I CANNOT explain my personal and spiritual growth over the past few years.  WHAT A JOURNEY, folks!!!  HANDS DOWN… “THIS” has been “MY” VERY BEST CHRISTMAS… EVER!!!  2014… YEP… “MY”… VERY BEST CHRISTMASEVER!!!

As usual, we attended the Christmas Eve candle-light service at ABC  (Anastasia Baptist Church) on Anastasia Island here in St. Augustine, FL.  “THAT” evening was quite… “memorable,”  to say the least!!!  Yep… “I DID IT AGAIN”!!!  “YOU”… ARE NOT GONNA BELIEVE IT, folks.  I invite you to come along on ANOTHER trip to “JILL’S WORLD”.  READY OR NOT, HERE WE GO…

Okay, so I raced home from work Wed., 12/24/14 and simply HAD to lay down for a quick “POWER” nap.  IT WORKED.  I jumped up, readied myself for church in a HURRY, throwing on a pair of black nylons at the last minute prior to donning my knee-high black boots, which complimented my red dress and white, sheek wrap. (I admit it.  “I”… am from the North and “WE”… wear panty hose up North, folks!!!) So, our family RACED OUT THE DOOR… and, yep, we MADE IT TO THE CHURCH ON TIME!!!  We had to sit in the VERY back of the church, however, due to our last-minute arrival.  BUT… WE MADE IT TO THE CHURCH ON TIME!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

Hhhmmm… “SOMETHING” was NOT right.  In fact, “SOMETHING”… was VERY WRONG!!!  The nylons I threw on did NOT “FEEL”…???…???…???… “RIGHT”.  We raced into the church and found 4 seats, together, in the back of the church and quickly sat down.  Sitting allowed me to forget about the “funny” fit and feel of those nylons  I quickly threw on to complete my “LOOK”… for church.

Our traditional choral minister???  Pastor David Elder???  He lead the songs, alright.  :/  AND???  He had us stand-up and sit back down, at least 5-10 times during the service!!!  Those black nylons kept falling more, and More, and MORE… DOWN MY WAIST… EACH TIME WE STOOD!!!  Thanks so much, Pastor David!!!  I could NOT, discreetly, pull them up!!!  So, what did I do, you might be wondering???  I DID NOTHING!!!  “THEY”… kept falling, and Falling, and FALLING… throughout the entire… stand-up/sit-down service!!!  Oh no!!!  NOT TONIGHT… NOT AT CHURCH!!!  WHY… oh, WHY do things like “THIS” ALWAYS  happen to “ME”???

Folks, “I”… WAS A MESS!!!  I, somehow, managed to walk out to the tables after service, turn in my candle and then quickly escape out the church doors into the dark of the night.  WHEW!!!  Had anyone inside the church noticed my sagging panty hose???  I DO NOT KNOW, BUT I SURE HOPE NOT!!!  The panties, however???  Had fallen below both knees to the top of my boots before I made it to the van!!!  HOW EMBARRASSING!!!

“I”… could only “LAUGH,” folks.  MGO (May God Offer) insight or understanding as to “WHY”… Oh, “WHY”… do these type of things keep right on happening to “ME”… over and Over and OVER… again, and Again, and AGAIN???  Upon inspection???  I noted that these were an old, Old, OLD pair of maternity nylons I had NEVER discarded after my last pregnancy… OVER 15 YEARS AGO!!!  Nope, I do NOT wear nylon panty hose very often here in FL.  As a matter of fact… I have NOT worn black panty hose here in FL for 15+ years!!!

“IT IS… WHAT IT IS!!!”  :/

I worked 4 hours on Christmas day at MCNRC… EARLY!!!  “I”… was fortunate enough to serve others on this VERY special day.  I enjoyed work.  Raced home to open gifts with my husband and children.  We then headed to our favorite holiday dinner restaurant in Palm Coast, FL:  Golden Corral!!!  We have eaten there quite a bit, lately.  In Oct. for my 50th B-day, Nov. for Thanksgiving and Dec. for Christmas!!!  TEAM ALLEN LOVES GOLDEN CORRAL!!!

I do hope you will refer back to the post regarding my B-day dinner, published on 10/27/14.  Well, that waiter who chased me around with a BURNING candle on top of a piece of cake… to sing “Happy B-day” to “ME”???  Jacob???  Well, he has been there EACH time we have returned for dinner!!!  And yep, “I” ALWAYS… remind him who I am.  (My poor daughter gets horrified by my behavior around him.  He must be about 21 years old)  Now, “HE” reminds me of Zac Efron.  “I”… am NOT kidding, folks.  JUST SAYIN’…

WOW!!!  What an AMAZING Christmas, 2014.  “THIS”… has been “MY” BEST CHRISTMAS… EVER!!!

Jesus is the reason for the season, folks!!!