Daily Archives: November 5, 2014


WOW!!!  A discussion at work today lead to this thought:  “We can ALL build bridges between ANYTHING.  We then get to choose which ones to cross.”  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Pretty powerful, huh?

“THIS”… is so, So, SO TRUE, folks!!!  “THINGS” happen EVERY single DAY.  We then attach different meanings to EVERYTHING!!!  Thus, allowing us to make “connections” (bridges) between what we think something… “MEANS”.  Example: The incident with that young man named “Christ”opher at our home Wed. evening, 10/29/14, could be a sign that I need to, somehow, reach out and try to help either him… or other “petty” criminals.  OR… perhaps I could choose to cross the bridge seeking to help the victims of crimes.  So many options are available for “HELPING”.  And  “I”… can choose… who to help, how to help, or NOT to HELP anymore at all regarding this situation.

Hhhmmm… “I” get to choose.  And don’t forget… “MY” way of HELPING will be determined by the person I have become based on where I’ve been and how I’ve responded to different situations throughout my LIFE while simply seeking to survive my LIFE.  And you may NOT “GET IT” because you have NOT been where I have been.  Amen.

WOW, deep, Deep, DEEP THOUGHTS.  My head hurts, folks.  Goodnight.