MGO!!! (May God Offer) guidance/understanding…

Today’s world is … “CRAZY,” folks.  I cannot explain the sense of pride I feel.  I LOVE GOD.  I LOVE MY FAMILY.  I LOVE AMERICA.  I LOVE LIFE.  I LOVE LIBERTY.  I LOVE FREEDOM.  I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE… love, love, love…

Today is Mon., 11/17/14.  I am enjoying this day off work… TODAY… because I “got” to work this past Sat., 11/15/14.  Perhaps I will blog about an AMAZING encounter… with an AMAZING patient that I was blessed with the opportunity of working with… on that AMAZING day.  The female patient… and myself???  Yep, we BONDED during her treatment session that day.  “SHE”… is AMAZING.  And “SHE”… will be discharged from the facility on Tuesday… my day to return to work, 11/18/14.  Now… back on topic…

So, I came across ANOTHER post on FACEBOOK earlier today that “ruffled my feathers”… AGAIN.  “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned… YET AGAIN!!!”  Why, oh why do I allow myself to get caught up in other people’s… “STUFF”???  WHY???  “Your” STUFF… is NOT… “My” STUFF!!!   IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM.  AND VICE VERSA.

I find myself distressing over the differing opinions regarding… “LIFE”… in America.  Are job numbers up?  Is the economy good?  Is Obama good for America?  Or bad???  So, so, SOOOOOO many different situations to consider from so, So, SOOOOOO many different positions/angles.  Sure… “SOME” things are good.  “SOME” things are okay.  “SOME” things… are NOT-so-good.  And “OTHER” things… are JUST PLAIN BAD!!!

HA!!! “THIS”… is so, So, SO MUCH like…???…???…???… DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  “THIS”… IS SO MUCH LIKE… “LIFE”!!!  And guess what???  LIFE IS DIFFICULT!!!  For everybody.  Everywhere.  “STUFF”… happens to ALL OF US.  Please take the negatives and “FLIP” them over to find the positives that are there… just waiting to be developed as a result of them.  Thus yielding the “POSITIVE” by-products “FROM” the “NEGATIVES”.

I apologize for getting caught up in the “hype” regarding politics.  I do NOT have all the answers, folks.  I just KNOW where to look for guidance… for “ME”… on “MY” journey through “LIFE”.  The question???  “WHERE DO YOU LOOK FOR GUIDANCE… on your journey through LIFE???”

My response to that specific post on FACEBOOK ended with the following:

“GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD.  TO EVERYBODY… ALL THE TIME.  Not just the poor.  Not just the illegal aliens.  Not “JUST” anybody, but EVERYBODY.  No negatives to anyone, under the disguise of being good for [others] will yield anything positive in the LONG HAUL… [FOR ANYBODY, ANYWHERE…] PERIOD.”

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!