On Thanksgiving Day, 2014!!!  Boy, what happened to Thanksgiving Day this year???  It came and went so quickly… more so than usual. (Could it be, perhaps, that “THANKSGIVING DAY” came so quickly THIS year because I am “50” now???)  Aaahhhhhh!!!  50???  Yep,  “50 and FABULOUS!!!”  MY B-DAY COOKIES SAID SO!!!  RIGHT???  RIGHT!!!

MGO!!!  The hectic, chaotic and COMPLETE “BUSY-NESS,” not business… “BUSY-NESS” of this holiday season has sure begun!!!  You can feel it too, can’t you???  Everyone must hurry, Hurry, HURRY-UP and go, Go, GO!!!  I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!!  DOUBLE MGO, MGO!!!  There is so, So, SO much to be thankful for… (please take a few minutes, here, to give… “THANKS”… for EVERYTHING you have to be “THANKFUL” for.)

I am LATE… writing “THIS” post, folks.  I apologize.  Thanksgiving Day, 2014.  I awoke early, spent alone time with God, and then jumped out of bed to begin the “THANKS-GIVING DAY”.  I punched in for work a few minutes before 7:00 am.  The day went smoothly… “THANKFULLY”.  😉  Chris, Danielle, Chase and myself made it to the GOLDEN CORRAL in Palm Coast, FL at about 4:30 pm.. MORE than “ENOUGH” time to “STUFF” ourselves before closing time, which was 6:00 pm. (and “I” STUFFED ALOT, folks!!!)  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  There were so, So, SOOOOOO many GREAT choices available in EACH category, including beverages, salads, fruits, meats, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, breads, and desserts!!! DOUBLE WOO-WHOOOOOO, WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  THE GOLDEN CORRAL in Palm Coast, FL scores ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN!!!

ANOTHER… topic to blog, LATE, about… a  5k charity race, called “SHUT-UP & RUN”.  My Direct Supervisor is the FOUNDER of this race which begins EARLY EVERY THANKSGIVING DAY morning to benefit a local Homeless Shelter, The St. Francis House here in St. Augustine, FL.  “I”… AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!  Sally Howes, DORS(Director of Rehab. Services)at MCNRC… MY Direct Superviser… Founded this charity event 12 years ago.  AMAZING, right???  AMAZING GRACE!!!

Awards and prizes are given.  Runners can even “WIN” a pie by crossing the finish line before… “THE PIE GUY”.  Now THIS fellow, “THE PIE GUY,” REALLY wears a “THE PIE GUY” shirt during the race… EVERY YEAR!!!  “HE” is easily identifiable during this race.  And ANYONE, I REPEAT… “ANYONE” can “WIN” an AMAZING Publix bakery pie by SIMPLY BEATING that “PIE GUY” across the finish line!!!  Now, “THIS”… is a charity event… and thankfully, no “THREATS” to the “PIE GUY” have been carried out on this Thanksgiving Day charity event… to date!!!  😉    Publix, ya see, is a grocery store chain here in the South and their pies are… AMAZING!!!  Almost worth… tripping the “PIE GUY” just to win one!!!

I do hope EVERYONE enjoyed a thankful Thanksgiving Day, 2014.  Remember… GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME!!!  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD!!!

And please try to enjoy the “BUSY-NESS” of this holiday season.  EVERY-DAY PEEPS are so fun to watch out there… hustling and bustling… through the holiday season!!!  I WILL NEVER…EVER… FORGET:  “BUMPER-CARTS AT WALMART SUPERCENTER”… here in St. Augustine, FL during last year’s holiday hustle and bustle, 2013!!!  I think I blogged about that specific incident.  Back there, somewhere… in a previous post…


P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!