Come along, folks.  WE ARE TAKING ANOTHER TRIP TO “JILL’S WORLD”!!!  Ready or not, HERE WE GOOOoooooo…

“LIFE” has gotten so busy lately that I have not been able to spend much time, IF ANY, on Facebook.  I went on earlier today:  Sat. 10/25/14, specifically to compliment my cousin, Tina on those PERFECT B-day cookies she prepared and shipped to the Allen household in FL from “HER” home (which was Grandma’s home) in Fayette, OH.  Memories of times spent at that house… back in the day… are returning… AGAIN.  BITTERSWEET “memories”.  Hhhmmm… let’s keep moving, folks…

I messaged Tina and then promptly began scrolling through the News Feed.  GREAT posts from various friends delighted me.  UNTIL… “THE” post that ruffled my feathers.  Young girls donning gowns and princess-like garb with foul-mouths who were attempting to promote “FEMINISM”.  WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!  These young girls were, obviously, coached by…???…???…???… parents???  I’m ONLY guessing, folks.

The video of these cute, little girls was HIGHLY disturbing.  Now, “I”… tend to be a bit “opinionated,” folks.  There are MANY previous posts… back there… SOMEWHERE… that discuss my tendency to say what I think.  Hhhmmm… GUESS WHAT???  Yep, I HAD TO REPLY to that, distasteful, video!!! 😉  Now, “THIS” news feed bothered me enough that I then felt compelled to blog about it in the previous post:  “SORRY, BUT…NO”…

I shared my disapproval in a manner that allowed a referral to this site, “numberoneteam.net”.  (Pppsssttt… marketing while commenting)  DON’T LET ME FOOL YOU, folks.  It may appear as though I know what I am doing here on the internet with blogging, BUT… “THAT” would be a FALSE assumption.  “TRUTH IS”… I have NO IDEA what I’ve already done, what I’m currently doing, OR… what NEEDS to be done to expand the opportunities available in association with this blog!!!  :/

Aaahhhhhh!!!  I am SO confused (overwhelmed) that I “DO” NOTHING… in terms of network marketing.  “I”… am “FLIGHTY,” folks.  “THIS” overwhelms me… which then paralyzes me.  So, I don’t even try to mess with it (marketing).  I blog, that’s it.  I do NOT consider myself to be a “writer”.  I’ve NEVER wanted to write… “BEFORE” blogging.  I do share many daily events in “MY” personal LIFE, however, this blog also presents various situations, reactions, and opinions that encourage you, the reader, to “think” for yourself and develop your own ideas based on where you are in YOUR” LIFE.

Okay, so then Chris and I go to the Sat. evening service at Anastasia Baptist Church (ABC) on the Island here in St. Augustine, FL.  “FAMILIES!!!”  Yep, families are the current focus of sermon topics.  Tonight’s topic???  YOU… are NOT gonna believe this folks!!!  “DRIFTING FAMILIES NEED BOUNDARIES”.  Ephesians 5:21-6:4.

Christ needs to be at the center of all households.  The positives… will make families STRONG.  Obedience.  Encouragement.  Submission/respect.  Honor.  And the PRESENCE of Love.  Remember…  “GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD”!!!

The negatives…will DESTROY families.  DO NOT ALLOW their entrance into your family environment, such as:  Disobedience.  Discouragement.  Resistance.  Humiliation.  And the ABSENCE of Love.  The negatives, folks, are driven by Satan.  Boy, I suddenly remembered that video on Facebook earlier today and I thought to myself:  “SELF:  NOW, THOSE FAMILIES ARE IN NEED OF SOME BOUNDARIES”!!!  😉 

“THIS”… “coincidence”… was unbelievable to me, folks.  I had already spent considerable time at home distressing about those young girls and their families.  I commented directly to the video and then I blogged about the specific event at this site… essentially regarding their LACK of “BOUNDARIES”. Hhhmmm… do you see a connection here???  I sure do!!!

WOW!!!  Think about that, folks.  Please seek to discover the “POSITIVE”… IN EVERY SITUATION.  “SEEKAND YOU SHALL FIND”.  AMEN.  Pastor Walter ended tonight’s sermon with:  “Try to out-do each other in showing honor” to others.  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Now, “THAT”… IS POWERFUL!!!  Say “WHAT”???  Is “THIS” a competition, Pastor Walter?  ‘Cause “I”… am a COMPETITOR!!!  OH YEAH. I AM IN IT… TO WIN IT!!!  “IT’S ON, folks!!!  NOW… “LET’S ROLL”!!!  😉

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.

Give the BEST of yourself for “JUST” today… “EVERY” day!!!