of jail.

MGO (May God Offer) insight or understanding…

MGO, folks!!!  “I”… had NO idea what would be facing Christopher in jail when I pressed charges… simply seeking to “HELP” him.  “SOMETHING”… was wrong on that evening he approached Danielle and myself in an aggressive manner… “IN” the driveway of our home.  Oh yeah, “SOMETHING”… was, definitely, WRONG.  I had NEVER seen him before.  I DID NOT know him… AT ALL!!  I DID KNOW, however, that this young man needed “HELP”.   He was AFRAID of something or someone.

I pressed charges… “HOPING” that this young man would get the “HELP” he needs.  The “HELP”… he deserves.  Folks, I DO NOT know where he’s been, what he’s done, or ANYTHING much about him.  His “LIFE,” however… HAS BEEN DIFFICULT.  “THAT”… I AM SURE OF.  “My” LIFE… HAS BEEN DIFFICULT.  “YOUR” LIFE… HAS BEEN DIFFICULT.

Christopher… is still in jail.  I went to another court hearing regarding his case on Tues., 12/23/14.  People are trying to “HELP” this young man.  He is, however, STILL in jail.  NOT as a punishment.  As a chance.  For “HOPE” (Heaven Over-Powering Earth).  He is, basically, homeless.  No job.  No home.  Nothing.

I, originally, thought that jail would keep him safe and out of trouble.  He would have a place to sleep.  Food to eat.  PERFECT, right?  WRONG!!!  I was able to speak with him at the courthouse on Tuesday.  He does NOT want to be in jail, however, there is nowhere for him to go once released.  Back out on the streets?  In the woods?  Who knows where he would end up???

“I”… am torn, folks.  I wanted to “HELP” this young man.  Tell me, when does giving him food and shelter go from a GOOD thing to a BAD thing due to the negative consequences of keeping him jailed for TOO long???  PEOPLE ARE “TRYING” to “HELP” him.  “HELPING”… IS NOT EASY, folks.

I lifted the “NO CONTACT” order during court on Tues.  Christopher now has access to both my website: AND my land-line, in association with that website.  We have been unable to connect, via phone, as the answering machine is unable to accept charges from his incoming calls.  Therefore, he can leave no message.

Now, JAIL, ya see, has this “underground world” of individuals seeking to “HELP” inmates by contacting their friends/loved ones on the “outside world”.  Of course, “SOME” of these dealings are…???…???…??? shady… to say the least.  BUT NOT ALL, folks.  I have been deeply touched by a very friendly young woman, named Jennifer, who contacted me on behalf of Christopher.  She… has a boyfriend in jail right now.  And “SHE”… is acting as the outside contact person for individuals currently in jail here in St. Johns County.

“WHY”… is she doing this?  Using her phone, her time, her money to “HELP” individuals in jail???  “I”… do not know, folks, but I want to find out.  I tried to call her today at the previous number she had called me from. “IT”… is no longer in service.  “SHE” has a good heart.  I heard that in her voice.  I felt that in her words.  I will keep trying that phone number, folks.  I am hoping she just needs to buy more minutes AND… that she will get the money needed FOR those minutes.

MGO, folks!!!  Call me naive, but guess what I have learned about jail???  Christopher has FEWER RIGHTS.  FEWER FREEDOMS… in jail.  Communication… is “DIFFICULT”.  I filled out an application just today to have video visitation with him.  It takes 3 days, at least, for me to be approved… just to talk to him via a video screen!!!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am NOT complaining.  “IT IS… WHAT IT IS!!!”  I appreciate ALL the efforts made by our officials to keep the public safe while also allowing certain privileges to inmates.  REMEMBER… There is a “GOOD” side to EVERYTHING!!!

My heart aches, folks.  I, simply, wanted to “HELP” Christopher.  Somehow, “THIS” isn’t what I had in mind.  But, everyone, Everyone, EVERYONE… “IS” TRYING.  I have learned so, So, SO much about “LIFE” lately.  For instance… “LIFE”… is even more “DIFFICULT” than I thought I KNEW “IT” to be!!!  HA!!!  Now, “MY” LIFE… is DIFFICULT, but I have NO idea, WHAT-S0-EVER, how difficult “YOUR” LIFE is.  And I am realizing that most people don’t even care about the difficulties faced by “OTHERS”.  Now, “THIS”… is sad, but TRUE.  And I don’t even mean “THIS” in a bad way.  Simply stated, “IT IS… WHAT IT IS”!!!

I don’t believe “EVERY-DAY PEEPS” are, intentionally, “THAT” selfish or uncaring.  “LIFE”… is getting more and more “DIFFICULT”… BY DESIGN!!!  Now, you can blame who you want to blame, BUT blaming ANYONE DOES NOT FIX ANYTHING!!!  “IT IS… WHAT IT IS!!!”  As NIKE’ says it BEST… “JUST DO IT”… We ALL need to do what we can to try and “FIX” whatever we think is “BROKEN”.  DO NOT BE A COMPLAINER ABOUT PROBLEMS… FIX THEM!!!

MGO!!!  “I”… have “rambled”… ALL OVER THE PLACE… in this one post.  Sorry, but “I”… am on a MISSION, folks.  Please stay tuned… there will, DEFINITELY, be MORE regarding this story.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!