There is so, So, SO much to write about… I do NOT know where to begin!!!  I am feeling this… “NEED”… to write about my B-day dinner this late afternoon, Sun. 10/26/14, at ONE OF MY favorite restaurants!!!  Come along, folks…

The Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL!!!  Oh yeah.  This place is, DEFINITELY, an Allen Family Favorite ( 1 of our favorites )!!!  Hey, I just thought of something…( no kidding), I am wondering if I happened to publish a blog post about this specific restaurant during Thanksgiving, 2013!!!  Ya see, I have family in Ohio.  Chris has family in New Hampshire.  And “WE” have our family here in FL… just the four of us.  Not REALLY enough to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner for.  So, our family tradition has become enjoying dinner at the Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL every Thanksgiving for about the last 7-8 years.

Aaahhh!!!  The food choices and quality???  AMAZING!!!  The desserts???  AMAZING!!!  The employees???  AMAZING!!!  Especially TONIGHT for my BIG “50th Birthday dinner celebration!!!  Woo-WHOoooooo!!!  I PROMPTLY announced my B-day to staff and patrons.  🙂 “YES,” my daughter was horrified by “MY” behavior!!! )  😉 Hhhmmm… “50”… not REAL sure, but I do believe that I may be experiencing some difficulty with turning “50” years of age, folks!!!

So we selected a table and went our separate ways on our first round of food-gathering… for plate-filling at this amazing buffet-style restaurant, The Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL.  We were having so, So, SO much FUN inside this restaurant.  Perhaps a few patrons thought we were a bit…???…???…??? “CRAZY”???  Disruptive???  Annoying???  Well, it’s NOT every day that you go out to celebrate your 50th Birthday at Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL!!!  I APOLOGIZE… to ALL of you annoyed patrons/employees who were there at the time “WE” were there… to “CELEBRATE”… “MY” 50th Birthday!!!

Yep… I ATE TOO MUCH!!!  The funniest part of this entire B-day dinner celebration occurred as we began enjoying dessert.  I just HAVE to write about this cute, little event that occurred while there…  Well, this young couple (maybe in their 20’s) had been sitting near our table and we just happened to notice the extremely high/tall, but thin/skinny “tower” of vanilla ice-cream  atop this young man’s regular cake-cone as he returned to their table.  YOU HAD TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!  “THIS”… was so, So, SO HYSTERICAL!!!

The laughter… became trapped within me… AND “I”… LOST IT!!!  In that same “crazy” manner I explained in a previous post…back there… SOMEWHERE!!!  “IT’… WAS AWFUL!!!  I walked by the table with that couple where the young man had prepared himself that VERY high and thin tower of vanilla ice-cream atop a cake-cone!!!  I “shielded” my vision with one (1) hand as I passed by their table, so as to NOT “SEE” that… “DISASTER”… waiting to happen (Pppsssttt… the “tower” had already begun to “lean”… if you know what I mean)!!!

People were looking at me as if I were…???…???…???  “CRAZY” or something!!!  “I” walked straight back around the dessert section… clear to a back corner in an attempt to “HIDE” my distorted-looking, obnoxious… “FACE”!!!  I gathered myself and began “perusing” the dessert selection.  UNBEKNOWNST TO ME… our waiter was just arriving at our table with a piece of cake and one (1) candle… which had already been lit… as I left to stroll by the “towering” ice-cream cone on my way to the desserts!!!  He (the waiter) frantically scattered around carrying “MY” dessert with 1 candle already burning as I perused the dessert table!!!  So much “craziness” was occurring in that restaurant, the Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL as everyone continued to plot and plan a “secret” approach in order to deliver my piece of B-day cake…with one (1) burning candle… while singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!!! (so “THEY” say)

FINALLY!!!  I returned to our table to gather myself ( still unaware of the plotting and planning going on around me… about me).  And then I “HEARD” the B-day song.  I, IMMEDIATELY, began singing (loudly) as I turned toward the voices singing to  celebrate “somebody’s” B-day.  Aaahhh!!! (I REALLY screamed, folks)  I had NEVER witnessed “THIS” (waiters/waitresses singing for B-days) at Golden Corral before… TODAY!!!  And “THOSE” voices were coming straight toward “ME,” singing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to “ME”(JILL, #1)  Yep,  “I”… was dumbfounded!!!  Everyone sure enjoyed my reaction as I discovered they were singing to “ME”!!!  Folks,  “THIS” is so, So, SO “ME”.  Flighty.  Oblivious.  And “CRAZY”!!!  WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!

What a fun, Fun, FUN evening out with my family at the Golden Corral in Palm Coast, FL to experience more FL teammates who go out there every day and give the BEST of themselves for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!  GO TEAM GOLDEN CORRAL!!!  WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

It is now 8:30 pm, ET on Sunday, 10/26/14.  I have a few more hours to enjoy being in the 40’s before entering  the…???…???…??? “prestigious” club of the 50’s!!!  Folks, I AM SORRY, BUT… I DO NOT WISH TO JOIN THE 50’s CLUB!!!  Oh please, Please, PLEASE… SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!  😉

Just kidding, folks.  “I”… am doing fine.  Did I mention that my husband is “OLDER” than I am???  And come to think of it… “BOTH” sisters (Laura AND Lynn) are ALSO… “OLDER” than I am!!!  Just sayin’/singin’:  “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!!!” ( in a Jamaican/reggae-type voice)

I am “JUST STARTING OVER… IN THE MIDDLE” of THIS, MY LIFE.  (Pppsssttt…I heard that phrase today:  “JUST STARTING OVER… IN THE MIDDLE” and “IT” stuck in my brain)  🙂

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!