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Sorry, BUT… “NO”…

“THAT” kind of, foul-mouthed language IS NOT…???…???…???… “O-K-A-Y”!!!  OR is it,  “OKAY”???   I was saddened earlier today to observe a very distasteful post on FaceBook that REALLY disturbed “ME” (and many others according to the comments received).

Young, cute girls- each dressed as a Princess- were supposed to represent today’s version of “feminism”…???…???…??? I THINK.  BUT then… NOW, WAIT FOR IT… these cute girls started using… :/… bad words… like I’ve NEVER used myself!!! (Pppsssttt…and I will be “50” on Mon., 10/27/14)!!!

WHAT???!!!???!!!???!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  Please say it isn’t so.  Look around, folks.  AMERICA is FALLING APART!!!  Look further.  
is FALLING APART.  Hhhmmm… it seems as though our words and behaviors are contributing, GREATLY, to our own demise.

Now, even “I”… “GET” what they were trying to do.  Something… like “THIS”… could have been done… TASTEFULLY.   AND… perhaps gained support… over the web…out there…somewhere… in the world-wide WEB.  Using young and impressionable girls to send this message in “THIS” manner to viewers ALL over the WORLD was ________???…???…???…  “MY” descriptive word of choice is: “DISTASTEFUL”.

“MEN”… ARE MEN.  “WOMEN”… ARE WOMEN.  FOR A REASON.  I have, but ONE (1) suggestion, folks:  Reach for  the Bible.  Seek His wisdom to guide your words and behaviors.  Got questions???  A highly trusted individual has directed me to:  gotquestions.org.  Just type in your question, for example… “What does the Bible think about feminism?”  And get your answer.  IT’S “THAT” SIMPLE!!!  And then you get to interpret that answer in “YOUR” way, hopefully seeking His guidance with your interpretation.  Please remember… “IT IS… WHAT IT IS”!!!  😉  And DON’T FORGET to REMEMBER…  😉 “GOD IS GOOD… ALL THE TIME.  ALL THE TIME… GOD IS GOOD”.  AMEN.

P.H.P., folks.  People Helping People.




“JILL is over the hill”

Birthday gifts started arriving at the ALLEN residence on Friday, 10/24/14!!!  My actual 50th B-day will be on Monday, 10/27/14.  50 cookies:  “JILL is over the hill,” with a white frosted coating and “50 and fabulous,” with a pink frosted coating arrived as a gift from both sisters, Laura and Lynn.  These cookies were sent as a special B-day gift.  I simply HAD to eat 1 of each, right???

AND… you WILL NOT believe this, BUT… my sisters ordered these cookies to be made by my cousin, Tina Keiser from her own business, “SO SWEET, cookies, cake pops and more!” which she runs out of “her” home which had been my grandparents’ home in Fayette, OH.  WOW!!!  50 cookies for my 50th b-day which were prepared from my grandmother’s kitchen!!!  DOUBLE WOW, WOW!!!  Memories are FLOODING my brain from the past.  Tina and Kirk have made renovations to the house over the past 20+ years.  “I”… have NEVER been back to that house since leaving Ohio in 1992.  “IT”… still looks the same in “MY” mind.

PLUS… an apple pie arrived today, as well!!!  Now, in fairness… I just HAD to eat a nice-sized piece of pie from my mother-in-law, Barbara Allen, AFTER having eaten two of the B-day cookies from my sisters, Laura and Lynn, which were ordered from my cousin, Tina!!!  RIGHT???  Or WRONG???

Oh yeah, and did I mention that I enjoyed these B-day goodies AFTER eating tonight’s dinner that I picked up from Chick-Fil-A on my way home AFTER… shopping at the Ponce De Leon mall AFTER… finishing work!!!  WHEW!!!  My diet begins on Monday!!!  :/

“THIS”… has sure been a DIFFICULT WEEK, folks!!!  A DIFFICULT MONTH!!!   The post, “Soon To Be…50” was published 10/5/14 regarding those pseudo aches and pains I had developed.  Danielle had her LAST “first” Showtime USA performance of the year at the Orange Park festival in Jacksonville,FL  this past Saturday, 10/18/14 and THEN… she had her LAST “first” chorus performance of this year on Tuesday night at the High School!!!  Aaahhhhhh!!!  “THIS”… is my daughter’s LAST year in High School!!!  “I”… AM NOT READY…TO BE 50!!!  “I”… AM NOT READY FOR DANIELLE’S  H.S. GRADUATION!!!  PLEASE… can somebody, P-L-E-A-S-E… STOP THE MADNESS!!!

“I”… will be “O.K.,” folks!!!  Did I mention that my husband is “OLDER” than I am???  AND… both of my sisters(Laura and Lynn), as well… ARE “OLDER” THAN I AM!!!  Hhhmmm…  “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” (said in a Jamaican/ Reggae-type voice).  😉

Have a blessed evening, folks.  I ate TOO much tonight.  Not feeling so well.    Goodnight.