is an AMAZING daily devotional book by Sarah Young.

MGO, folks!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  “THIS”… story is unbelievable… EVEN to “ME”.  AND “IT” (the story)… IS ABOUT MYSELF!!!  I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  “THIS” …IS “LIFE”!!!  Please come along and enjoy this ride with me.  “WE” are taking another trip to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  :/

“LIFE”… is so busy, Busy, BUSY!!!  Thoughts/ideas are bouncing around inside my brain for blog posts at a rate that I cannot keep up with.  The current “BUSY-NESS” of the holidays has interrupted my daily devotional and Bible reading.  I have neglected to stay in His word for approximately 2 weeks.  🙁

I had made a promise to God that I would read His word prior to racing out of the house for work today.  Folks… I DID(read His word).  And immediately felt a need to blog about today’s devotional.  I wrote a quick blog post and then raced out the door for work.  Hhhmmm… I got a bit anxious as I asked myself… “Self, did you turn the computer off?”  ANXIETY… as I remembered that horrible experience of my computer being “DOWN” awhile ago, so while stopped at a stoplight…on my way to work… I grabbed my phone to dial Danielle (the kids are on Christmas break from school) to have her check the computer.  Meanwhile, the stoplight changed.  I, however, did not move.  The lady in the car next to me became angry (she was in a hurry)so she beeped and “gestured”… angrily.  Oopse.

I started forward, slowly.  The lady was right next to me…gesturing with her right arm/hand and then she pulled over in front of me, erratically, and then on over into the far right lane , indicative of turning.  This lady… was NOT “OKAY”.  She was, in fact, so irate that she was at risk for a medical emergency while driving.  I followed her, wanting to deescalate the situation before she had a heart attack or stroke.  I must admit that “THIS”… was NOT a bright idea!!!  The lady pulled over, waited for me to pull over and then jumped out of her car yelling at me… CONTINUOUSLY!!!  She was so, So, SO angry.  I DID NOT get a word-in, edge-wise!!!

Get this… “SHE” started screaming: “YOU ARE _______ CRAZY!!!”  I wanted to inform her that yep, I “AM” crazy… at numberoneteam.net, BUT she would NOT ALLOW me to say a word.  “SHE” wanted to call the cops.  “I” thought, jokingly:  “go ahead and call the cops… they know me quite well by now!!!”  I kinda wanted to “HUG” her, folks.  I admit it… I AM A HUGGER!!! “THIS”(hugging)… was NOT gonna happen, folks.  She got back in her vehicle and sped away, angrily! I drove on to work.  END OF STORY…

The joke at work became how I was seeking to apologize and then tried to, FORCEFULLY, HUG an irate driver experiencing road rage.  :/  CRAZY, huh???  I know.  I will never, Never, NEVER attempt this tactic again… in “THAT” situation!!!

Heavenly Father, forgive me for allowing my anxiety to cloud my judgement, resulting in this unnecessary…???…???…???… “dilemma” on my way to work today.  “I”… was at fault.  Please wrap your arms around that lady and give her a big hug… from “ME”… THE HUGGER!!!

I noticed, later,  that I had neglected to save and publish that post I just had to write before going to work today.  “IT”… WAS GONE!!!  :/  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!???!!!???!!!  JUST ANOTHER DAY in “JILL’S WORLD”!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!