Oh, please, Please, PLEASE… SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!

The craziness continues, folks!!!  I, SIMPLY, CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!  It’s time for ANOTHER TRIP… to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  READY???  HERE WE GOOOooo…

WELL… the business (busy-ness) of the holiday HAS BEGUN, folks!!!  Saturday was completely…???…???…???… BUSY.  We missed going to church that evening.  The rest of the “ALLEN” crew were all “BUSY” on Sunday morning, so “I”… ended up scurrying around, trying to make it to the traditional church service at 11:00 am, ET… BY MY “SELF”!!!  (Pppsssttt… I no longer mind spending time alone with “ME,” my “SELF” and I, so ALL was well!!!)  😉

I was running a bit LATE!!!  So I, TRULY, had to scurry around to… “MAKE IT TO THE CHURCH ON TIME”!!!  :/    ( Sorry… I typed that out even before I knew what I was thinking!!! )   I jumped into the van for  the 1/2-3/4 mile drive to church.  I drove particularly cautious by a St. Augustine Beach Police Dept. SUV sitting at a stop sign as I passed.  “I”… KNEW that I was NOT speeding.  I peered in the rear-view mirror to observe the patrol vehicle turn to follow me.  Hhhmmm… I turned at the first street to my right… the patrol vehicle turned ALSO!!!   DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm… The flashing lights came on IMMEDIATELY as both of our vehicles were on the side street.  “I”… was getting PULLED-OVER… by a police officer!!!

Nope, I was NOT nervous or anxious AT ALL while sitting there waiting, Waiting, and WAITING for the officer to run a check on my license plate number.  I would SURELY be LATE for church NOW!!!  The officer began to approach my vehicle, I QUICKLY recognized “HER”… Officer McLerran… our family hero on the night Danielle and I had that run in with the young man  discussed in the “9-1-1” post published on 10/30/14… in the driveway of our home.  Please visit that blog post to learn more about our “9-1-1” adventure.

I peered out the driver-side mirror as she  approached and quickly popped my head out the window, stating: “HEY, I KNOW YOU”!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  “I”… broke the law, folks!!!  DOUBLE AAAHHHHHH, AAAHHHHHH!!!!  I had NOT “clicked-it,” folks.  FL is a “CLICK-IT OR TICKET” state.  OOPSE!!!

Heavenly Father,  forgive me for I have sinned… yet AGAIN… by breaking the  law!!!  ON MY WAY TO CHURCH!!!  OUCH!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???  OH, THE IRONY!!!  “THIS”… IS “LIFE,” folks.  I, SIMPLY, CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!

TOMORROW… SURE WAS  A NEW DAY, folks… which was actually “TODAY,” Mon. 11/24/14!!!  And boy did I sure rejoice and be glad in it!!!  I certainly could’ve AND probably should’ve gotten a ticket yesterday… while on my way to church.  B.T.W. (By the way):  I MADE IT TO THE CHURCH ON TIME!!!   :/  AFTER RECEIVING  JUST A VERBAL WARNING… NO TICKET!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!