WHEW!!! “50”…

isn’t so bad, AFTER ALL!!!  😉

Hhhmmm… I was a member of the “40-something” crowd JUST 9+ hours ago. (It is now 8:58 pm, ET on Mon., 10/27/14)  I am now a member of the “50+” club.)   NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED!!!

What is ALL the “hype” about???  Gifts and cards started arriving Fri., 10/24/14.  The “celebrating” will FINALLY discontinue AFTER the potluck at work tomorrow, 10/28/14!!!  FIVE (5) DAYS… of celebrating and eating!!!    “Celebrating”… “Eating.”  MORE “CELEBRATING”… MORE “EATING”!!!

“I”… am so OVER IT!!!  The good news???  Those Birthday cookies from my sisters, Laura and Lynn, that were prepared by my cousin, Tina… in my Grandma Goble’s kitchen???  “THEY”… are ALL GONE!!!  WOO-WHOOOOOO!!!  HA!!!  Yep, I HAD to hurry and finish them so I wouldn’t eat ANY MORE!!!  DOUBLE HA, HA!!! (Just kidding)  😉  There are ~30 left.

And here is ANOTHER cute little example of “ME”… JUST BEING “ME”…

My first encounter with my daughter, Danielle, this evening (after school/before dance) went down like this:  I was in the kitchen.  Danielle enters and gives me that… Danielle… “LOOK” which prompted me to WALK RIGHT OVER  and give “HER” a hug while stating:  “AWE… Happy Birthday to ME”!!!  :/  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  “I”… hug… “HER” while wishing “MYSELF” a happy birthday???  Oh yeah, I cannot make this stuff up, folks!!!  Danielle even had to point out the…???…???…??? ridiculous, “CRAZINESS”… of that little episode!!!  “THIS”… was so, So, SO FUNNY!!!  (Okay, perhaps a bit “flighty”).

DO NOT ASK, folks!!!  I have NO idea what I think I thought I was saying!  :/  JUST ANOTHER DAY… in “Jill’s World,”!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO… “Meeeeeee”!!!  50 and Fabulous (Pppsssttt… the cookies said so!!!)  😉

“LIFE”… IS DIFFICULT!!!  And “IT” passes by much too quickly!!!

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!


P.H.P, folks.  People Helping People!!!