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I DID WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!

“I”… messed up AGAIN???  HOWEVER… DID I DO THAT???  Hhhmmm… come along, folks.  We’re taking ANOTHER trip…”Flighty Jill”… RETURNS to “Jill’s World,” 12/23/14.

I did NOT work today… which had been chosen to be our Rehab. Dept.’s Secret Santa/potluck luncheon.  “MY” Secret Santa, who JUST HAPPENED to be… “JILL, THE GREATEST,” brought my gift to work yesterday.  I, on the other hand, planned to message the person whose name I had drawn to inform her that “I” was her S.S. and would bring her gift to work tomorrow(since I would not be at work today).  HA!!!  “I”… was ON TOP OF IT!!!  I handled that situation, PERFECTLY, or so I thought!!!  UNTIL she messaged back, TODAY, saying that she had already received her S.S. gift!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  HOW CAN THAT BE???

Hhhmmm… you know what that means, don’t you???  I have NO idea who I am giving a gift to tomorrow when I return to work!!!  BUT “SOMEBODY” DID NOT GET A GIFT  from me at work today, so… “THEY” know who “I” am!!!  (Pppsssttt… it is 8:30 pm, ET 12/23/14 and I have NOT purchased the gift yet for the “someone” I don’t even know I’m “gifting”!!!)

JUST ANOTHER DAY… IN JILL’s WORLD!!!  Oh, and there’s more, folks.  Danielle and Chase “GIFT” each other on Christmas EVE.  I managed to take both kids shopping today… together.  AT THE SAME TIME.  AT THE SAME PLACE (Target).  TOGETHER!!!  We managed to exit the store without either child knowing what the other had gotten.  BAM!!!  IT WORKED!!!  I was so proud of myself.  “THIS”… has been such a “CRAZY,” BUSY year, folks.  12/23/14… I took both kids to get each others’ gift AT THE SAME TIME!!!  AND… IT WORKED!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!

All of the gift wrap is stored in the master bedroom, so Danielle came in first (1st) to wrap Chase’s present… a hair dryer.  We decided to remove the hair dryer from the box for wrapping.  Finished!!!  Danielle proudly took it out and placed it front and center… to be opened by Chase tomorrow evening after church.

“Chase, get in here and wrap your sister’s present,” I called from the bedroom.  Minutes pass.  “Chase!!!  Come and wrap Danielle’s present!”  Chase finally entered the room and he immediately started laughing… in that “CRAZY” way he laughs when, almost, embarrassed!!!  I questioned him for a few moments as he continued laughing in “THAT” same manner.  “What is it, Chase?”  HA!!!… he boasted (while STILL laughing), “I think I know what my gift is…” as he picked-up the empty hair dryer box from the bed… RIGHT,  E-X-A-C-T-L-Y, where Danielle and I had left it!!!

“Aaahhhhhh!!!”  I LOST IT, folks!!!  In that crazy, high-pitched tone…SCREECH… that escapes me at times during severe “fits” of laughter!!!  I CANNOT EXPLAIN IT!!!  But Danielle quickly taped it on her I-phone.  And she kept re-playing it… AND RE-PLAYING IT… over, and Over, and OVER… again, Again, and AGAIN!!!

Danielle was upset about it.  Chase was…???…???…???… “whatever”.  My husband was a bit upset, as well, that I had not been able to counter Chase’s suspicion with a “white lie”.  And “ME”???   Well, ALL I could do was laugh… HYSTERICALLY.  COMPLETELY DUMBFOUND!!!   “THE CAT [screech] WAS OUT OF THE BAG!!!”  Chase will NOT be surprised when he opens his Christmas gift from Danielle tomorrow night!!!  :/

“IT”… is almost here, folks.  “CHRIST”-MAS, 2014.  The BIRTH-DAY celebration of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Our Savior.


published at 10:30 pm, ET 12/23/14.