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MGO!!!  ‘THIS”… is ANOTHER RECURRENT…???…???…??? “THEME” in my life since meeting my husband, “CHRIST” -opher back in the 1990’s:  ALWAYS seek advice from those best equipped to advise you in specific matters.  Ex.:  An MD for medical matters.  Lawyer for legal matters.  Now, “THOSE” are self-explanatory.  Well, what about the more, in-depth, daily “LIFE” matters, such as money, marriage, spirituality, aspirations, dreams, etc.???

Hhhmmm… I have grown up with “warped” ideas/expectations regarding, pretty much, EVERYTHING… IN LIFE.  FOR, pretty much, MOST OF MY LIFE.  My husband, however, has ALWAYS firmly stated that one needs to turn to the best qualified individual when seeking advice regarding ANYTHING.  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm… “GO STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”.  WOW!!!  “STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

I NEVER knew I needed to turn to God for advice regarding ANYTHING!!!  I spent YEARS turning to medical doctors seeking to identify my “problems” until ONE FINE DAY… GOD REVEALED THE TRUTH… that set me FREE.  “FREE” to pursue continued “FREEDOM” from those chains that had bound me for 40+ years.

My current passion for “HELPING” others… those deemed, perhaps “CRAZY” or “UNWORTHY,” stems from an awareness that “I”… was ONCE one of those lost, confused, “CRAZY,” and “UNWORTHY” individuals.  “CRAZY” and “UNWORTHY” are “MY” chosen words to describe how I viewed myself.   I do realize that I have, however, ALWAYS BEEN WORTHY and NEVER  been considered “CRAZY” by the only One who REALLY matters… GOD.

I can, particularly, identify with  Jody Arias, who was recently convicted of  murdering Travis Alexander.  It scares me to realize how VERY much I relate to her.  “HER” story… could have been… “MY” story.  Different faces.  Different names.  Same story.  The anger and rage I felt would come out of nowhere.    “IT”… was uncontrollable.

I was ALWAYS ashamed of my behavior resulting from that inner anger.  I HATED that side of… “ME”.  Oh yeah, I was a female version of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.  Hhhmmm… there is a previous post back there… SOMEWHERE… regarding that darker side of “JILL”.  I do not know when or where in this blog, BUT… “IT” is there… SOMEWHERE.  I do hope you have read it as I believe these recurring thoughts/posts may help to shed some light on something I believe is VERY common… TODAY.  And is becoming, categorically, “EPIDEMIC” as LIFE in today’s world  becomes busier… crazier… and more “DIFFICULT”… by design.

OUCH!!!  “DIFFICULT…By design”???  Just “WHO”… would design, or manufacture such destruction of this, so-called “LAND OF THE FREE/HOME OF THE BRAVE”???  Please ask yourself… “WHAT OR  WHO”, EXACTLY,  is causing or allowing this self-destruction to occur from… WITHIN”???  “WE” are allowing this self destruction, folks.  Now,  “WHO/WHAT”… is manufacturing it???  THINK ABOUT IT!!! (Another tribute to my brother, Bob.)  😉

“EVERYTHING… AFFECTS EVERYTHING,” folks.  We become who we are based on where we have been and how we’ve responded to situations while simply seeking to survive… “LIFE”.  Amen.  I was NOT raised in a faith-based, God-fearing home environment.  God, REPEATEDLY, knocked and “I”… FINALLY … opened the door… AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!  THANK YOU, JESUS!!!!!!

The REALITY for “ME”???  It took over 40 years of my life to get my feet firmly planted on the ground and headed in the “RIGHT” direction.  GOD WAS ALWAYS THERE!!!  I had, periodically, been given glimpses of God for many years.  I NEEDED HIM, BUT I DIDN’T KNOW IT.  And I, truly, believe that I would have discovered true PEACE and HAPPINESS… if there had been MORE “BRIANS” (that young Physical Therapy intern who was there to “HELP” initiate my first steps along THIS, “My Spiritual Life Journey”.  “THANK YOU, BRIAN”… wherever you may be) along the way, speaking freely and sharing his FAITH.  SPREADING THE WORD.  Please use me, Heavenly Father, by expanding my territory to touch as many lives as possible according to Your plan.  In Your time.  Not mine.   Amen.

So, start at the TOP in seeking guidance or advice.  Now “THAT”… begins with God.  “IT” does NOT, however, end there.  People need people.  THE “RIGHT” PEOPLE… with a “Focus On The RIGHT Direction”.  WOW!!!  “I”… just got chills, folks.  Focus…Right Direction… “Dreaming Of A RIGHT Christmas”…  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Please refer to that previous post, dated 12/2/14.  It is truly AMAZING how things just seem to fall into place… OUT OF NOWHERE.

Take it to the Lord… FIRST.  HE knows EVERYTHING… about EVERYTHING!!!!  Then seek out those individuals God has placed in your “LIFE” to further guide you along your journey, including anyone from a pastor, spouse, family member, friend, professional, authority, etc., etc., etc.  “WHOMEVER” is BEST qualified to advise you regarding any particular matter. 



P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!


Dear readers,

In closing, I would just like to report how amazed I am by where this post began.  I knew where I thought this post was going.  It took on a spiritual nature that was NOT intended, initially, thereby traveling in its own direction.  Ending, EXACTLY, where it began,  “AT THE TOP”… Hhhmmm… Didn’t the title begin with going “STRAIGHT TO THE TOP”???  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm… “THIS” post was NOT intended to be about “GOD”.  It was just an expansion of my husband’s advice… given to him from his father… who ALWAYS said to go to the “RIGHT” source for the BEST advice.  MGO!!!  I just got CHILLS… AGAIN!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  “Go to the “RIGHT” source for the BEST advice.”  Am I the ONLY one getting “CHILLS”???  HE… is here, folks.  I,  ABSOLUTELY, LOVE THESE…???…???…???  “GOOSEBUMPS!!!”  I “HOPE” you can feel them too.   Sincerely, Jill