WOW!!!  “THIS”… was the message at church over the weekend, 11/15-16/14.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Yep, Rev. Ron Moore was speaking DIRECTLY to… “ME”!!!  AND… my husband, Chris.

Now, Rev. Moore was Lead Pastor when our family joined Anastasia Baptist Church.  AMAZING man.  He retired.  Rev. Walter West then became Lead Pastor.  Both of these Pastors have been instrumental along MY SPIRITUAL LIFE JOURNEY… way before I even knew “IT” was “SPIRITUAL”… AT ALL!!!  Hhhmmm… sounds a bit “CRAZY,” huh???  “CRAZY”… in a good way.  😉

I just thought of something…( I guess we’re taking a short detour in this post, folks)  Hhhmmm… The car accident occurred in 1986.  I was 22 years old at that time.  I became aware of “THIS” journey  in 1992 as I left Ohio in search of “ME”.  The search continued… and continued… until a truth was revealed to me by God in 2007 shortly after my mother’s passing.  This blog was initiated in Aug, 2013.  The spiritual nature and tone of this blog has increased over time.  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  AMEN.  WITH THE MAIN FOCUS/MESSAGE ENCOMPASSING… “LIFE” IN ITS ENTIRETY.  “CRAZY,” huh???  Too BIG to tackle???  NOT WITH GOD AS MY TEAM LEADER!!!  AMEN.

Okay, back on topic…

Yep, we are still studying:  “FAMILY-OLOGY” at church.  The message delivered covered topics involving the following:

1.)  Use the time you have with your family(children)or you will lose it.

2.)  Share a Faith with your children that is vibrant.  The church should be viewed as a reinforcement to what is taught at home.

3.)  Be a positive role model.  Actions speak louder than words.  One (1) example is worth a thousand “I told you so’s”.

4.)  LOVE your child’s mother/father.

MARRIAGE IS A LIVING THING, folks!!!  Nurture it.

I took to heart a VERY SPECIAL,and PERSONAL MESSAGE… delivered specific to “ME” Sat. night, folks.  FAMILY… is so VERY important.  MY FAMILY NEEDS ME TOO. “THEY” are a HUGE part of “THIS”… My Spiritual Life Journey.  After church that night  I, IMMEDIATELY, felt it necessary to break a commitment I had made that would have required MORE of my time… AWAY FROM MY FAMILY.

Thank you, Rev. Ron Moore.  MARVELOUS MESSAGE… delivered with such PASSION.  ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!  AMEN.