Daily Archives: December 17, 2014


“I”… cannot make this stuff up, folks!!!  MGO (May God Offer)… insight or understanding for these recent…???…???…???… “HAPPENINGS”.  Come along, folks.  Yep, we are taking ANOTHER “TRIP”… TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  :/

I realize that it is difficult for you all to follow the “time-line” of posts.  More often than not, I may actually finish and publish a post on a particular evening, but yet it is given a publish date of the next day.  For example… I will finish writing this post and have it published this evening, 12/16/14, before midnight, however the publish date attached to it will be listed as tomorrow, 12/17/14.  Hhhmmm… confusing, huh?  I guess my “today” is already considered “tomorrow” for somebody… somewhere.  Imagine how difficult that is for me to have you ALL follow along with my LIFE’S events… according to a different timeline.  Ya with me???  DOES IT REALLY EVEN MATTER???  Folks, “I”… do things like “THIS” to MYSELF… ALL THE TIME!!!  HA!!!  And I often get confused???  Well, GO FIGURE!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!

In moving along, the previous post was written and published LAST night (12/15/14).  “THE ISSUE IDENTIFIERS.”  That post applied to MYSELF… just today(12/16/14), as I found myself displaying a negative “ISSUE” within myself which was directed at a co-worker in the form of anger.  So… was I angry with… “HER”?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  I was frustrated with MYSELF.  The frustration I felt regarding “MY” deficiencies to focus in a busy, distracting work environment were unleashed upon “HER”.  Heavenly Father, forgive me, for  I have sinned, yet again.  I am asking that the “fighter” within me be given wisdom for identifying my “ISSUES” before launching that first strike against innocent characters in my life’s storyline (Struggle)… TO SURVIVE… “MY” LIFE!!!

Yep, I was still feeling a bit angry at work about this specific incident when I suddenly felt a desire to take a look at this blog.  “THE ISSUE IDENTIFIERS” popped up.  I read it and IMMEDIATELY realized that “IT” applied directly to “ME”!!!  That post begins by speaking of getting a “chuckle” when listening to others complain about someone “else” doing something negative, but yet being unable to identify that same behavior as negative when “IT” is displayed by ourselves… in a different situation!!!

WHAT???…???…???…  I wrote about that exact scenario just last night!!!  And then “I”… TODAY… was the one “UNABLE” to identify a negative behavior being displayed by myself as “NEGATIVE”???  Until it was too late…  I had already allowed my frustration with “MYSELF” to be unleashed upon a co-worker as anger.  How is it EVEN possible that I write an entire post that will relate, specifically to myself the VERY next day???  WOW!!!  I am amazed, folks!!!  Pretty deep, huh???  I will search her out, first thing, “tomorrow”(12/17/14) to apologize for my inappropriate behavior…”today”(12/16/14)…



Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.