Daily Archives: December 16, 2014


WOW!!!  ANOTHER… interesting day at work!!!  I get such a chuckle out of listening to co-workers and patients complain about… “OTHERS”!!!  😉  Isn’t it so, So, SO easy for all of us to complain about an “ISSUE” as displayed by somebody else, but yet it is often-times much harder…if NOT impossible… to see that EXACT SAME “ISSUE” when it is displayed by ourselves.  Think about that for a moment, please…

Now “ISSUES” can be displayed in numerous situations, but the method of displaying those “ISSUES” will NOT vary as displayed by a particular individual.  Different individuals, on the other hand, can display the same “ISSUES”… DIFFERENTLY.  Think.  Think.  Think.

For example, the one issue of “pain” (the exact same type) may be displayed differently by different individuals.  One may respond to physical pain in silence.  Another in anger.  Another by crying.  Another by laughing.  Yet another by  crying and laughing at the same time, etc., etc., etc.  My point here???  EVERYONE has their own unique method of displaying their method of surviving an “ISSUE” as it occurs.  This survival???  HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!!  PERIOD!!!  “IT” (their survival method…or “coping technique”)… has been developed over time via a  trial-and-error method of simply seeking to survive LIFE.  PLUS… there are many other factors contributing to the different display of the exact same phenomena, such as physiological, social, physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

In general, “ISSUES” is a rather large category that  describes ALL of those NEGATIVE, inappropriate, or harmful reactions anyone may display regarding virtually ANYTHING!!!  Now, “THIS” can be TRICKY as most individuals view things uniquely different.  Example:  what I view as harmful… you may view as funny or appropriate.  “WE are who we are based on where we’ve been and how we’ve responded to situations while simply seeking to survive LIFE.”

So, what are the “issue” identifiers???  Simple.  Anything negative.  Now, “THIS”… can ALSO be TRICKY.  It ALL depends on the specific situation and the appropriateness of the reaction displayed.  The “identifiers” may include the display of any extreme emotion from laughter to anger.  Or even a disconnect with any emotion, at all, to a serious situation.  I tend to believe that individuals respond to most “ISSUES” using the same method, or survival mode.  Fighter (which is what I was).  Runner (flee the situation).  Crier.  Smiler (hide any pain), etc., etc., etc.    There are so, So, SO many methods, combinations, or variations of those methods utilized to display “ISSUES”.

“ISSUES” refers to both, the negative behaviors and also the specific negative situations experienced in life that have lead to the development of those negative behaviors.  Negative + negative = more negative.  Bad + bad = more bad.  Period!!!  Until… one is able to recognize their “ISSUES” and consciously choose to ONLY allow positive/helpful behaviors in response to those “ISSUES”.  Now, “THIS”… takes practice, folks.  And PRACTICE… improves performance.

Boy, my “train-of-thoughts” sure went DEEP tonight.  Sorry.  I do hope you were able to follow along… and ENJOY THE RIDE… on this “CRAZY” runaway train!!!  Yep, I am over-tired, folks.  Time for bed…


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!