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Yep, I went to the hearing of that young man, “CHRIST”-opher, I blogged about in the post titled, “9-1-1,” published 10/30/14.  Please refer to that post for details regarding that evening of events, from MY perspective.

“THIS” whole situation has been “DIFFICULT,” folks.  I knew, IMMEDIATELY, that I needed to… “HELP”.  SOME HOW.  SOME WAY.  I made a few feeble attempts at contacting the Sheriff’s Dept. and the Court House, but then… I found myself caught up in the BUSY-NESS of “LIFE”… AGAIN!!!  Until a private investigator tracked me down at work… for the prosecuting attorney, Steve Croskey.

WHAT??? A Prosecuting Attorney phoning “ME”???   At work???  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!  My FIRST thought???  MGO (May God Offer) insight or understanding… President Obama has HAD ENOUGH of my posts regarding OBAMACARE!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO… “THAT”… is ALL I could come up with on my way to take that phone call from some… prosecuting attorney… regarding… something…???…???…???  I was COMPLETELY dumbfound.  NO… I WAS EMBARRASSED… to be summoned to the phone to speak with a Prosecuting Attorney.  UNTIL, that is, he explained who he was and why he was calling.  WHEW!!!

Okay now, “THIS” was the sign I had been waiting for.  I didn’t have to scurry around trying to, SOMEHOW, “HELP” anybody by doing ANYTHING.  “THEY”… contacted “ME”.  I did NOT think twice about requesting the day off work so that I could attend this pretrial hearing.

“TODAY”… was “THE” day, folks.  I went to the courthouse “early” to speak with someone about program development regarding Number One Team, in connection with the court or jail systems.  And then… I waited.  And Waited.  AND WAITED for court to begin… for about 1 hour!!!

I was a bit… nervous.  The sky was clear blue as I looked up.  No white, fluffy clouds to fixate on while praying for God to guide my words and actions on this day while seeking to “HELP” an individual I knew NOTHING about.  Hhhmmm… my cheeks felt warm…no, HOT!!!  I felt certain my face and neck had broken out in red, blotchy hives.  Oh no!!!  NOT TODAY!!!   And certainly NOT RIGHT NOW!!!

“Christ”-opher entered the court room in shackles and handcuffs.  He sat down on a chair, and waited… patiently.  WOW!!!  Such a young man.  Our eyes met at one point prior to the judge entering the room.  I wondered if he knew it was… “ME”… the lady who filed charges to put him in jail.  Hhhmmm…  I felt so strongly that this young man… needs HELP.  This young man… deserves HELP.

What “KIND” of HELP does he need???  I am not sure, folks.  I was able to speak with him, semi-privately, in a jury room with two deputies and the Defense Attorney ALL present prior to Judge Tinlin rendering a judgement.  I am not even sure what I think I thought during our short exchange, behind those closed doors.  Could I have, somehow, escaped to “JILL’S WORLD”???  I am not sure.  But, “LIFE… IS DIFFICULT,” folks.   And “THAT”… I AM SURE OF!!!  For everybody.  Everywhere.

Another court date has been set.  And attempts will be made to HELP this young man prior to sentencing.  Heavenly Father, please knock loudly enough on this young man’s heart and soul to allow your entrance into his life, thereby opening doors that were previously closed to him.  In Jesus’ name I pray.  Amen.

Boy, this has sure been a “DIFFICULT” day.  I cannot turn my brain “OFF”. Think.  Think.  Think.  My head hurts, folks.  Time for me to go to bed… and get some sleep.  I HOPE.


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!