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The title of this post is indicative of my presence of mind as I sit to blog about this VERY heartfelt and moving Sunday, 12/28/14.  My heart feels so very, Very, VERY full… with “LOVE”.  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  AMEN.

MGO!!! TODAY WAS AMAZING!!!  Think.  Think.  Think.  I, simply, do NOT know where to begin.  The beginning???  Good idea (Pppsssttt…I thought of it myself!!!).  😉  Come along, folks…we are taking another trip to “JILL’S WORLD”…

DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  Life continues to be so very busy, Busy, BUSY as a helper, Helper, HELPER seeking to “HELP,” share the Word.  :/  Are ya still with me?  “Busy” as a bee = “busy” as Santa’s elf = “busy” as Jesus’ helper.  I did tell you that we were heading to “MY” world, didn’t I???  HA!!!  Onward… Christian Soldiers…???…???…??? (Sorry.  I could NOT help myself!)

The day started with shopping at my FAVORITE store… WALMART SUPERCENTER!!!  Right here in St. Augustine, FL!!!  I noted an “opportune” time as soon as I parked the van in my usual area… way out there… to ensure that I could find my vehicle AFTER shopping.  There was a large group of individuals traveling together who were just departing a bus way out in the back of the lot.  They were all headed toward the Walmart Supercenter here in St. Augustine, FL.  Yep, they were making a quick bus stop and shop.

I, suddenly, felt the urge to meet and greet these individuals.  Not one (1) of them spoke English, however, “THAT”… did NOT deter me, folks.  None of them spoke English???  NOT a one!!!  I proceeded to hand out numberoneteam.net business cards, DESPITE that little…???…???…???… “OBSTACLE”!!!  In my defense, I guess I figured that they might be able to “READ” English… regardless of whether they spoke it or not!!!  DO NOT ASK ME “WHAT” I WAS THINKING!!!  Perhaps I got, temporarily, “LOST”  in my own mind, A.K.A.:  “Jill’s World”.  I have since reasoned that computers are pretty fabulous these days in that they can even translate messages written in different languages!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  I had NOT made a complete “FOOL” of myself, after all!!!

I entered the store, Walmart Supercenter in St. Augustine, FL, feeling “HAPPY” and “EXCITED”!!!  ANOTHER good experience sharing numberoneteam.net cards with teammates… EVEN if they had NO IDEA, what-so-ever, who I was or what I wanted.  Bottom line, they each took a card.  They did appear to perk-up with excitement when I mentioned the internet.  I do hope they visit the site and share, Share, SHARE its message forward.

I completed my shopping quickly (okay, it may have taken about 2 hours) and then I entered the SHORTEST check-out line I could find.  Hoping to get through that short line and out of the store… QUICKLY!!!  HA!!!  “PRICE-CHECK!!!”  Just kidding.  I don’t know what the hold-up was, BUT the lady in front was having difficulties with…???…???…???… “SOMETHING”.  I don’t know what was wrong, but “SOMETHING” was wrong.  So, we waited, and Waited, and WAITED…

Meanwhile, we all became fast-friends in this check-out line, isle #9.  Yep, I handed out more business cards.  We actually enjoyed our “delay” in the check-out line UNTIL… my cookie-cake, accidentally, got left behind on the check-out thingy for the couple behind me!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  Now, wait just one second.  I REALLY told the guy behind me that I’d fight him for that cookie cake!!!  🙂  Now, his wife was thin and he was proud to report that he’s recently lost 40 lbs., so I “WON”… hands down.  Or did I???  I paid money for it AND… one little piece of that frosted cookie-cake will surely add, unwanted, cottage cheese to my back-side!!!  Hhhmmm… perhaps I “LOST,” after all!!!

Chris, Danielle, and Chase went down to Daytona Beach, FL to ice-skate.  I did not go with them this time.  I felt a “pull” to attend the Sunday service at the St. Francis House from 3-4 pm, ET.  Boy, I am so, So, SO glad I did.  Christian (Chris), delivered the message.  And Stewart lead the gospel songs while playing guitar.  I am getting to know some of the “regular” attendees now.  “THIS” event is powerful.  It feels “RIGHT”.

I, then, stopped in to visit a former patient of mine who now resides in a different nursing facility in downtown St. Augustine, FL.  Him and I developed a special friendship during his stay at MCNRC.  He is HYSTERICAL!!!  Oh, the stories we can tell!!!  It sure felt good to visit with him.  He doesn’t MISS A BEAT!!!  We always seem to fall right back into our usual relationship so easily… no matter how long it’s been between visits.  What a great ending to a FABULOUS day!!!

Tomorrow is… “MARVELOUS MONDAY”… already.  Are “YOU” ready to start another week???  ME TOO!!!


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!