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“PARTY”… in the ER!!!

At Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine, FL on Tues. morning, 10/14/14.  Hhhmmm…

A “PARTY”???  In the ER(Emergency Room)???  “YOU”… are NOT gonna believe “THIS” CRAZY story!!!  COME ALONG, folks… WE’RE TAKING ANOTHER TRIP TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  READY???  WE’RE GOIN’ IN… (AGAIN)  :/

My husband’s job has changed so, So, SO much over the years… kinda like yours, Yours, and YOURS too!!!  Increased demands.  Decreased pay.  OUCH!!!  WE ARE ALL STRUGGLING, folks… SIMPLY SEEKING TO SURVIVE…”LIFE”!!!  TOGETHER!!!  GO TEAM!!!  😉  Sorry.  I got a bit excited there… back on track…

So, Chris was up REAL early feeding dogs, getting dressed, and attempting to put the morning trash out by the road ( 3 bags in his left hand ) and two dogs on leashes in his right hand( for their morning “duty” walk) when his left lower leg was sliced open by broken glass protruding from a plastic garbage bag.  Yep, a ceramic bowl had broken and “I” simply discarded the broken pieces into our trash.

I jumped up from bed and sprang into action!!!  😉  (There are 3 posts, back there somewhere in previous months regarding this same type of “NEED” for a sudden reaction to some type of…emergency!  I do hope you have read each of them and enjoyed a chuckle or two). 😉

So,  after a quick determination that stitches would be required, we were in the van and headed to…???…???…???   An Urgent Care clinic… somewhere… out there… SOMEWHERE… that would, definitely be cheaper than the hospital’s Emergency Room. “I”…In my night clothes, un-brushed hair, NO make-up and “BED” teeth drove straight over the bridge, in-land, to where I KNEW there was a clinic… with Chris in the back seat… In need of medical attention!!!    I WAS CERTAIN… there was a “walk-in” medical clinic over there… somewhere on Route 1… SOMEWHERE!!!

Folks, it was early enough that it was still DARK outside…VERY DARK.  With lots of street and store lights… EVERYWHERE!!!  Aaahhh!!!  “I”… have Poor night vision since having corrective laser surgery back in 1998.  The lights… GLARE RIGHT BACK AT ME!!!  Poor Chris was in the back seat, holding pressure on the wound, seeking to stop the bleeding… while I drove…???…???…??? around… up and down Route 1 searching for the clinic that I was CERTAIN was out there… SOMEWHERE.  Guess what???  “IT”… IS NOT THERE ANYMORE!!!

Siri, that “voice” on I-phone was of NO HELP…WHAT-SO-EVER!!!  “SHE”… had NOWHERE TO SEND US!!!  NOWHERE!!!  So, Chris, still compressing his wound in the back seat, recommended going back out onto Anastasia Island where “HE” was CERTAIN there was an Urgent Care… over there… SOMEWHERE… by the Bridge of Lions.  I drove back to the island and clear to the Bridge of Lions.  GUESS WHAT???  :/  That’s right… NO CLINIC!!!  ANYWHERE!!!

Chris… is getting…???…???…??? “irritable” by this time.  I quickly phoned a co-worker who also lives on the island.  She did a quick “google search”… revealing NOTHING!!!  I drove straight to Flagler Hospital at this point.  And I parked out there… in the lot, so as to not block the entrance should an ambulance arrive… with an “emergency”.  WHAT???  “WE”… “WERE”… the emergency at this point, Jill!!!  Poor Chris sat out in the van waiting for me… and a security guard… to transport him through the lot and into the ER via wheelchair!!!  “I”… AM NOT KIDDING, folks!!!

We were quickly escorted to ER room #2.  Chris received immediate attention and excellent treatment by an amazing staff.  This  included security, reception, nurses, room tech., supply girl, physicians, billing dept., AND… everyone else we encountered while there.  GO TEAM FLAGLER HOSPITAL “ER”!!!  “THIS” was our BEST “ER” VISIT… EVER!!!  😉 WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!

So, so GREAT to witness, FIRST HAND, amazing folks out there giving the Best of themselves for JUST today… “EVERY” day!!!


P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People.




America’s Oldest City…

St. Augustine, FL.  WOW!!!  I LOVE ST. AUGUSTINE!!!  “THIS”… is “HOME”… to “ME”!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!

Such history.  Such beauty.  Amazing citizens.  Amazing tourists.  Folks, “I” had the BEST day… TODAY: Sun. 10/12/14!!!  Come along… 😉 … time for ANOTHER “MIND-TRIP” to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  READY???  HERE WE GO…

So, my husband is such a “KEEPER”!!!  He knows that my turning 50 soon has sparked some “pseudo” aches and pains recently.  😉  “HE” has been such an amazing “HELP” lately with ALL of the housework… inside… outside…  front-side… back-side… and even side-side!!!  SORRY!!!  “I”… COULD NOT HELP MYSELF!!!  AND… “THAT”… is so, So, SOOOOOO “ME”!!!  In short, “Thanks, Chris” for your help with the thorough “Allen-Castle Cleaning” today!!!  Please refer back to the series of posts regarding  “KEEPERS OF CASTLES,” May 24; and “KEEPER’S OF CASTLES, con’t,”  May 25, 2014… for review.  😉

I was then able to head down-town, St. Augustine, FL.  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  Now, I parked down-town in the main tourist attraction, St. George St. area, and I walked.  And walked.  AND WALKED… ALL around this beautiful city, “MEETING and GREETING” folks HERE, THERE… “OVER THERE, OVER THERE” (Aaahhh!!!  The navy song!!!), and EVERYWHERE!!!  “MINGLING AND SHARING”… business cards.

There were so, So, SO many folks over by the “Fort Matanzas National Monument”.  Hhhmmm…  my mind was SET on… “MEETING and GREETING”… “MINGLING AND SHARING”… business cards!!!  :/  SO… WHAT DID “JILL” DO???  Any guesses out there???   CORRECT!!!  “I”… got  “LOST”… in “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  AGAIN!!!  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm.

WHY… OH, WHY… do I make such a FOOL of myself… ALL THE TIME???  Yep, “I”… did “IT”… AGAIN!!!  I walked right over… onto the “public property” of the fort attraction, and purposefully up to a police officer sitting in his vehicle.  He saw “ME” coming.  I walked right up and knocked on his window… in the parking lot of this “PUBLIC PROPERTY” at Fort Matanzas National Monument!!!  I handed him a business card, proudly asked him to check out,  AND???…???…???…???  Guess what???  HE ARRESTED ME… AND HAULED ME RIGHT OVER TO “THE OLD CITY JAIL” (another tourist attraction)!!!  HA!!!  JUST KIDDING, folks!!!  I DID NOT get arrested.  He informed me that “HE” would check out the website, BUT that I could NOT distribute business cards to anyone on the public property of Fort Matanzas National Monument.  Oopse!!!  “I”… DID “IT” AGAIN!!!  Hhhmmm…  just “ME”… being “ME”!!!  OBLIVIOUS!!!  FLIGHTY!!!  STUPID???  DOUBLE Hhhmmm, Hhhmmm.  I mustered all the strength I could, TURNED… and WALKED AWAY… as “IF” I were CONFIDENT!!!  I WAS CONFIDENT, ALRIGHT!!! CONFIDENT…that I had just made a complete FOOL of myself… AGAIN!!!

“ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS,”  I thought and then said to myself:  “SELF… I  AM A CHRISTIAN SOLDIER”… following Jesus… NO TURNING BACK.  NO TURNING BACK”!!!  I continued on around to the Greek Festival being held at the Events Field ( I did NOT pay to enter) and then walked clear back up town to where I had parked.  ALL… while “MEETING and GREETING”… “MINGLING and SHARING”… business cards.  CONFIDENTLY!!!

ANOTHER AMAZING DAY… meeting valued teammates from ALL over the WORLD, living or vacationing in “MY” home town… St. Augustine, FL.  The Nation’s Oldest City.

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!




Father, “YOU” give me “CHILLS”

No kidding, folks.  “IT”… IS AMAZING!!!  Each time my thoughts are drawn closer, Closer, and CLOSER to God… “I” get these “CHILLS,” predominantly down the back of both arms, the triceps.  I mainly notice “THIS” sensation in my RIGHT, partially paralyzed, arm.  “THIS”… IS AMAZING GRACE, folks.  THANK YOU, JESUS.

No kidding, folks.  I have been “feeling” something… “things”… “tingles”… “goosebumps”… “CHILLS”… in my bad arm FOR AWHILE NOW!!!  I have blogged about “THESE” recurring phenomena in an earlier post… SOMEWHERE… BACK THERE… in previous months.

These “PHENOMENA,” folks… are simply ANOTHER part of “THIS THING” I call my “JOURNEY” through “LIFE,” A.K.A.:  “MY JOURNEY OF FAITH”.  Now referred to as my “SPIRITUAL LIFE JOURNEY” by Search Engine Optimizers…???…???…??? (I think)    😉

It is now 8:45 am on Sunday, 10/12/14.  I plan on attending our local “GREEK FESTIVAL” here in St. Augustine down at the Events Field.  Yep, I will be… “MINGLING,” yet again, and sharing this message of “Motivational Team Building” at  I LOVE how that sounds… “I”… am a “MINGLER”!!!  😉

P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People.




I, simply, CANNOT make “THIS” stuff up, folks!!!  “THIS”… is  REAL “LIFE” in “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Are you ready for ANOTHER trip???  I invite you to come along, folks… “WE’RE  GOIN’  IN”!!!

WHAT???  “Reasoning With Unreasonable People”???!!!???!!!???!!!  An “approved” continuing education course???  Hhhmmm…  “THIS” was DEFINITELY… a course for ME(JILL #1) to attend!!!  Oh, Where-oh-where… do I begin???

Course Instructor:  Joseph W. Shannon, Ph.D./Psychologist.  WOW!!!  “THIS” man, folks???  WAS AMAZING!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  His course was so, So, SO entertaining, yet informative.  “I”… was on the edge of my seat… the entire lecture!!!

I arrived a bit early to get a “GOOD” seat… RIGHT UP FRONT… FIRST ROW of TABLES!!!  I had hoped to arrive FIRST, however, a few folks were already seated when I arrived!  AND… WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT… “SOMEBODY ELSE”… was sitting where “I” would have liked to sit!!!  :/  SOooooo… what did “I” do???  “I” sat RIGHT beside “HIM”… in the 2nd seat in the first row of tables to the right side of the room!!!  There were ONLY a hand-full of folks in the entire room at this point.  100+ empty seats in that huge room!!!  AND… “I”… had to sit RIGHT next to a gentleman sitting where I would have liked to sit!!!  Oh yeah… AWKWARD!!!  WHAT, ON EARTH, WAS I THINKING???  HA!!!  It appeared that… I HAD NOT BEEN THINKING… AT ALL!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!!  :/

WHOOSH… MY HEAD BEGAN TO SWIM!!!  A mild case of anxiety… BEFORE THE CLASS EVEN STARTED!!!  A quick prayer calmed my nerves… IMMEDIATELY!!!  Thank you, Jesus!!!

We covered ALOT of material during lecture.  I, thoroughly, enjoyed this Continuing Ed. Seminar.  I must admit that I escaped to “Jill’s World,” momentarily, to entertain the idea of my speaking to a large group of people such as this in association with

I did “MINGLE,” folks and got to met some marvelous individuals.  Not everyone in attendance received a business card, but I guess-timate that I met and hand-delivered 90-100 cards that day to very receptive individuals.  WHAT AN AMAZING DAY SPENT WITH AN AMAZING PRESENTER AND AMAZING ATTENDEES AT AN AMAZING COURSE:  “REASONING WITH UNREASONABLE PEOPLE:  Focus on Disorders of Emotional Regulation”.  Thank you so much, Joseph W. Shannon, Ph.D/Psychologist for an AMAZING presentation!!!

P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People.







WOW, folks!!!  “THIS”… was tonight’s message at church.  And “IT”… hit me RIGHT UP-SIDE MY HEAD!!!  OUCH!!!

“I,” of course, picked out our last name from that first word:  F… “ALLEN”.  And I leaned over to whisper that awareness to Chris… IMMEDIATELY (RIGHT during service)!!!  F… “ALLEN” FAMILIES.  Pppsssttt…(F)… “ALLEN” FAMILIES——– NEED GRACE!!!  AMEN.  Chris did chuckle… the first time I whispered it to him!!!  “HE”… had had enough by the 3rd or 4th whisper!  🙁

Yep, folks… Dr. Walter West was speaking DIRECTLY… TO ME… AGAIN!!!  He even acknowledged, at some point, how many of us there had been hurt tremendously by family members… “those people who were supposed to love you”.  THOSE PEOPLE… you were supposed to “TRUST”.  Re-visiting old wounds AGAIN.  “FORGIVENESS,” however, IS… setting me FREE.  AMEN.

Now, in moving forward with my current family (Chris, Danielle, and Chase), tonight’s message resonated… LOUDLY!!!  The main points were as follows:

— “Search for the image of God in my family.  It’s there.”  Genesis 1:26-27

–“Speak blessing and victory into my family.”  Genesis 1:28

–“Honor and hold fast to my family bonds, even as they change.”  Genesis 2:24-25

–“Leave room for redemption and forgiveness.”  Genesis 3:15-17

–“Bring *HOPE into my family by accepting the Grace of God!!!”  Romans 5:12-17

AMAZING message delivered at church tonight!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!  ALL families have their… “STUFF,” folks.  A.K.A:  Their “PLATES”… of “STUFF”.  SOME are… how do you say it… “heaping”???  Others are… LESS… “heaping”.  EVERY FAMILY, however, HAS IT’S PLATE OF STUFF!!!  We are ALL imperfect people.  Making mistakes EVERY single day.  Seeking to give the BEST of ourselves while simply seeking to survive… “LIFE”.  Pretty DEEP, huh?  POWERFUL STUFF!

Oh, yeah… and you are simply NOT gonna believe “THIS” little tid-bit of “F.Y.I.” news, either!!!  READY???  Well, there was a new singer in tonight’s band.  “NEW” to me, that is.  “SHE”… was AMAZING!!!  I slipped off my heels to go up on stage AFTER the service to meet AND compliment “HER,” and to give her a business card.  GUESS WHAT???  “I”… told her that “MY” name is “JILL”.  Are you guessing???  Yep… “HER” name is ALSO… “JILL”!!!  SHUT-UP!!!  I am NOT kidding, folks.  “JILL”… met “JILL” tonight at church!!!  Oh, and did I mention: “JILL”… is AMAZING!!!  😉

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.




*HOPE = (H)Heaven; (O)Over-; (P)Powering; (E)Earth




“I”… kid you… NOT!!!

YOU WILL Not, NOT, N-O-T  BELIEVE “THIS”!!!  Please, COME ALONG, folks.  “WE”… are taking ANOTHER “TRIP”… to “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  ARE YOU READY???…???…???… H-E-R-E    W-E    G-O……

I do NOT even know where to begin this post…???…???…  There is SOOOOOO much going on RIGHT now, JUST in ALL of our”EVERY” day lives… NOT TO MENTION ALL THE…???…???…??? STUFF???  Happening in… THE WHOLE-WIDE WORLD!!! Oh,… where-oh-where… do I EVEN BEGIN???

Okay, so… “WORK”… as YOU ALL know… “IS DIFFICULT” right now!!!  So, so many changes occurring in the medical field.  So, so many changes occurring in the USA.  So, so many changes occurring in the ENTIRE world.    The “STRESS”… is palpable!!!  Let us begin with those changes occurring with ALL of our jobs…

Our Government… here in America… keeps taking more, More, and MORE from anybody who has earned ANYTHING for themselves.  And what does our Government do with what it takes???  “THEY”… (Government officials) fill their own pockets.  And “THEY”… (Government officials) simply hand over a cheapened version of “The American Dream” to those individuals who have no dreams of their own.  Just demands.

And the result???  Companies are being taxed to the breaking point.  “EVERY” day peeps are being taxed to the Breaking Point.  Companies are going “under”.  Families are going “under”.  Hhhmmm… “YOU”… tell “ME”… Is the end near???

I have to pause RIGHT HERE.  “SOMETHING”… just came to mind:  “Ask not what your country can do for YOU, but WHAT YOU can do for your COUNTRY.”  Amen.  May you R.I.P., President John F. Kennedy.

So… back to “EVERY” day “LIFE”… on the “J-O-B… S-T-R-E-S-S!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  Do more, More, MORE… for less, Less, LESS!!!  The increasing demands on EVERYONE… EVERYWHERE… are causing “difficulty”.  Teammates are, selfishly, erupting in “ANGER”.  Working relationships are being tested and tried… ACROSS THE BOARD.

Yesterday was a, particularly, ROUGH day at work!!!  I allowed something that didn’t “REALLY” bother me to erupt into an argument between teammates(co-workers).  Yep… “I,” somehow, became so self-indulged in the situation, that “I”… became “ANGRY”.  I can NOT take back those words I allowed to escape from my lips.  “Father, forgive me.  For I have sinned”… yet AGAIN.

Yesterday was so, So, SO “CRAZY”… W-E-I-R-D!!!  The day began so beautifully… as I had grown so much in just seeking to “HELP” others, in NO WAY, associated with the plight of this blog,  I cannot explain it in full-depth, but the blessings I received… IMMEDIATELY… were AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE.  (Sorry… I MUST interject with:  “GO TEAM GRACE McCULLOUGH!!!  She IS a winner!!!   She was 1 of the 5 models chosen during Wet Seal’s recent “Model Search, 2014”.  Congrats, Grace.  WE LOVE YOU!!!)

Back on topic… so yesterday morning continued with such GREAT blessings.  “I” was on cloud 9… a WHITE, FLUFFY CLOUD!!!  In a clear blue, Blue, BLUE sky!!!  😉  UNTIL… the “darkness” rolled in… rather quickly.  “BACK OFF, SATAN!!!”  “BUMPS” occurred in the darkness of yesterday afternoon that caused ANOTHER strain on relationships between teammates (co-workers).  🙁  THIS… “GREAT” day suddenly became… not-so-great, after-all.

So then what happened???  ANOTHER co-worker (unaware of the day’s “turmoil”) tagged me in the BEST-EVER Facebook post… which I then forwarded to all of my Facebook friends as follows:

This is EXACTLY how it read:  “The following message is approved by  Pls. share forward…  😉   BREAKING NEWS:  The pity train has just derailed at the intersection of Suck It Up & Move On, and crashed into We All Have Problems, before coming to a complete stop at Get The Heck Over It.  Any complaints about how we operate can be forwarded to 1-800-waa-waaaa.  This is Dr. Sniffle reporting LIVE from Quitchur Fussin’.  If you like this, repost it.  If you don’t, suck it up cupcake, life doesn’t revolve around YOU!”!!!

I so, So, SOOOOOO needed this tag on Facebook last night.  Thanks for thinking of me, Michelle.  I then moved on to experience the blessing of that previous post:  “AN AMAZING EVENING…”

WOW!!!  “THIS”… is “LIFE,” folks.  CRAZY!!!  “STRESS” can sure have a negative impact on “EVERY” day peeps, however… “there are always gold nuggets of “GOOD,” buried in there somewhere.  It is our responsibility to “FIND” them (gold nuggets)!!!

“SEEK.  And you shall find.”  Amen.

P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!



Pppsssttt… I will be off work to attend a continuing education seminar tomorrow, Fri. 10/10/14.  So, what is the seminar, you might be wondering???  “I”… am NOT kidding, folks…  The seminar is titled:  “REASONING WITH UNREASONABLE PEOPLE!!!:  Focus On Disorders of Emotional Regulation”!!!  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  “REASONING… WITH UNREASONABLE PEOPLE”???  OMG, folks.  “THIS”… seminar brochure showed up in the mail… and “HIT ME”… RIGHT UP-SIDE MY HEAD”!!!  OUCH!!!  I simply “MUST” attend “THIS” 6-hour seminar to meet professional license requirements in the medical health field.  STAY TUNED, folks… “TOMORROW”…  promises to be another “CRAZY” day… in “JILL’S WORLD”.  Please check back for details!!!  😉




AT “GREAT CLIPS,” (in Cobblestone) St. Augustine, FL!!!

Oh…I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF-UP, folks!!!  Please come along… it’s ANOTHER “TRIP”… to “Jill’s World”!!!  READY OR NOT, HERE…WE…GO…

Okay… so I had promised my son, Chase, that I would take him to get a hair cut today after school (for him) and after work (for me).  We raced over to “Great Clips”… here in St. Augustine, FL at Cobblestone( strip-mall/shopping plaza) hoping to get right in… and right back out. “THIS”… was NOT gonna happen.  There were two “hair-cutters”… working and 4 customers… waiting.  😉

We sat down and I decided to take a “quick” peak at Facebook.  The FIRST post I read prompted me to comment something to Chase about a plea seeking justice for the recent K-9 cop murdered in the line of duty yesterday, 10/7/14, here in St. Augustine.  2 male customers quickly responded to my comment… AND “THIS”… OPENED THE DOOR… of… COMMUNICATION!!!  Between ALL of us in the…???…???…??? “hair-cutting place”, including the 2 “hair-cutters” AND 3-4 customers!!!

We discussed so, So, SO MANY “ISSUES”… in the…???…???… hair-cutting place (Ssshhh… my son would die of embarrassment if I called it a “beauty salon”).  ALL of “US” customers were COMPLETE “STRANGERS”.  We (ALL) spoke about “MAJOR ISSUES”, including current events, race, religion, politics… “LIFE”.  WOW!!!  “THIS”… was AMAZING!!!  AMAZING GRACE!!!

Complete strangers… discussing MAJOR “ISSUES” currently being faced by ALL AMERICANS… HERE IN AMERICA… RIGHT NOW!!!  Yep, I handed out a few, “,” business cards while there!!!  I was so, So, SO proud to have been a part of this marvelous display of…???…???…??? “CITIZENSHIP”???  AND AGAIN… “I”… AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN… “where, at least, I know I’m free.  And I won’t forget the men who died and gave that RIGHT to me.  And I’d gladly STAND-UP… next to you and defend Her still today.  ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt, I LOVE THIS LAND.  GOD BLESS THE USA!!!”  Thank you, Lee Greenwood.  That song, “God Bless The USA” is, DEFINITELY, #1 at!!!

So ya see, Chase and I entered this “GREAT CLIPS” to a room of folks who were TOTAL strangers.  We left having been touched by the kindness and “CITIZENSHIP” of fellow teammates… right here in St. Augustine, FL.



Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.










No kidding, folks.  “I” was given “THE BEST”… NO, THE BEST-EST  (BETTER THAN “best”)… “COMPLIMENT”  at work  T-O-D-A-Y!!!  We were all having “FUN” in one of the therapy gyms this afternoon when a co-worker made a comment about how I appeared to be…

INTOXICATED.  WHAT???  “ME”… “INTOXICATED”???  She completed her statement with:  “ON FAITH”!!!  “THIS” was so, So, SO funny.  Christianity or “Faith” had not been mentioned… at all!!!  EVERYONE at work, I mean… “EVERYONE” knows where I stand with EVERYTHING!!!  (Ssshhhhhh… I tend to be a bit opinionated)  😉

Now, we were ALL having “FUN” in one of the therapy gyms– patients and therapists–when my co-worker started joking about how “I,” JILL #1(that’s “ME”), seemed to be “INTOXICATED”.  WHAT???  Yep, she said that I was “INTOXICATED ON… FAITH”!!!  AMEN.  Now, “THAT”… has been my BEST compliment… EVER!!!  Thanks, “Vi…”



WOW, folks.  “THIS” post was inspired by tonight’s bible study class at Anastasia Baptist Church in St. Augustine, FL:  “The Power of a Praying Woman”.  Past “ISSUES” were re-visited.   I find myself… “DEEP IN THOUGHT”.  Yep, I am getting “LOST,” yet AGAIN… in this place called “JILL’S WORLD”. Come along, folks…  IT’S ANOTHER “MIND” TRIP…

We ALL know… “THEM,” don’t we???  Those individuals who try make their lives sound…???…???…???…  unbelievably good.  Better than yours, Yours, and YOURS too!!!  You are thinking of someone specific RIGHT NOW, aren’t you???  I AM!!!  “WE” ALL KNOW “THEM”!!!  IN FACT, “THEY’RE”… EVERYWHERE!!!!  (Pppsssttt… “I” used to be one of “THEM”.)  

I think I began feeling the “RELIEF” and “PEACE” associated with just being “ME” around 2007-2008.  I could finally let go of that immense pressure of trying to be somebody that I wasn’t.  Always seeking to present my life situation as being better than it was…both past and present.  Oh, the constant turmoil I was living in… DAILY.  Until God revealed a MAJOR… “TRUTH” to me that I had denied for many, many years.  That one little piece of my life’s puzzle that had been missing… ALL THOSE YEARS… that suddenly explained everything.  EVERYTHING… “FIT” together… FINALLY!!!

Hhhmmm… “LIFE… IS DIFFICULT,” folks.  I am so happy to report that a sincere smile… 🙂 … just appeared on my face as I, TOTALLY, realize that “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT”!!! (I said that under my breath, in a Jamaican, Raggae-type accent as I typed it out on the computer)    “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!”  😉  Amen.


Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!










Oopse, “I” DID IT AGAIN!!!

Yep, I DID IT!!!  “I”… MESSED-UP… AGAIN!!!  COMMUNICATION between teammates is so, So, SO DIFFICULT!!!  “I”… snapped at my direct Supervisor…

Ya see, I had planned to take Friday off work and drive my children to Tampa, FL for a 1 Direction concert at the Raymond James Stadium.  “I”… would not be working Fri., 10/3/14.  Wouldn’t you know it… “SOMEONE”… had placed patients onto “MY” assignment board (in the computer) to be treated by “ME”… ON FRIDAY…when I was NOT even going to be there!!!  Let the chaos begin…

WHAT???  OH NO!!!  I got a bit excited at this point… late in the afternoon on  Thursday, 10/2/14.  MASS CONFUSION!!!  I wasn’t going to be working on Fri., yet I had been assigned patients to treat that day.  Were there enough therapists to cover the treatments???  “THIS”… cannot be happening!!!

A few therapists were in one of the therapy gyms discussing the situation when our Supervisor re-entered to ask if I had in-put data into the computer yet.  I snapped at her assuming that she was telling me to set my assignment board for the next day.  She was NOT.  She was SIMPLY asking if I had entered Thursday’s billing into the computer so that she could adjust schedules for Fri., accordingly!  Oopse!!!

I was also getting a bit nervous about the 4+hour drive, as well.  I get “lost” easily.  “THIS”… makes me nervous.  I was a bit anxious about the trip, itself!!!  Sorry, Ms. Direct Supervisor!  “I”… DID NOT MEAN TO “SNAP” AT YOU LIKE “THAT”!!!  Confusion + anxiety = …???…???…???  “Jill-fusion-xiety” ???  Jill + confusion + anxiety = Jill-fusion-xiety.  HA!!!  THAT’S IT!!!  I had a sudden attack of “JILL-FUSION-XIETY”!!!  :/  Wish me luck… I plan to apologize, 1st thing, Monday morning.

“JILL-FUSION-XIETY”…???…???…???  Do ya think she’ll buy it???  😉

My head hurts.  It’s late, Sun., 10/5/14.  Goodnight, folks.