDED HIM, BUT I DIDN’T KNOW IT.  And I, truly, believe that I would have discovered true PEACE and HAPPINESS… if there had been MORE “BRIANS” (that young Physical Therapy intern who was there to “HELP” initiate my first steps along THIS, “My Spiritual Life Journey”.  “THANK YOU, BRIAN”… wherever you may be) along the way, speaking freely and sharing his FAITH.  SPREADING THE WORD.  Please use me, Heavenly Father, by expanding my territory to touch as many lives as possible according to Your plan.  In Your time.  Not mine.   Amen.

So, start at the TOP in seeking guidance or advice.  Now “THAT”… begins with God.  “IT” does NOT, however, end there.  People need people.  THE “RIGHT” PEOPLE… with a “Focus On The RIGHT Direction”.  WOW!!!  “I”… just got chills, folks.  Focus…Right Direction… “Dreaming Of A RIGHT Christmas”…  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Please refer to that previous post, dated 12/2/14.  It is truly AMAZING how things just seem to fall into place… OUT OF NOWHERE.

Take it to the Lord… FIRST.  HE knows EVERYTHING… about EVERYTHING!!!!  Then seek out those individuals God has placed in your “LIFE” to further guide you along your journey, including anyone from a pastor, spouse, family member, friend, professional, authority, etc., etc., etc.  “WHOMEVER” is BEST qualified to advise you regarding any particular matter. 



P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!


Dear readers,

In closing, I would just like to report how amazed I am by where this post began.  I knew where I thought this post was going.  It took on a spiritual nature that was NOT intended, initially, thereby traveling in its own direction.  Ending, EXACTLY, where it began,  “AT THE TOP”… Hhhmmm… Didn’t the title begin with going “STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”???  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm… “THIS” post was NOT intended to be about “GOD”.  It was just an expansion of my husband’s advice… given to him from his father… who ALWAYS said to go to the “RIGHT” source for the BEST advice.  MGO!!!  I just got CHILLS… AGAIN!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  “Go to the “RIGHT” source for the BEST advice.”  Am I the ONLY one getting “CHILLS”???  HE… is here, folks.  I,  ABSOLUTELY, LOVE THESE…???…???…???  “GOOSEBUMPS!!!”  I “HOPE” you can feel them too.   Sincerely, Jill




“LIFE… IS SOOOOOO DIFFICULT!!!  I am definitely getting TOO…???…???…???… “WHATEVER”…???…???…??? to play those stupid games that don’t seem to matter much when you’re… living life for the “HERE and NOW”. 

It seems I just get comfortable and competent in regards to NEW rules at work when certain folks…higher-up… decide to change the rules yet again!!!    AAAHHHHHH!!!  Doesn’t this pertain to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING… I MEAN  E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G  IN LIFE???  DOUBLE AAAHHHHHH, AAAHHHHHH!!!

And EVERY-DAY PEEPS???  Well, we tend to make things a bit more difficult than they ought to be.  I FEEL CERTAIN that “MOST” folks are aware that they sin…  EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  For example, we ALL lie, correct?  “WHITE” lies are such a commonality.   It’s often hard to ascertain whether individuals ACTUALLY believe what they are saying… OR… are they, wittingly, trying to “FOOL” you???  Certain things matter MORE than others, correct???  Think.  Think.  Think.

“LIFE… IS DIFFICULT,” folks!!!  How can ANY rule ACTUALLY work… if the info. utilized to determine whether it works or not… is tainted with “WHITE LIES”???  I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS!!!  If you are willing to lie to “fudge” the truth so that it appears as though a rule is working, then DO NOT BE SURPRISED… when that rule gets… “upgraded”… and places even higher demands on EVERYONE!!!  HA!!!  CHA-CHING!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

WAIT… WE ALREADY KNOW THIS, RIGHT???  DON’T WE???  “THIS”… is Common Sense 101, right???  Forgive me, Father.  Enough said.

TGIF, folks!!!  Boy, do I need a weekend.  :/


Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.





Yep, I went to the hearing of that young man, “CHRIST”-opher, I blogged about in the post titled, “9-1-1,” published 10/30/14.  Please refer to that post for details regarding that evening of events, from MY perspective.

“THIS” whole situation has been “DIFFICULT,” folks.  I knew, IMMEDIATELY, that I needed to… “HELP”.  SOME HOW.  SOME WAY.  I made a few feeble attempts at contacting the Sheriff’s Dept. and the Court House, but then… I found myself caught up in the BUSY-NESS of “LIFE”… AGAIN!!!  Until a private investigator tracked me down at work… for the prosecuting attorney, Steve Croskey.

WHAT??? A Prosecuting Attorney phoning “ME”???   At work???  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!  My FIRST thought???  MGO (May God Offer) insight or understanding… President Obama has HAD ENOUGH of my posts regarding OBAMACARE!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO… “THAT”… is ALL I could come up with on my way to take that phone call from some… prosecuting attorney… regarding… something…???…???…???  I was COMPLETELY dumbfound.  NO… I WAS EMBARRASSED… to be summoned to the phone to speak with a Prosecuting Attorney.  UNTIL, that is, he explained who he was and why he was calling.  WHEW!!!

Okay now, “THIS” was the sign I had been waiting for.  I didn’t have to scurry around trying to, SOMEHOW, “HELP” anybody by doing ANYTHING.  “THEY”… contacted “ME”.  I did NOT think twice about requesting the day off work so that I could attend this pretrial hearing.

“TODAY”… was “THE” day, folks.  I went to the courthouse “early” to speak with someone about program development regarding Number One Team, in connection with the court or jail systems.  And then… I waited.  And Waited.  AND WAITED for court to begin… for about 1 hour!!!

I was a bit… nervous.  The sky was clear blue as I looked up.  No white, fluffy clouds to fixate on while praying for God to guide my words and actions on this day while seeking to “HELP” an individual I knew NOTHING about.  Hhhmmm… my cheeks felt warm…no, HOT!!!  I felt certain my face and neck had broken out in red, blotchy hives.  Oh no!!!  NOT TODAY!!!   And certainly NOT RIGHT NOW!!!

“Christ”-opher entered the court room in shackles and handcuffs.  He sat down on a chair, and waited… patiently.  WOW!!!  Such a young man.  Our eyes met at one point prior to the judge entering the room.  I wondered if he knew it was… “ME”… the lady who filed charges to put him in jail.  Hhhmmm…  I felt so strongly that this young man… needs HELP.  This young man… deserves HELP.

What “KIND” of HELP does he need???  I am not sure, folks.  I was able to speak with him, semi-privately, in a jury room with two deputies and the Defense Attorney ALL present prior to Judge Tinlin rendering a judgement.  I am not even sure what I think I thought during our short exchange, behind those closed doors.  Could I have, somehow, escaped to “JILL’S WORLD”???  I am not sure.  But, “LIFE… IS DIFFICULT,” folks.   And “THAT”… I AM SURE OF!!!  For everybody.  Everywhere.

Another court date has been set.  And attempts will be made to HELP this young man prior to sentencing.  Heavenly Father, please knock loudly enough on this young man’s heart and soul to allow your entrance into his life, thereby opening doors that were previously closed to him.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

Boy, this has sure been a “DIFFICULT” day.  I cannot turn my brain “OFF”. Think.  Think.  Think.  My head hurts, folks.  Time for me to go to bed… and get some sleep.  I HOPE.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!





MGO (May God offer) insight/understanding for “OVERSIGHTS”.  WHAT???  Now, “THAT”… DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE… or does it???  Offering insight for… over or “out”…sights???  Come along, folks… it is time for ANOTHER TRIP… TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  READY???  HERE WE GO…

MGO, now “I” sat in church with my family and listened to the “message” delivered on Sat., 11/29/14 by Pastor Walter West.  “I”, however, DID NOT FULLY “GET IT” that night as my mind was…???…???…???… “CRAZY” BUSY thinking about picking out the PERFECT Christmas tree at Lightsey’s  AFTER church… a family tradition.

Oh, the memories… We can ALL laugh and remember them fondly…  “CRAZY” mommy, anxious, angry (due to the anxiety), and a “NERVOUS NINNY”… as referred to by MANY who knew me over the years.  HA!!!  College classmates used to tell me to: “Take a chill-pill, Jill-bill”… back in my 20’s!!!  Sorry, I got distracted… back to… “THE MEMORIES”…

Danielle and Chase would ALWAYS be so EXCITED running through all the isles of trees to pick from.  Daddy???  “He” was ALWAYS excited too.  Mommy???  “I”  was ALWAYS a nervous, anxious, angry… wreck!!!  The BEST times were ALWAYS at night.  Dark outside.  AND… “CHILLY” (for FL)… anything below 60 degrees.  Oh, how I wish I could have traveled a bit more quickly along My Spiritual Life Journey to REALLY enjoy those days, back then, as the person I am TODAY.  Hhhmmm… I do realize, however:  GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME!!!  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD!!!

So, my mind was a bit distracted during the church service.  Now, I think I thought that I “GOT IT” (the message) during church, however it took me a few days to realize that I hadn’t REALLY chewed on it enough to REALLY “GET IT” the way it  would, LATER, strike me right upside my head.  Yep, Pastor Walter recently sent a few posts out over FaceBook… somewhere… out there… and “IT” (the message) suddenly became so, So, SO important that I feel “urged” to write a post about “IT”… for you all to “CHEW ON” and “GET IT” too!!!

The message at ABC delivered by Pastor Walter West this past weekend, Nov. 29-30, 2014 was keeping “A Right Focus” while “Dreaming Of A Right Christmas”.  MGO, folks.  DOUBLE MGO, MGO…  

— I won’t focus on my complications.     Matthew 1:18

— I won’t focus on my computations.     Matthew 1:19

— I won’t focus on my contemplations.     Matthew 1;20

— I will focus on the Lord’s inclination.     Matthew 1:21, 2 Peter 3:9

— I will focus on the Lord’s instruction.     Matthew 1:24

Thank-you, Pastor Walter.  I, too, am “Dreaming Of A Right Christmas”.  “Tis the season, folks…  “And may all your Christmases be RIGHT,” as well.