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as an elf, Elf, ELF!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  “THIS”… is my FAVORITE time of the year!!!  Always has been.  ALWAYS WILL BE!!!”I” LOVE being busy, Busy, BUSY…  Come along, folks.  It is time for another trip to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Ready???  OKAY… HERE WE GO…

WORK… is AMAZING.  The entire facility is becomming a winter wonder-land!!!  Christmas trees and decorations are popping up EVERYWHERE… front lobby, nurses stations, dining/activity room, patients’ rooms, television/visiting areas, Occupational Therapy room, etc., etc., etc.  The excitement is building… DAILY!!!

There are, at least, four (4) big trees throughout the facility, each decorated beautifully by staff.  Nurses at both stations will continue adding to their decor right up to the last minute.  Patient rooms, one by one… are coming alive with small trees and holiday “JOY” due to the anticipation and excitement of celebrating the birthday of baby Jesus, Our Savior.  The ice cream parlor is gorgeous.  The beauty parlor is… ALL DECKED OUT!!!

The Occupational Therapy Treatment room is… AMAZING!!!  Therapists, patients, and staff are ALL participating in transforming the OT clinic into a Winter Wonderland… complete with a constructed fireplace/chimney, Santa’s head (like he’s going down the chimney), mini stockings- hung from the fireplace- and a Christmas tree… each made of cardboard.  Paper snowflakes will be cut out and hung throughout the clinic.  The snow blizzard created is ALWAYS a favorite!!!  Chains made of red, green and white construction paper will hang from each ceiling corner and meet in the middle.  There is ALOT of work, yet, to be done…( “We are Santa’s elves…”)  😉

I, too, am getting caught up in the excitement and have been adding a Christmas “item” to my person (foot, leg, wrists, ears, neck, clothing, etc.) so that I can “JINGLE ALL THE WAY” throughout the facility.  “Some” call me “Jingle Jill” at work.  It is so, So, SO fun to, awkwardly, move limbs and/or wiggle my trunk to make these bells “JINGLE”.  (Pppsssttt… we do have a few “scrooges” at MCNRC, so NOT EVERYONE enjoys all this JINGLING… throughout the facility!!!)  I get so excited to add a new “item” to my person each work-day morning as I prepare for work!!!

So, what happened ALL this past week???  “THE” song that KEPT playing… over, and Over and OVER again???  None other than… “We Are Santa’s Elves”!!!  BAM!!!  “THIS” idea hit me RIGHT UPSIDE MY HEAD!!!  DOUBLE BAM, BAM!!!  “We are Jesus’ helpers!!!”  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS IDEA!!!  “I”… AM “HELPING” JESUS!!!  I JUST GOT “CHILLS, ” FOLKS!!!  “HELPING”… is what I do BEST!!!

Now, I DO NOT mean to offend anyone, AT ALL, with this idea.  “THIS” is simply meant as a “GOOD” or “POSITIVE” idea… NOTHING against Christmas, Jesus, Santa, anybody, OR anything!!!  Please do not allow Satan to sprinkle this positive thought with evil.  “BACK OFF, SATAN!!!”  IT’S ALL GOOD, folks.

Last weekend was busy.  “The Inn Keeper” musical was performed at our church, ABC, by staff and members.  Danielle went to Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando, FL with SJCCA’s(St. Johns County Center for the ARTS) choral group for a one night performance, Tues. evening, 12/10/14, with the best of the best High School choirs.  The kids returned home late Wed. evening… with hoarse voices, and then  SJCCA’s choral Christmas concert/program was Thursday evening.  Work and… “shopping”… filled my ENTIRE day, Friday.  We will head up to Jacksonville,FL in about 1 hour as Danielle will be performing with Showtime USA in two (2) separate shows.  Yep, SHOWTIME USA… that amazing professional dancing/singing group consisting of kids from the ages of 4-ish to 18.  Today’s first show will begin at 2:45 pm, ET at the Riverside Arts Market Christmas show.  Tonight’s show is at the Jacksonville Landing.  “THIS” will be an amazing day, folks.  12/13/14!!!  (Pppsssttt… did you catch the date…12-13-14???)  And… it’s chilly here in Northern FL.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, 2014, and a Happy New Year, 2015!!!  From our family at numberoneteam.net to yours.  ‘TIS THE SEASON, folks…